Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Update On Life: Traveling Adventures (Mostly Pictures)

Hello! One thing I do not do well on this blog is life updates... it's just... there are so many thoughts I'd rather share, who has time to hear about what I'm actually doing? 

Exactly. So here I am making time. 

Last November I had the most lovely time going to see friends!!! After a crazy summer working nearly full time, and writing the rest of the time I so needed a break.

I came home feeling like a new person, ready to work again! Most importantly my mind had a great time to de-stress. I've been laughing a lot for no reason. I love when that can happen. 

First thing first, the plan was:

To go and stay with Mary in Kentucky for a couple weeks. At the end of the said weeks we were going to drive to Florida for a friend's wedding. After the wedding we were going to drive back, I'd fly home. 

But this happened instead: 

I went to stay with my friend, Mary, for a couple weeks. We couldn't rent a car. So we didn't go to the wedding. Instead we used their car (we didn't trust it to last us to Florida) and went to Tennessee instead so she could meet some friends of mine that lived four and a half hours away. I flew back shortly after we came back to Kentucky. 

I started my trip feeling completely exhausted. Mentally, physically everything. 

My 11th time flying! Normally I hate flying... I really dislike security. Rude, unnecessary, stressful. But this time around it was great! So many of the people actually returned my smile :)  Some smiled first :D 

Wonderful times with Mary beginning!! She loved to keep at her sewing. 

I found this book at a thrift store there.... Ale8 is the soda to get if you are in Kentucky. Mary's father-in-law gave it to me ;) 

Lovely shoes I found at a thrift store!

Mary's inlaws have a lovely kitchen floor... made for a great back ground. 

Mary I and enjoyed drinking tea :D 

Mary's husband, Caleb, took us shooting one day. I know my eyes were shut in this picture... but I actually did pretty good. I shot six times, making the bull's eye twice and missing the target only once.

 I was on vacation.... meaning I could take mirror selfies for my comedy page without needing to clean the mirror :D 

Physically exhausted, but my mind felt great. And my hair was wet ;p 

I know eggnog is bad for you... but Mary and I both love it!! I wish you could get eggnog all year around... except I might get fat then ;'p With some good chocolate, of course ;) 

We ate a lot of yummy grapefruit :D 

Mary's daughter, Annalise and I got along great :D 

Another post for my comedy page 

Mary and I made this for our Ironic Skillet page. Click here for the instagram version. 

When we were just about to head out for our Tennessee trip! All comfy in my wool sweater, ready to drive for four hours. Even through Nashville and seven lanes of traffic! 

We took a break two hours through so Anni could walk around ;) And for gas, of course.

We brought our shadows along. 

We stopped at my friend, Rashida's place first! I was so excited to finally meet her chunky three month old Emory. 

At Rashida's I informed her I was trying to get Mary to meet all of my best friends. My ultimate goal is to have all my best friends in one place, a bunch of awesome people together. I have like ten such friends ;)

Rashida laughed and said, "So that you can friend retire?"

So I guess my ultimate ultimate goal is to make all my friends become friends so that way I can retire from having friends and go to Germany.

Sounds like a great life! Don't you think?

Trying out this wig... color suit me? ;p

Hiking with Annalise tied to my back. 

Mary, Me, Cherish. Annalise is on my back.

My little friend. Gedi! 

I met another fellow Ruby girl (the 19th), and sooooo enjoyed getting to know her. We both had a lot in common with some things that had happened/ were happening in our lives. Just talking to her helped me feel so much better and so much tension that had been caught up these last few months completely vanished. If you are curious what a Ruby girl is see this post.

Back in Kentucky, enjoying a banana with Annalise. 

Mary and I did a photoshoot! Mary made a wonderful pregnant model. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Anni's expressions though ;p 

I so love this comedy picture we did!! 

After nearly three weeks of lovely fun.... it was time to go home! 

Mary and I talked. We laughed. We watched Netflix, A Series of Unfortunate Events and 13 Reasons Why. I can't recommend 13 Reasons Why as it was terribly inappropriate, but A Series of Unfortunate Events is so worth watching, and beyond funny!

We also watched a couple episodes of Call The Midwife and the Anne series. Anne was terrible I thought, though Mary loved it. I ranted the entire time watching about how it was not accurate to the books and Anne just wasn't Anne. I did like how the hired hand was more of a servant. And it had a lovely intro. But besides that it was awful... I think Mary enjoyed my rants, though ;)

And as we're on the topic of movies. I watched a few on the plane: Before I Fall (A lovely movie, but might not be appropriate), Moana (It was OK), Despicable Me Three (Interesting, but not as good as #1), and part of The Intern (Besides having some inappropriate conversation and suggestive scenes, I was liking it a lot).

Mary sewed a lot. I tried to keep up with NaNo. We each bought our first American Girl dolls together... more on that in another post. We went shopping, went to church, went to the library. We cleaned. We worked out. We walked.

Overall... we just had a lot of fun. And felt very proud of ourselves for our short weekend in Tennessee. Very mature and capable... we are both twenty-one... yet I know I still feel sixteen a lot!

And that is all! I do hope you enjoyed this update. Did you? Have you ever flown? Drank Ale8? Drove through Nashville? Wanted to retire from friends?... just kidding on that one ;D 


  1. I've flown a few times (tecnically one trip, but it was a looong trip), and have been to Nashville. I loved both :)

    Loved the post, Keturah!


    1. Flying can be long sometimes 😁 Thanks, Catherine 😁

  2. I've never flown and I never plan to. I'm scared of heights and planes, so it wouldn't be a good mixture. XD
    Sounds like an awesome trip! Its always nice to recharge your batteries. I've also never been to Tennessee, but it is a state I wouldn't mind going to.

    1. I never planned to fly either. I like staying on solid ground. The sea isn’t for me, either 😂 but it just sorta started happening... I needed to get to places, and flying was the best option. At first it was freaky. It felt weird leaving the ground. But like anything, you get used to it and after time you realize the fears aren’t that founded.

  3. I've both flown a few times and had Ale-8.

    I'm glad you are feeling refreshed! It's always so good to come home encouraged and ready to work.

  4. Aww, this makes me miss Mary :)

    1. Me too 😱 Y’all should get together, then invite me. Make sure to have lots of yummy foods like you show on the blog 😁😂

    2. That would be fun 😁 maybe my new home in Iowa would be a good meeting place ☺

    3. Haha! I guess you never know ;p

  5. Ooh, how cool! Looks like you had a great time! :D

    I've only flown once (well, twice, I guess. Counting the going and coming back), but security was a little awful. :p I almost cried the first time, I was so overwhelmed. But I actually loved the flying part, once we were up in the air.

    Haha, friend retiring and going to Germany! Sounds like a plan. ;)


    1. ahhh.... security. It's an outrage. I think it would be noble for someone to shut it down, or at least change it. Flying is a breeze, as you say :D

      Haha!!! I love my plans, for sure ;p


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