Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Rainbow Before Storm

Life is strange.

And any one who disagrees - well, we need to hash some things out ;p

Lately I've been thinking about rainbows and storms.

On a figurative level

As real things, I love both. Rain is necessary for my part of the world. Rainbows are beautiful. And storms aren't evil.


- with a figurative sense of the two in mind, think of this question, "Would you rather have a rainbow followed by a storm, or the storm first finalized with a rainbow?"

I asked a friend this a while back, first giving my answer:

It seems my life is often a rainbow before a storm.

(I think many of us can relate.)

Good things happen. The rainbow is beautiful, wonderful. 

But then the storm kicks in. And it's awful. The rainbow is washed away - you have nothing left. And nothing to look forward to. Your rainbow has already happened, and there is no hope of another. 

All I have then is the storm.

And ever after when something good happens in my life I am fearful and anxious. I have those good times. But I am waiting for them to be replaced with a horrendous storm, just as life has always faithfully provided. 

It is as if I live afraid to completely enjoy the rainbow while I have it because of how much it will hurt loosing it (as I know I will) when the storm finally flies in.

I think, I would much rather experience the storm first.

For then I would have something to hope for. Hope to give me strength in the storm, because once the storm is finished my life will have a rainbow.

But no. Often time I am given the rainbow first.

But the answer I received was different than I expected. I felt convicted - inspired - encouraged, even. 

First off, this girl really loves storms. So she wasn't able to fully grasp my analogy. But I still love her thoughts.

Yes, a rainbow may come before the storm - but who's to say that's the only rainbow you will ever receive? There are rainbows that show before and after - even double rainbows and triple rainbows. And hidden, ones, too, that happen during the storm.

And, yes, the rainbow may come first. But maybe that rainbow is the strength you need to help you smile through the storm.

And, yes, the rainbow may come first. And the storm may hit hard - but not all happy things are good for us. And not all hard things are evil. Maybe that storm will add just what we need, developing our character more than any rainbow ever could.

And maybe that storm will teach us how to be content no matter if life hands us rainbows or storms.

Circumstances and order of circumstances are be inapplicable toward contentment, peace, and joy.

God and His will shall be utmost.

Rainbows before storms???

I guess, I really don't have much of a choice in which I receive first, or even how many. Or what kind.

But I can choose to rely on God through out all of them, to continually offer up praise and gratitude, and to smile despite what I feel should or should not be.

Rainbow before storm? Or vice versa? How do you see life?

This is part of the series Analogies from Literalism 


  1. Very profound. I think my life is up and down between rainbows and storms, back and forth. But, if you ask me, both are necessary to life. We learn and grow from both good and bad because the trials we go through are what prepare us for the finish line of God's Eternal Kingdom.

    Great post, Keturah. I love it. <3

    1. You are correct - both are necessary. Thanks, Ivie 🤗

  2. Rainbow before storm! When the Lord sent the great Flood, the storm came first. Afterwards, He provided a rainbow in the sky, a rainbow that to this very fair symbolizes His covenant with Noah. Now, maybe His promise was to never flood the earth again, literally. But it also reminds us of the faithfulness of God. Storm first? It's nice to have hope for something beautiful on the other side. Rainbow first? We don't have to hope. We can cling to the promises and faithfulness of the Father. :)

    1. This is very true - just hard to remember in the midst of the storm ;)

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  4. Wow, this was amazing! I think I too would rather receive a rainbow after the storm; but since we don't have any choice in the matter, these words are beautiful and brilliant reminders to trust in God's peace and hope even in the midst of the storms. I heard this quote once to the effect of, "If you're in God's plan, whatever God has or has not done, He has done out of love for you." And it sounds weird at first, until you realize, that if you do trust Him and you are walking in His righteousness, then everything He's done, He does for our best and for the best of the world at the end of things (Romans 8:28). Even if we can't see it or never see it, like your friend said about the storm making us stronger than the rainbow ever could. I just... I think that trust is the way we find those hidden rainbows, whether it's in the middle of the storm, before, or after. :)

    Thank you so much for this post!


    1. That is a great reminder... the true rainbow is that He is always with us 🙃


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