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I Don't Love Babies

A lot of girls see babies and are like, "Oh!!!! Baby!! Have to hold, have to kiss, have to squish!" It's as if they can't control themselves from going crazy over any baby - because it's just too cute.


I've never been like this.

Babies are just babies to me. 

And I've never felt the urge that I just had to have a baby.

Baby-crazy girl: "Don't you just want a kid?"

Me: "No... I think I'd prefer to get married, first."

For a while I thought I may have been weird as most girls love little kids. But my sisters are just like me in this.

Then I  thought the reason may have been partly because I have ten younger siblings and I'm just accustomed to babies and kids. I see and hold and kiss babies all the time. So, maybe another baby wasn't new to me. - Even though I was always excited for another baby sibling.

But then I saw other girls, part of large families also, that were obsessed with strange babies. And I was confused again.

It's not that I hate babies.

But I don't love every single one either.

In fact I think most look like ugly rats.

But I love certain kids. 

This little sister of mine is my buddy ;b
I like my siblings. 

I like my cousins.

3 active, fun little boys ;) 
 I like the kids I babysit. 

Mary's baby, Annalise. I get to see pictures of her almost every day!!! I get to got stay with them for three weeks this January. :)

Rashida's chunky baby, Ezzie. Just look at her smile! :D 
I like the kids of my friends. 

And there are a few other kids from families I know that I love.

But most kids are brats (demons). And their size or looks don't affect much in my mind.

You see, I like people for who they are. Regardless of age or size or looks.

 I don't have to cuddle every baby I see.

I don't want to be friends with every pretty girl.

I don't have to kiss every cute guy.

In fact, I definitely don't want to kiss every good looking guy.

That's just weird.

Imagine. Seriously!?

That's gross!

I like babies for what they mean to me. through the connection of their parents, or their nice attitude. 

Beyond that? I don't consider myself a baby lover.

Yes, I'm a people lover.

But I don't need to hug and kiss everybody, babies included.


  1. When you were 16 and first met baby Keziah, you kind of claimed her.... She said the other day that she needed you home.

    1. I'll be home soon enough and she'll be ready to see me go again 😂

  2. We sure have enjoyed your last few blog posts!

  3. I'm not baby crazy either. Babies are cute but toddlers are more adorable. I'm not so quick about the idea about having kids (though I do want some). It kinda scares me and... I won't go too much into that *ahem*

    Yeah, kids can be awful. A lot of them look adorable but can be super annoying and disrespectful and could be bullying their classmates at school :(

    I agree on you with not wanting to kiss every cute guy. 1. Gross 2. Most of them are players/ginormous jerks 3. Personality matters WAY more. I've seen women who've suffered in their marriages after marrying handsome guys.

    Also, I really like the new blog design! But I miss the pink TT However, you do what you want, I'll just shut up.

    1. Toddlers are cuter? Lol... maybe... but they are more work, too ;) And I totally know what you mean about having kids. But I don't think we need to worry about it at this point... God will prepare us for whatever He has for us when THAT time comes.

      Lol!! This was a lot of satire of course... as I was in the mood for writing something funny, but I'm glad you agree with me there ;)

      Thanks!!! Still under work... but getting there. And I love the pink text too... still going back and forth whether to keep it or not. Such a hard decision ;/

  4. I was like that too. Still am. I love my babies and children and like others but I don’t feel the need to hold or kiss all of them. And that’s ok.

    1. That's awesome! I am starting to like babies more... but I still don't want to hold and kiss every one ;)

  5. Just read this ancient post. :) I was totally like this too, even down to being the oldest of a large family and always having babies around. I liked them, but never related to the way I saw many girls and women treating babies.

    Then I had one. No change.
    Then I had TWO.
    And bam! Something shifted. Okay, I still don't have to hold or touch every baby I see, but way deep inside, something melted that now continues to melt every time I see a newborn. Wow, infants are precious.

    And wow, life is weird.

    1. This posts still gets a lot of views ... I love it, lol!

      But yes, I think I'll probably be the same when I have kids. Babies are precious, just as gollums ring, and life is weird, just like this post ;)


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