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Keturah Abigail Lamb is my real name. I like to sign my art with KAL . . . I have a special way to do, too ;)

The main one is Tury. When I was little people would ask my if I had a nickname. I told them and they'd call me Terry which for some reason I hated so much. So I started saying, "No, I don't. My name is Keturah."
But then people were like, "I'll just give you a nickname."
So, I have quite a few of those now, the main ones being Kat and Ketty.
People also wrongly call me Katherine and Katrina.

July 17, 1996.

Hair color and length:
Dark brown, past my waist.

Eye color: 
Weird colors . . . mostly hazel, sometimes brown.

Nope, though I'd love a ruby nose ring

Righty or lefty: 
I'm right handed, though I use my left hip to carry things more than I use my right hip. And I like to try to use my left hand for things, too. Just to make it feel equal ;)

Who knows, lol?? Sometimes I say mutt. ;D But we're Caucasian, but we have some native american blood and some German and possibly Jewish, too.

First novel written: 
I wrote so much trash when I was little, haha. I remember two books I was working on for awhile. One was a historical about a large family moving to New York. Two of the older sisters went to work for a hotel that ended up kidnapping them. The rest of the story was about the girls trying to escape and the family along with a ranch hand that liked one of the girls trying to find them. I never finished the story.

Another one I started and never finished was about this girl that married a guy, but two weeks after their honey moon he disappears.
They had eloped, so she couldn't go live with her family. So she goes to live with his family. They own a small Christian bookstore, so she works for them while her baby grows inside. And then she starts realizing that her husband's family may not be all they seem to be . . . did her husband die? Was he kidnapped . . . by them? Or did he actually leave her?

First novel completed:
The first one I finished was a novel I call Perfect. I had a dream and the story was born. It's about this young woman named Cassie. She has a great life, a great fiancee, and attends a great non-denominational church. But . . . things aren't as perfect as she wants them. All of those irritations are clouded over when tragedy strikes. Bitterness and hate began to consume her. She yearns or perfect peace - but is she willing to let go of her feelings?

The book about the girl whose husband went missing I may end up rewriting and finishing as sequel to Perfect, about Cassie's best friend Amanda as they would fit together, with some changes, really nicely.

Award for writing: 
- I won a story contest on a knitting sight at called Two Wishes.

Image created by Lauren Grinder

- I won $10 once for a 250 word flash fiction I wrote here. I've won another time and received a few honorable mentions there, too.
- I won a short story contest for my story My Cleaning Girl
If you read any of these I'd like to know what you think ;)  

First publication: 
I had a poem accepted by an Amish magazine several years ago, but not sure if they published it. Also, I have had many things accepted by online magazines.

But as for print publications . . . I have three short stories nearly published! One is already out on the market:

My story is #10 or eleven and is titled Unerella. It is a retelling of Cinderella — but from the perspective of another girl that attended the ball :) You can buy the e-book here. The print copy should release soon.

I went to Realm Makers last year and plan to go to AFCW this fall.

Taylor Ibori wants a better life - one where his thoughts are his own, and no one else's. But as life gives him everything he's always wanted Taylor begins to realize that something is still wrong. ~  A Series of Thoughts Book #3

Estella yearns to marry the boy she grew up with and obey her uncle's wishes all at once. But which must she choose when her uncle requests her to attend the Pharaoh’s banquet? ~ The Fur Slipper

A young prince and princess honour their parents and country at all costs, even to themselves and never lose faith in what is true or good. ~ A Story Concerning Unselfish People

Cassie Kendrick craves perfection – in others as much as herself. But as her life crumbles will she have the strength to stand and let God put the pieces back together, perfectly? ~ Perfect

Novel (that you wrote): 
My current favorite novel is my most recent, Let Me Meet Death Dancing. 

Image created by Beatriz Jacob

And that novel is YA

I can't pick one favorite author. Some of my favorite authors are listed on the right side bar of the web version of the blog.

Writing Music:
I listen to nothing on some days and anything on other days. Words or no words, happy and depressing. Just whatever I feel like.

Time To Write: 
Early morning 6am.

Writing Snack/Drink:
Water ;)

Writer's don't have time to watch movies. Jk . . . kinda ;) Lately I'm making my way through Once Upon A Time. My favorite tv shows are BBC Sherlock Holmes and Unfortunate Events. I love Pixar cartoons and movies with action and plot and great characters and concepts.

Writing Memory: 
Ten years old, laying out on the trampoline, writing and illustrating short stories for friends to read.

Childhood Book:
Caterpillar Green, Boxcar Children, Narnia.

At the time of writing this I'm currently reading a nonfiction called Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes: Removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible by E. Randolph Richards and Brandon J. O'Brien

Many short stories and working on rewrites of A Series Of Thoughts 

Listening to:
The fan in my sister's room, I guess.

Once Upon A Time. 

German and theology interests, currently.

Want To Be Published: 
You're asking a writer if they want to be published . . . ? Of course I do!

Indie or Traditional:
Traditional, please ;D

Wildest Goal: 
Um everything I work toward? Lol. I'll pick one . . . to have my book on the front window of Barnes and Noble. That would be amazing.

Eleven bloggers: 
and #11 is YOU

Hope you all enjoyed this post! I know I enjoyed participating in this tag! There were some really fun questions :) If you'd like to answer some of the questions about yourself in the comments feel free to do so! 


  1. It's cool that your stories got accepted by magazines and stuff!

    1. Thanks! It's all just happened . . . so I need to still do a full post on it ;)

  2. Hearing about all the cool stuff you’ve done with your short stories and poetry and flash fiction make me wish I could get into those more. I love songwriting, but stories less than 10K??? I can’t imagine how you do it...

    1. I used to wonder how people could write stories any longer than that! Haha. It's so much fun. You get an idea and write it down, then work on it for several days polishing it and putting in so much love. It's a totally different experience than writing a novel, for sure.
      Songwriting it so much fun, though! THAT takes talent :)

  3. Fun tag! That's so cool that you have won so many writing contests! :D

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, I guess it is. To be honest I was kinda surprised that there were a few. I feel like there aren't many and every time I did win I was sooooo shocked ;p

  4. I think I've commented this before but your cover for Let Me Meet Death Dancing is so lovely!!! 😍😍😍

    1. Thanks :) I do like it a ton myself, and it's kinda sad it's only a mock cover :)


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