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"When Winning Still Leaves You Disappointed"—I'm a Semi-Finalist!!!

In the last wrap-up, I told y'all I'd have some exciting things to share. Well, none of those things came through.  But other exciting things happened.  And I'm still processing it all. Mostly by not thinking. Lol, that's the only way I'm able to handle any of my hectic life. I don't think about it, just live necessary moment to necessary moment, hoping it'll all add up toward that bigger dream of mine.  Fun fact: One of my best friends informed me that kids' largest size of shoes correlated to women's US 8. So ... for fun, I bought a pair of boy's shoes. I've worn them and worn them ... and just threw them away recently. Let's start this post out with some humor. The following two images are not mine: I laughed so hard at this ;D  I feel like that last one needs to be combatted with this ...   Every Tuesday evening I teach someone to knit. I've been working on this little pocket-thingie. Most of my dresses

Quote Vs Quote

Rules: 1. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to his or her post.  Thanks, Megan!   I'm so excited about this tag and have been ever since I saw it.  2. Find at least 3 quotes you disagree with. Wow, this is going to be hard. Only three? I have a whole pinterest board devoted to proverbs that are actually lies .  3. Briefly explain why you disagree with each, and counter it with another quote. 4. Tag whoever you like. 5. Include the graphic somewhere in your post. Lie #1 "I am strong because of my experiences" Source I'll admit, at first I thought, " Yeah! I relate."  But then I thought, "NO. This is garbage." Just think about it ... This goes against the whole nature of who Yeshua (Jesus) is. But, no. He wasn't wise because He'd been foolish but because He  was  wise and He is  God. He didn't become strong  after  being broken on the cross. No, He was already strong before, and that strength is what a

Gloria Hurtgen: The Wounded Fairy

When I first saw Gloria a little over a year ago I saw a wounded fairy: a small, petite older woman who had all the signs of having lived a hard life, yet still loving others abundantly. Hardship had not handicapped her kind and generous spirit. Though she had a trachea, her smile radiated warmness and that's all one could see or hear. Her last name only further validated my initial perception of her Gloria Hurtgen ... Though I'm not sure of the actual meaning of Hurtgen, it reminded me of the fairy-like creatures in Brandon Sanderson's " Stormlight Archive" called spren. Or of a precious gem, which Gloria certainly was. Though hurt or wounded, her spirit was still very much that of a spren or gem. Gloria had heard my dad had been badly hurt in a car accident, and though we did not know who she was and had never met before, she came to our house to give and help us. Shortly after I begin to clean for her. Whenever I came to clean, Gloria always asked how

Tye Dye: Fashion and Hiking

I've been obsessed with tye dye for a while, but sadly haven't had much opportunity to actually learn/ dedicate much time to learning how to do it much myself. I did try  ice dying  once and while I really loved that, it only made me more appreciate the art of tye dying. When I volunteered at Above Rubies several years ago, I met this wonderful, fun person called Tye Dye Mary. I loved sitting with her at social events and parties, or helping her with her packages when she dropped them off at the office I worked at. She was just so much fun and has such a colorful, vibrant personality that totally suits her career ... tye dying. I think it's because of her that I love tye dye so much and would love to someday learn how to do it.  And it's because of her that I'm willing to trade an arm and leg in order to own a few of her lovely pieces ...  I love this dress. It's nearly perfect for hiking ... I just wish it was about three to five inches longer