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My First American Girl Doll

Yes, I'm twenty-one. 

Yes, I don't really play with toys anymore.

Yes, I'm crazy. Are you surprised??? 

I have like the most amazing story ever to tell. It involves that doll selfie you see up above. You see I really like selfies... that's actually not the point of this post, HAHA.

Anyways, for as along as I can remember I always wanted an American Girl doll. We'd get all the catalogs, and I'd devour every single picture until the next catalog came in. I wanted one of the dolls so bad.

Felicity and Josefina were my favorites, but I also liked the doll of the current girl of the year (I can't remember which one she was anymore).

I finally decided I wanted an American Girl doll so badly I'd save for one and buy her. I was nine years old when my dad took the money to the bank. I was so excited! I finally had enough money, I was finally going to get the doll of my dreams.

But that very day my aunt called to tell my mom something she had just discovered about AG. The company supposedly donated part of their proceeds toward supporting abortion. I was stunned.

Why would a company for girls kill future customers? Why would a children's company kill children? 

I was sad to not buy my doll, but I decided then that American Girl would never see any of my money. 

And so I got my money back. From that small ordeal I learned to save money and I have loved saving ever since, to such the extent that I can barely spend ;p But, again, not the point of this post ;D 

My love for the dolls never ended. My mom said she'd help me find one of the dolls at a thrift store, or maybe online. Meanwhile, I bought every AG book I could find at thrifts stores and yard sales. My aunt sent me a bunch of books on a couple occasions. I continued receiving the free catalogs (I figured it was better they waste their money sending me the magazines. Less money they'd have for abortion). I would cut the magazines up and make paper dolls.

But I never did find a doll.

I found beds. I found a rocking chair. I bought tons of books.

My friend, Mary, also was obsessed with American Girl. For the same reasons as me she would never buy from the company. She, too, collected their books and catalogs, though.

We both grew up loving the dolls, but hating the company more.

We even talked of starting our own doll company... she loves sewing, I love writing. I have a great idea for a doll book series. And you should see the clothes Mary makes!

When I was visiting Mary last year we randomly decided to look on Craigslist. And what did I find? A listing for two identical original American Girl dolls!!! I was super excited. We were able to buy them together for a decent price.

Mary and I were super happy. Here's her post about her doll. Felicity had been both of our favorites. And she was even wearing our favorite dress... the original dress before they decided to "update" her look. And even better yet, the dolls were made by Pleasant company. Some of the pieces were even made in Germany! Which made me happy, as I'm obsessed with Germany, too.

Anyways, we both are twenty-one. And we both finally have our dream dolls. And we never gave AG a single penny.

That's pretty awesome, I think. You can laugh, if you like, but we are both happy! ;D 


  1. I have Kit Kittredge! I think she's in the basement, though; I've had her for a long time and lost interest several years ago... I wanted her because she looked kind of like me, and when I got glasses for her, she looked even MORE like me, and I loved it. xD

    I think this story is AWESOME, Keturah! And I didn't know that about AG. Sad. :(

    1. Ah, Kit was fun, too! I loved reading her books ;D Yeah, I don’t teally play with dolls anymore either... though I love making doll clothes! And making dolls for my sisters :)

      Thanks... and, yeah, it is really sad ;/

  2. I never was a doll-playing girl (I have TONS of model horses I played with), but I loved flipping through the AG catalogue. We never bought from them (for the same reason - why support them when they support abortion?) but we did find sole of their horse stuff as thrift stores. :) But this story is GOLDEN!!!

    1. That makes sense you’re into model horses ;) there was a company called I used to love when I was little called PONY. They sold horse figurines and novels and had a monthly club. But it was expensive, so again I only bought from thrift stores.

      That’s so neat you didn’t buy from AG! Most people that I know that are aware of them supporting abortion don’t seem to care enough to boycott them.

      Thrift stores are just awesome.

      Thanks, Julian!

    2. I think I've heard of that...we mostly would buy every toy horse we could find at Goodwills, yard sales (love those!), and thift stores. We would get new ones (in the box and everything) for our birthdays. :)

      We don't buy girl scout cookies either....but my Grandma does, so when we go over to her house, we tend to eat TONS of thin mints...

