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"Their Yesterdays"

After returning from Germany, I decided to read a book out loud to my siblings. The idea was to practice my enunciation as I knew I'd be doing a lot of public speaking, YouTubing, and in-person interviews due to the direction my life has been taking with writing and politics. But also, I'm always looking for an excuse to read another book ;)  We started with a modern book that none of my siblings liked. After two chapters, we DNF'd the book and started an older book by one of my favorite authors.  At the time life had my heart weighed down. I read the first words and my being gasped in delight. This was going to elate my spirt, I knew because it already was.  There was a man.  And it happened—as such things often so happen—that this man went back into his day that were gone. Again and again and again he went back. Even as every man, even as you and I, so this man went back into his Yesterdays.  Then—why then there was a woman.  And it happened—as such things sometimes so ha

"I'm A Scarecrow That Used To Be A Model"

A photo my mom snapped and sent to me (I was oblivious). At first, I wasn't too thrilled ... but kinda like it now.  I do not believe in apologizing for missing posts, because I believe, for the most part, people never notice. And yet ... did any of you all notice that there was no post last Wednesday? Somehow I forgot to schedule one. And I could have easily fixed that ... but Wednesday was hectic, and I decided to just let it slide.  And so for the first time in years, there was no post.  Made me realize that it's been a while since I've done a current update. Have I even told y'all what life has been like since returning to the States? I don't think so.  Life has been strange.  At times it's been really hard.  At times it's been beyond amazing.  I said at one point that I was excited to return to the States because I loved my life so much here. Funny thing is my life hasn't returned to what it was before. I don't go to the same church anymore. I d

Life is A Game; So Play It Well

I think life is a big game we play ~  Eric Cantona  "I'm done. With everything, but mostly with life." "Oh?" I asked. "I just don't get the point anymore. Life is just a stupid  game." "But ... that's the point. Only, to play the game well." My cynical friend stared at me, then let his eyes roll, obviously not impressed by my making light of his having made fun of life. If he'd just listened to me for a moment longer, I would have said something of substance. Instead he walked away from me and right off the edge of a cliff, ending his game of life forever. Life is a song - sing it. Life is a game - play it. Life is a challenge - meet it. Life is a dream - realize it. Life is a sacrifice - offer it. Life is love - enjoy it ~ Sai Baba As a want-to-be distinguished chess lover and player, I strongly believe that life is the greatest game and that many people under appreciate this. Or run away from the fact, as i

Controlled Creativity

I always considered myself a bookworm. I used to bring a book everywhere, reading every chance I had (such as in the car) . I lived in the world of fiction, breathing impossibilities and oblivious to what was around me. I loved the worlds outside of my own. I have also always been very extroverted; so, many people didn't actually see me reading. But it was still obvious to all that I loved books because of how much I spoke about them and how I always had some book to recommend. I'd ask people questions (get to know them) and then I'd know just what sort of books they'd like and should be reading. Some of the first books I remember reading are all the old Nancy Drew books (my dad gave me most of  his old copies, still treasure books of mine) and a small book called Caterpillar Green. This book is still special to me, and now as I try to learn German I have bought a German translation. But as time passed I did not want books to control me. They were wonderf

Wing Chun Und Sprachschule

Practicing splits When I first left Stuttgart , I was very nervous for many reasons. What if my next au pair family didn't work out? What if I didn't like my new class as much as I loved my old classes? Would I be able to find friends and a church so easily again? Would I even enjoy the rest of my time?  These are such silly worries, I know. But looking back, I realize I was more stressed than I let myself acknowledge. And my health was not good at all. I've never had a problem finding things to do and people to do them with. And yet the first two months in Germany really upturned my confidence for a time.  That was good, by the way. It's wonderful learning and growing, especially once the pain is gone.  I didn't even fully realize how poor my health had become until I saw this picture taken with my new German classmates. I had become very quiet and reserved, with little motivation to share with others. I told myself it was because I felt so much peace. Which wa