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Author Interview with Noah Barfield

Hey, guys, today I am doing an interview with a new author, Noah Barfield. Hope you enjoy getting to know about him and his new novel as much as I have!!!!! :D 1. Welcome, Noah, to Keturah's Korner! Can you start out by introducing yourself? I'm Noah Barfield, which means presently, unless someone else is also me, I'm 17 years old. Oh, and also an aspiring author. I'm currently traveling around these United States of America with my parents and a couple of younger brothers; we rent vacation homes and travel to a new place every few months or so. Because I don't think any of us could stand to live in an RV honestly. And about me? I love reading books, but I don't really have any specific genre; just good books. I really like Christopher Paolini, J.K. Rowling, Edgar A. Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. Mark Twain and Mary Shelley are also pretty amazing. Books tend to be my passion, which is why I like writing. But I also like good TV shows or movies; I

Summit ( The Place You Should Go Next Summer :b )

This summer has been so fun and awesome! How has it been for you all? I've been so busy with work and having a blast that I've had little time - or will - for writing. But I'll be getting back on track now :D The last two weeks of July have been the best weeks of my life. Why? I was at a place in Manitou Springs, Colorado called Summit Ministries . But it wasn't the place that made it so great. It was Summit. "Summit? What is that?" "It's a place to go to learn about what I believe and why I believe it to see if I really believe what I think I believe and if so, how I believe that and can I prove what I believe is what I actually believe." Old Testament belonging to Josh McDowell Lolol. Sorta... ;) This is a question that can't be answered in a few minutes - at least not thoroughly enough by me. I can just keep talking and talking about it forever - and then some more. :D In a short sentence, Summit is a p

My Home school Graduation (And a speech!)

End of last June we had my graduation party. It was a year late since I finished school in 2014, but it was still fun! There were so many things to do in preparation, and so many people that helped in it. Between all my work and also preparing for this party, my whole spring has been busy in a hectic way. Life has just flown by this summer, it seems. :) The first thing we did was have a late lunch of pizza, icecream and other snack foods. Then I had to give a speech. The first I've ever given in public. I was a bit nervous, but I believe everyone liked my speech. :D After that we DANCED!!! Cotton Eye Joe, Posties Jig and Virginia Reel. That took up most of the PARTY time. Lots of fun. But very hot and tiring:) I think I wore quite a few people out with the dances, lol. After that there were gifts to open. Some of my close friends laugh at how I open presents....slowly, carefully so as not to tear the gift paper...then I fold the paper up neatly before going on to the n

One Year Blog

Hey, every body!!!!!!!!!!! My blog is one year old today! :) Now, how exciting is that? Pretty awesome, if you ask me :D My blog has done pretty well for a first year (I think). I have 13 followers through blogger and more through email (I don't know how to tell how many followers I have through subscribed email). This will be my 63rd blog post and total comments are 220 - that is average 3-4 comments per post. Not too bad ;) And I've got views from all over the world :) That's pretty neat, I think :) Average views per post is 44. This last blogging year has been a lot of fun. I've learned a lot about blogging - with a cell phone - and I've had tons of fun. But there were times I was like "Why did I even start this thing?" Like when I was too busy to blog or my blog wasn't getting as much traffic as I would have liked. I had read others' blogs for about two years before starting this one. And since I sent out alot of group pictu