    3. That’s the best way to buy what you want ;)

      We’ve never bought Girl Scout cookies either, but not for any specific reason. I’m not much of a cookie person though 😂

  3. The other thing they did was make a girl of the year doll that was trans. Or they at least made a trans doll. It's so annoying when companies go political. I used to love the books, but after that, I never read them again. But I think it's awesome y'all finally found the dolls you wanted without giving them any money. Hopefully companies stop going political.


    1. Oh, I didn’t know that ;/ I haven’t followed them as closely the last few years. I loved that the dolls were historical, with beautiful dresses. But it seems they’ve strayed from both of those, too. Very sad ;/ Yes! Toys really shouldn’t give into the politics around them... but maybe then it’s only natural they do? And we can just simply not support it.

  4. My sister used to watch the movies made about the dolls, but she never had any of them. Neither of us were doll lovers. I guess it was a good thing.

    1. I’ve watched the movies, too. They were OK. I liked them, but personally thought they were extremely historically inaccurate not to mention feministic. But so are the books, to a lesser degree.

      Haha, sounds like a good thing ;)

  5. So fun! I have never heard that about AG. I was also one of those girls. Ha!I have always loved Kaya and always wanted a doll. Still looking for her. I'm 22 and would buy it lol. I am also looking for used book of any of them.

    1. I read some of Kaya's books and enjoyed them ;) The books are easy to find at thrift stores and online. If you're seriously interested in buying a Kaya doll I'd check eBay ;D Craigslist is great too, just have to sort through what is real and what's scam ;D

  6. I got a Just Like You Doll several years ago, and still have her with my dolls. I loved the historical dolls too - I think they helped me become obsessed with domestic history! I got a couple of outfits and Felicity's horse Penny as well as the Felicity movie (actually was my first movie ever owned...LOL.)

    I learned the same thing about American Girl in college (before then, I was just as obsessed and was on the online site playing the games on it). I haven't followed it recently either (so imagine my shock when I found out the ultra feministic and now trans doll?! What is this world coming to???)

    Haha - believe it or not, I have a similar story. I'm about the same age as you are and my mom finds this Raggedy Ann doll in a thrift store. Apparently she's wanted to buy me one since I was six. So she bought me the doll - she's adorable and she's now by my bed <3


    1. I’ve heard of those dolls!!

      Yes, it’s super sad ;/

      I love Raggedy Ann dolls! I have a couple still from when I was little, one almost as big as me 😂😂

  7. I did buy some of their things long before we found out that they supported abortion, but once I learned that, bye-bye AG. Besides, I never liked dolls at all. I was a stuffed animal person. So it was an easy farewell. I haven't even really thought of them much since.

    I really thought is was so cool of your mom to offer to help you find a used one. I liked that she saw that you were disappointed and was willing to help you fulfill your desires without compromising your standards. That's quality parenting. Two thumbs up to her!

    1. Stuffed animals are great! So soft and cuddly. I still like them ;D

      Our parents have always tried to make sure we get what we want as long as it wasn’t bad for us. They’ve also done well teaching most of us how to save and get what we want ourselves, through hard work and saving :)

  8. Have you looked into that theory or did you just hear the rumor. Have you called the company or anything about it have you? Sorry I don't believe things until proven because someone is always spreading false things knowing many people will be live it. I looked into it a little on Wikipedia and it never says they ever supported planned parenthood. I love American girls to just wanted to point out that you should look into thing before really thinking it is true. If I'm wrong that's fine.

    1. Hey, I totally know what you mean :) It was actually your mom that first told us back when I was going to order the doll. She usually does her research well, I've found. But, yes, I have researched it. And it seems to be true. I've never actually called them, but I think I will sometime now that you mention it. It seems to be more than just a mere rumor though, as many, MANY lovers of AG have decided to boycott them due to this. ;/

    2. I don't remember her saying that... ok. It's great that you got a dall though I think there are a lot for sale on eBay we got two dolls from there. I love Felicity too.

    3. Actually Mom said she didn't say that. ?????

    4. I’m 100% certain she did. Mom remembers, too. Aunt Julia called and told us just before we placed the order for my doll. It’s stuck in my memory forever 😂 She must have forgotten...

      Aunt Julia sent us girls some other dolls afterward from another company to make up for it :) We loved them!

      I’ve heard eBay is a great place to find dolls. We’ve never shopped on there, though. So never checked :D

  9. Well I would call the company or email them becouse mom so said it had to be some one else maybe grandma who told you. If she did she said she was wrong.

  10. Aw, that's so sweet! I'm glad you got your doll. But I am horrified that AG does that!!


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