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What IS Above Rubies?

I am currently working for my second time at Above Rubies. The first time (2014) lasted about 3 months. This last time it has been for about 6 months or so.

Still, I get the questions;

"What is Above Rubies?"

"What do you do exactly?" or "What sort of office work?"

The first answer is simple. Above Rubies is a ministry that prints a magazine supported by donations only. The magazine is designed to encourage mothers and wives to follow God's calling in their lives - to be righteous mothers and wives.

Nancy Campbell is the founder, editor, and compiler of Above Rubies. She works almost 24/7 to help and encourage women all over the world in many different ways besides the magazines.

Office work... and using computers ;)

And to the second - what do I do?

As Ruby Girls, we come to do volunteer office work. There's normally at least two of us here at a time. We take care of orders (we sell books, DVD's, and shirts to help support the magazine), take care of magazine subscription related things, send out encouraging letters, and, of course, we are the customer service ;).

Custom made family tee-shirts!!!!

But besides doing the office work, we are mainly here to be Mrs Campbell's helpers. Meaning that there's always plenty of other things to do, the days are always varied and exciting.

I love Fridays because on those days we do more active work - housecleaning. Lately I have been sewing aprons to sell through Above Rubies. One time when the office work was caught up,  I remember we sorted through a bunch of garlic!

Lisa Lawrence made this apron, among many others when she was here working with me this last winter.

That was an interesting job, and during the couple days we did that Esther, the girl I worked with, and I listened to some teaching audios.

But besides the office work, what do we do? There's always the evening and morning devotions, the great meals, evening bible studies or other things with friends, and weekends to relax and spend with the people around here - the Campbell's have three daughters and a niece living close by that all have average ten children each.

Esther, the first girl I volunteered with, Rashida, one of the Campbell's granddaughters, and me :)

Of, course that's just a short description of Above Rubies - it's hardly a description at all. But if you want to know more, or even get the magazine feel so welcome to call 1-800-729-9861!

Shelby (current AR girl), Esther (my first co-volunteer, now marked to one of the grandsons), me, Jessie (old AR girl), and Kirsten (old AR girl).


  1. Hi! I'm a homeschooled Christian writer and the oldest of 8 kids. I keep seeing your name pop up on different blogs I follow (I probably first saw it on GTW), the other day when I saw your comment on Sarah Holman's blog I thought I'd go ahead and check out your blog. It's so cool that you work for Above Rubies! My family has been getting the Above Rubies magazine for almost ten years, I think and we've gone to 2 above rubies family camps. It looks like we have a lot in common. I'm following your blog by email now and looking forward to seeing other posts you do :)

    1. Hey! Wow! That's so neat! Thanks for sharing all of that - and for following! Yes - Above Rubies is just so awesome!

    2. This isn't even the account I typically use but...hi Keturah! Now that I'm a Ruby Girl I'm stalking all your old posts ;)

    3. Hey! Always an honor to be stalked ;) That's soooo awesome that you're a ruby girl! Message me and tell me how it's going ;D

    4. I don't have Facebook rn...get my phone number from Shelby and text me! :D


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