Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Creative Limitations: Winners and News!!!!!!

Lauren is back with the names of the winners from the contest I posted a couple months ago. Sorry about it taking so long to get this to you! Make sure to keep reading, to the end, because I'm about to announce a new contest and challenge of sorts, one that I hope you all will love!!

Hello! Lauren is back again! If you didn’t already know a couple of weeks back I did a guest blog post about a six word contest here. Since I’m back that can only mean one thing right?

The results of the contest are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I know this is the very first contest done on this blog and the very first contest I’ve ever held. So as a result we got some amazing entries that were very hard to choose from.

All two of them :-) :-)

And both of them were absolutely amazing! They were both so creative and they really got my mind thinking about what bigger stories could go around them.

And so I couldn’t pick one. As a result you are both the winners!!!

As promised here is your prize.

Congratulations to you both!!!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not the kind of person that says “Everyone’s a winner!”. I think that declaring a winner is a good idea and I will do so in the future.

Alexa at Summer Snowflakes

Hope Ann at Writing In the Light

Keturah back ;b

Aren't those memes just lovely??? Lauren did a great job with them, so, applause for her and, also don't forget to congratulate our winners ;D

Ok... so, this idea literally came to me as I started formatting this post.

"I need a new challenge. But what?"

Lauren wasn't able to keep this going, at this time. 

And I didn't want to start just another 6-word story.

I  like originality. 

Excitement, fun, all that jazz. Unique, ya know?

So, what to do?

Then I came up with this brilliant idea.

I'll post an image.

You come up with a caption or "short story". The only rule is keep it under 20 words.

And then I'll choose a winner, and make a meme, with your words on that image, and post the meme with your words in the next challenge.

And if this goes well, I'll try to do one every month! 

We'll give this a try, and then see how it goes.

Oh, and yes, a deadline. End of January ;b That gives you a month to come up with something :D

And so, here is that image... let's get creative with these limitations!!!!

Yes, I was too lazy to find a decent picture, so I just used one of my fashion pictures. I sort of like this one, anyways ;b

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  1. Ayyy, YAY!!! That meme is pretty cool! And congratulations to you too, Hope Ann!

    Cool, I like the idea of that challenge! I'll hopefully do it sometime in January!



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