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God Wills Free Will

I have many questions in life, mostly about how life works and how people make it work.  I don't really bother over common questions like; Why would God allow this? Why is there suffering?  Why is there so much evil if God is good? To me these questions are too petty to think on - the answer to all of them is this: God doesn't allow sin, but we choose it. Suffering is a result of our sin. Consequences. Naturally what we will choose will affect us and others, just as what others choose will affect us and many more people. My question is this: why do people choose evil ???  Why do we hate ? Why are we selfish ?  And why do so many of us choose what is not right somehow managing to convince ourselves that this must be right?? How can two people appear to be following God yet make drastically opposite decisions each "according to the will of God and what He has told them to do" but it somehow hurts one or the other? These a

Is It Wise For You To Read This Unfortunate Series?

If you are reading this post you are probably considering whether or not you should read  A Series of Unfortunate Events . I am here to tell you that you will hear two different answers to your question. Lemony Snicket:  Absolutely not. Unless you just enjoy being completely depressed, soaked in the puddles of your own tears. Me:  Absolutely, yes. I'm not sure what is the matter with the author. But you won't shed tears… at least not many. The only one who is very dimwitted wouldn't laugh over these warm-hearted children's books. Lemony Snicket:   Warm-hearted!  The only thing that is ever warm is the blood spilled by vicious villains! No, do not listen to Keturah. These books of mine are full of miserable accounts concerning the lives of the Baudelaire orphans. Many of which consist of very cold, sleepless, frightening nights. Me:  I'm sorry, dear readers. We will say goodbye to Mr. Snicket, as he isn't in the most positive mood today. Lemon

More Than Modest: Respect

This is loosely related to my post More Tha n Modest . This post was originally published at the blog A Pinch Of Classy , where I do monthly fashion posts.  I have come to a huge realization: most of the world is selfish. Past the way we act and speak, on to the way we dress. To each individual life and the world revolves 100% around “me” and the way they do things. And I am no exception to this. (Do you ever like to watch people and think, 'to them I am the stranger. To them something drastic is happening. Their life is all that matters – my problems would be petty to them.' It's a humbling thought.) I am going to try and keep this post clothing focused...but as in many areas, my thoughts are directly and indirectly weaved around so many others. Life never unravels in one place – but the whole garment of existence has a way of catching flame suddenly all at once. Not only is it hard to put out the fire – but the damage isn't just a litt

The Lawrence Children: Chapter 2

No More Good-nights When spring came Frederic never took the Lawrence children treasure hunting. Life had other plans instead, drastically opposing those of what the children desired. It all started in the dead of an October winter, just a couple weeks after Frederic told his story. Snow covered the Montana valley so that it was impossible for Frederic to traverse to the mines, much less for the children to attend school. For days all were stranded in their small cabin. But life continued for the few days the whole family was trapped in their home. Julia made sure that all the children kept up their studies. There wasn't much pressuring to do with Lucy or Noah. Even Fred-O did well. But Ann and Vern were another matter – especially Vern as he thought he didn't need to do much studying as he didn't attend school anymore. “I do not see why I have to study so much when it doesn't even matter.” “Vern Lawrence,” Julia sighed. “You don't learn because

My Uncle Amoz

Uncle Amoz and me when I was first born. This spring one of my uncles died. It was very sad, and the circumstances of his death were crazy.  He was too young - it shouldn't have happened. All of us were shocked. Many were angry. Many still are. It's crazy how death makes life appear so differently. Especially when death happens to someone you know. What's even sadder... I wasn't able to go to his funeral because I was traveling and too far away to catch a ride with anyone that was going. This post, though, is not going to dwell on the circumstances of his death.  It's going to be more about him. I never liked to do favorites. I always told people it was wrong to have favorites... at the same time I had them ;) But to be fair I would try to make sure my siblings would have different favorites than I did. Such as... Me to my sisters : My favorite color  is pink. What are yours? Sisters : I don't know. Me to Jeru

BIG HERO 6: You Can't Just Smile the Grief Away

Who would think that something could make you laugh so much before tearing you to pieces, making you want to do nothing but cry? You  relate .   Grief  and  laughter  are something most can understand - but I don't know if I've ever seen any other movie capture both of these human emotions so simply perfectly. (This is not a review, but my thoughts. This entire post contains spoilers and references that may not make sense if you have not seen the movie.) Life is full of confusion – and often time it feels that it shouldn't be so – that the confusion is caused by mere stupidity . Grief is strange. It is wrong. It can never get better - you may learn to become numb. But that is all.  It holds a power over us. One who grieves can not just decided to be happy. They can want it so bad – but how do you smile when the world feels like a dark hole sinking into nothingness while not even letting you have the peace to just be don