Saturday, October 3, 2015

5 Male Character Tag

Thanks, Erudessa, for tagging me!

Everyone else be prepared to laugh!!!!!

This sort of thing - you know mostly because it has to do with "guys" in a weird way - really isn't my "thing" ...but then I decided to do something crazy :D

1. List 5 of your favorite male characters (book or screen)

2. Tagging other people is optional

3. If you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.

4. Link back to Revealed In Time (preferably using the link to this post)

Choose one from each category:
1. Hero

2. Villain

3. Anti-hero

4. Best book-to-screen adaption

5. Best character perception

1. Hero

My hero is and will always be Mickey. Because there is none like him. He's just so heroic, dashing and heart throbbing!

Here's to Mickey Mouse, the hero of heroes!!!!

2. Villain

He's creepy. He's evil. He's mysterious and wants to destroy EVERYTHING!

Best. Villain. Ever.

*cackles* Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

3. Anti-Hero

This little mouse is so irritating!!! Just look at that smile, that stance!

Of, course, Tom does try to eat Jerry...and torture him...and such...


Most of the time....

Jerry tantalizes Tom -

So, most of the time I'm rooting for Tom to just get his snack and finish off that aggravating, not-cute mouse.

4. Best book-to-screen adaption

Pooh bear!!!!! And Piglet, too! Both the books and the movies are so fun and cute!

And this guy just says the most adorable things, and does the most wonderful things. You gotta love him :).

It's a wonderful story full of friendship and learning. And the art is very good ;)

Both the books and movies are full of wonderful quotes, one after the other.

It's just the best :D

Me, too, Eyeore, I'm totally with you :(

5. Best character perception

Smeagle, or Gollum if youss will, hasss the mossssst preciousssssssss character percsseptionesss ever!!!

His expresssssionsssss. Pricsssslesss. I jussst lovess it :D

Hisss fear. Hisss good ssside. Hisss bad ssside. Hiss creepinessnesssssssssssssss.


Yessssssssss! I loves him very much, my precioussssss.

And that's it, folks. My top favorites! Lolol. Let me know what y'all think ;).

And I tag Sarah. If anyone else wants to do it, feel welcome to consider yourself tagged!!!!


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