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Inside Out: Thoughts and Spoilers, too

I just recently has the opportunity to watch the animated movie Inside Out. Let me just say it was sooooooo good! In this post - because you can find so many reviews on it - I'm going to just give my thoughts on Inside Out . It was beautiful. The makers of this movie were brilliant. They took a deep concept and made a simple children's movie. Full of fun, craziness, and plot centered around an 11-year old girl, Rylie,  you wouldn't expect to be bombarded with the importance and complexity of one's brain. Her five emotions, Disgust, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Joy, were all ruled by Joy, the logical most important part of one's life - for with out Joy we are not happy. Rylie lives a carefree life, always laughing, the sign of eternal happiness all because of Joy. Core Memories were comforting and always there. Just a couple days before seeing this movie, I asked a friend if she had certain memories, maybe not big, but important. I descibed

Dr Kent Hovind and What You Believe

Dr Kent Hovind  (on Facebook)  is one of my favorite speakers - the best Creationism scientifist out there. At least, in my opinion :b. If you haven't seen any of his videos, you have just got to!!!!! They are so good and educational. Just recently I got to see one of his videos. He debated with two other guys, the one an agnostic and the second a Christian that believed in the theory of evolution. Dr Hovind's debates are usually very fun, because he normally slaughters the other people involved with ease and humor. Before the debate begins, the other guy is normally sweating and jumpy. Kent Hovind speaks fast and confident. Everything he says is backed up with evidence plus a smart home. The other guy will stammer and beat around the bush, rarely making a real point. It's like he has too much time to talk, while Dr Hovind can give a whole lecture in five minutes. But this debate was a little different than some of the others I've seen. The Christain evolut

Wednesdays From Now On

So, guess what everybody!!!!? I'm going to try and blog regularly....meaning every Wednesday you'll should see a post by me :D. Now isn't that exciting? Especially if the posts are any good ;b. Til next week!!!!