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Hello... I'm not back on this blog. I'm just here to reiterate why I moved platforms. I like writing at the same place as my fiance, it's easier to do new email subscriptions there, and the writing community is much more alive there. But neither of our blogs are pay-walled.  Everything we post is free to the public. Some people choose to pay for to subscribe, but that's an optional feature for those who feel inclined to support our endeavors. I do have no plans to ever paywall my substack.  It's a different place, and has taken used to posting over there, but I love that there's more outreach and community! Most of my fellow bloggers have long ago moved over there so it seemed about time to do. I hope you, my reader, will join us and continue to have quality, free content you find value in.  You'll find me at: As always, feel free to email me at keturahskorner (at) gmail (dot) com