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Out of the Woods and Onto Rabbit Trails

"Journeys can be a respite from living" All italics throughout this post are quotes from the book I read while camping in Vermont.   The Child From The Sea by Elizabeth Goudge Hello.  My disappearance has been slow, like a struggling string of smoke that won't spark into fire no matter how much life you blow onto it, yet it persistly exists... just to sting your eyes?  Quite lukewarm in actions, I've sorta just meandered out of the blogging world. I'm sorry for that. I'm not apologizing. I'm simply sorry.  And I'm not going to change my ways. I think the days of schedules for this blog are over. I have built new dreams and desires, but I shan't completely forget this lovely place or all your lovely blogs.  Occasionally I will make an appearance to bless and be blessed. I've gone roadtripping. What does one do while on the road? Mostly sing or cry. Or try not to make fatal mistakes. It's really a miracle that there aren&#