Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Patriotism: Conspiracies or Truths?

There are always all sorts of conspiracy theories out there. All sorts of "false" truths.

But despite all the multiple conspiracy theories, does that mean that bad things aren't actually happening?

That's what some people say about what has been happening in Nevada, Oregon, Montana, and surrounding states. It isn't real.

One side says that their rights are being taken away from them.

Yet many claim nothing is happening - it's all the imagination. Or that these people in question are terrorists.

Either way - the story isn't getting much publicity.

It's being ignored by the media.

What exactly is happening? Some of us want to know. I want to know.

It is said...

People are being put in jail and/ or shot at. One man, Levoy Finicum, has been shot.

The Hammond family is in prison for starting a back-fire with out permits.

The Bundy family is facing prison time because they got involved with the Hammonds. Before hand, the federal government had tried to confiscate their cows - their livelihood and only way to survive. But they with a bunch of other men had a stand off, from which they stood in front of their cows and would not allow them to be taken.

It is said their names are all black listed because they had a victory that should have ended in death for every man.

There are stories of men all over who are facing prison time for 5+ years (some up to life), because of doing things with out a permit, associating with people doing so, and being "terrorists".

If this is all true, is it right?

Should it be legal for a man to have to be forced to give up his land or rights to his land and cattle or face the option of jail time or death?

These men thought not. Many of them decided they were tired of the one taking everything. They were tired of being bullied and barely making it despite all their hard work. So they decided to be on the offense for once.

Hence the stand off at the Malheur Refuge.

And what did they do exactly while at this refuge? Protest. With words and signs.

Their demand?

For the people to be given back their land rights. For the Federal government to keep to their own land (which does not include any state land).

The committed no crimes save taking over a government refuge and demanding it be given back to the people. They did no damage. No killing. No vandalism. In fact, they even allowed anyone to come on the land that wanted to.

These people did not stop anyone else from coming and protesting. There were people there protesting against them. People protesting for homosexuality. For everything and anything - because these men had opened it up to anyone to come and protest about anything.

And then one day, driving from the refuge, Levoy Finicum and people with him were ambushed. Levoy was shot and killed.

Another man was shot. All the people were put in jail.

The men arrested are still in prison, waiting for a trial. The one other man that had been shot has been refused medical assistance, because it's still not "verified" that he has been shot.

The rest of the men eventually went home, upset about the death of Finicum. But that was not the end of it for them.

Every man on the refuge has been charged with some sort of "terrorist" act. Most of the men (over 40) Have been apprehended. Most have not even had a trial yet, but are sitting in jail with no bond, waiting for a date to be set.

Is it a conspiracy? Are people just making this up? Our these ranchers and their families (yes, they have families) just being stupid, and not submitting to the governments' authority?

It may be so. Or it may not be.

All we need to do is look at the information. Think on the facts. Research what our rights are as US citizens.

And remember that despite what we find out, there are good and bad on both sides. Because this is after all a war of humans.

Conspiracy or truth?

And does it matter?

And Happy 4th, ya'll!!!!

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