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Eyes Are the Door to Knowing

My sunglasses, my chap-stick. I managed to capture an artsy picture ;D  Sleep. Eyes are the door to knowing. Whenever I see your eyes I know you should come with a warning sound. Beautiful spheres of color, revealing terrible things I must know, but won’t. Loud. Quiet. A paradox. I see. I know. Sometimes I see what I shouldn’t, and so I cover my eyes. Sunglasses. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know. Sleep. A verb, a noun. My comfort, my companion. Eyes. Life. Sleep. Death. We know what we can’t see. We see what we can’t know. We sleep the knowledge away. I shut my eyes to color. I see black darkness. I forget the alluring secrets. I slumber. Eyes, I shut my door. Sleep. I wrote this awhile back for a flash fiction contest, except it was more weird than fiction. So here you guys are! Also, I'm obsessed with eyes... here's a pinterest board of mine to prove it.   eyes - the door to knowing Sleep is an important part of life. Any life. Yet we ne

I'm Getting Published!

I'm getting some of my short stories published! And I'm just like so so, so, SUPER EXCITED.  One of my best friends loves to send me emails full of links to places looking for submissions. Most of the time I find I have an hour or so to kill soon after these emails... so what better way to spend that time but submitting?  I have received many rejections. But I've always understood that was a part of the game. You write, you submit, and you mostly get rejected.  I sent three stories for the  Clarion Call  anthology, little dreaming they'd want two of them!  The anthology, Clarion Call, Volume 4: FairyTale Riot is due to release end of July 2018. I think this makes me a published author???  Oh, and look at these fun covers they did for announcing the stories last week! 

I'll Love You, Unless...

I'll love you, unless we don't get a long.  I'll love you, unless you aren't my type . I'll love you, unless we aren't compatible. I'll love you, unless we are just too different. I'll love you, unless you annoy me. I'll love you, unless you are an idiot. I'll love you, unless you hate someone I like.  I'll love you, unless you tend to make the same mistakes over and over... and over . I'll love you, unless you go against what's really important to me. I'll love you, unless our families don't get a long. I'll love you, unless you don't stick up for me. I'll love you, unless you don't hold the same goals as I do.  I'll love you, unless you are weird . I'll love you, unless it doesn't make sense to love you. I'll love you, unless ... who are we kidding ??? I'll

The Lawrence Children: Chapter 8

 A Friendly Visit Fred-O ran into the house leaving the front door wide open. Wind rushed in after him and the snow followed his footsteps. “Tom and Mary are coming! I saw their wagon on the down the hill.” Lucy was bending over a pile of dough, kneading it on the table, “Fred-O, the door.” He acted as if he didn't hear, “Shall I go and meet them?” “No,” answered Lucy, punching her bread dough. “They will be here soon enough. In the meanwhile close that door and clean up your wet mess.” Fred-O stood still half a moment as if deciding whether or not to obey. He chose to listen, first closing the door against the wind. Noah was not here, but at the mines with Vern today. Ann helped Lucy with the kitchen, cutting and washing a pile of potatoes Fred-O had brought up from the cellar. Julie sat at a corner of the table, scribbling on a piece of scrap paper. “Noah will be disappointed about missing out on seeing the O'Rallies,” Ann said. Lucy punched her flo

Life: Mommy's Helper and My Dad's Accident

Hello, people! My blog shows I've been active (thanks to scheduled posts) but to be honest I've been very quiet on the blogging world all of April. And that's because I've been gone! Kinda... I went to help my friend after the birth of her new baby, Elizabeth, for a month.  Basically, I was her live-in slave for one month. ;D Cook, clean, help with little girls. Give her  conversation. I've been keeping up with rewrites for  A Series of Thoughts , but besides that it was life with my friend! FANTASTIC LIFE.  Here's a glimpse of what life was...  Flying to Kentucky!  I fly a lot. But I hate it.  The flying part isn't so bad. But security hates me.  They literally always have to pat down my left ankle!   Almost  always. This time around was no exception. And running to my connecting flight makes stress have the time of my life. HAHA. Stress and I are thriving buddies, though. So no big deal. This time I really didn't ne