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Where Dandelions Grow {Book Review/ Author Interview} and Giveaway!

1. Hey! Welcome to Keturah's Korner. I'm so glad you could join us today and tell us about your book "Where Dandelions Grow." Thank you! It’s good to be here. I’ve read various blog posts of yours over the years, but never imagined I’d one day be featured on here. It’s an honor to be invited!  2. What was the inspiration for this book?  Growing up my sister and two of our girl cousins did everything together. At my cousin’s high school graduation party I was sitting there musing over all our shared adventures and it hit me that I should write a book focusing on the bond between cousins.  3. In one line - what is your book about? The horrible consequences of bitterness, and how important family and forgiveness is.  4. How do you handle caffeine? Or what was the inspiration for how Destiny reacts to too much caffeine?  Oh, dear! You’re asking me that question as I sit next to a large iced coffee that I had meant to order as a deca

When the World's Truths Are Really Lies (And Other Thoughts)

As you can see this world is full of lies. Contradictory lies, too - it's not too hard to pull them apart, either. Here are some: It takes two to fight . - Then there would never be a victim. Or slaughter. Just love yourself. - If this were so easy then suicide wouldn't be a thing. You are beautiful. - Sometimes you aren't. Just being honest. Skinny is healthy. -It's just not. It's really not even beautiful. This sex-craved world just keeps changing it's mind on what's healthy{ beautiful } and tries to drag the rest of us down in death. Work hard and your dreams will come true. - Sometimes they won't. We can't control life. Good things happen to good people - They happen to bad people, too. And bad things happen to both good and bad people. If your heart is good people will see. - No matter what you do there will always be people appearing to be good that will treat you like trash. Wanna know why

Rainbow Before Storm

Life is strange. And any one who disagrees - well, we need to hash some things out ;p Lately I've been thinking about rainbows and storms. On a figurative level As real things, I love both. Rain is necessary for my part of the world. Rainbows are beautiful. And storms aren't evil. But.. - with a figurative sense of the two in mind, think of this question, "Would you rather have a rainbow followed by a storm, or the storm first finalized with a rainbow?" I asked a friend this a while back, first giving my answer: It seems my life is often a rainbow before a storm . (I think many of us can relate.) Good things happen. The rainbow is beautiful, wonderful.  But then the storm kicks in. And it's awful. The rainbow is washed away - you have nothing left. And nothing to look forward to. Your rainbow has already happened, and there is no hope of another.  All I have then is the storm. And ever after when something good

Inside The Land Of The Free

Hello. My name is Greg.  I have a lot of time to think. Too much time. Sometimes I think about my life - why I am sitting in prison. I wonder what I could have done different - my life plays before my eyes. "If only..." But even I know that no amount of good works would have stopped tyranny from finding fault with me. It is cold. My clothes are thin. My stomach is empty - occasionally filled with food of no sustenance.  I hide my face in my knees - as if that will somehow protect me from the horrors of this dark cold dungeon.  They keep it cold to freeze me, this I know. It is a part of their game - to drive a lesson into me. As if I have a lesson to learn solely because I was convicted. Convicted, but not  guilty. Years.  68 years for standing against injustice. How many years have I sat in here? I have forgot. All I know is this question, "Was I fated for this? Did God grant my birth