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Calling Vs Commanded

While cleaning awhile back the thoughts in this meme stumbled into my mind.
And so I posted them on fb.

I was slightly surprised at the variety of responses I received.

A strong Christian woman who is active in knowing what's happening around her agreed.
A bisexual Liberal agreed.
A wife of a military man agreed. 
A few other people agreed. 
But many, many, many Christian authors disagreed

The people with voices were the ones that said, "No, politics don't matter. And sharing our opinion doesn't help."

"Then . . . why do you write???"

I'm starting to realize is politics is a very distracting word.


But that's not real politics.
Politics is the all the little things that connect citizens and a country together as a whole unit. Politics is the science behind the laws, the beliefs behind the government, the culture of our environment.

Politics is who we are. And it is VERY VERY VERY VERY important. If you aren't "into it" that doesn't mean you get to live easier. It means someone else gets to decide how you live. And by "not being into it" you have forfeited your rights, and and all.

Let me clarify "being into it" for a moment. I don't mean obsess over politics. I don't mean forcing your friends and neighbors to believe what you believe. I mean KNOW what's happening outside of your home and care enough for your neighbor even if he lives states away.

Often people use the excuse, "I'm not into politics" to not care what's happening in the rest of the world. And that is not morally right. I'll get to why in a second.
Those sort of people are often reacting against the extreme, where people are so obsessed in politics they can't actually love anyone because their political beliefs are their gods.

Political or religious beliefs (to me these are one and the same) should never replace our faith in God. He comes first.

And just as our beliefs shouldn't replace our faith, our faith should produce what we believe: works of righteousness.

So . . . how do you "be into politics" in a righteous manner?

And . . . aren't we to not be of this world, only in it?

And what about the passage in Romans that says to obey the authority of the land?

These are huge questions that deserve answers.
And so I will answer each one separately.

How do you "be into politics" in a righteous manner? And how can I even help?
It's all about LOVING and KNOWING. We don't have to have war. We don't have to have weapons (I'm not advocating give away your guns. I'm very pro-gun). We don't have to cause physical or verbal violence. We don't need to shed blood and we don't need to yell at anyone.

"Being into politics" is being aware and caring about everyone outside of yourself.

It's teaching yourself that the news doesn't have to be boring.

It's learning to not focus only on the depressing, but finding and achieving and celebrating goals. Don't let politics depress you. Be thankful for what is good and let God lead you in the rest. But never, never, never let politics BORE or DEPRESS you.

Evil has a way of succeeding best in the dark where no one can see or hear or know what he is doing. So shed light. Be aware. Share with others. Care enough to know and half of the problems won't be able to spread.

Does this work?

Just google about the Bundies and Hammonds, small individuals that were wrongly imprisoned by the government. Did anyone have to shoot up the police to free the men? No. Did anyone have to kill anyone? No. But people banded together and became aware. They shared, "Have you heard - ?"

People knew.

Evil people of power could not hide their deeds.

Small innocents were released.

Love and know. That's what you can do.

Be aware and care. Don't yell and argue.

Aren't we to not be of this world, only in it? 
First, the Bible doesn't exactly say this . . . at least not the way people like to think when it comes to politics.

It says don't be conformed to the ways of the world, but be transformed according to God's ways. Romans 12:2.

We are told to not love the world. 1 John 2:15.

And Yeshuah states His kingdom is not of this world, but of Heaven. John 18:36.

Yet, none of this is contradictions to His commandments to love and care for others and the Earth.

This world he's talking doesn't mean quite what we're thinking. It means do not follow the ways of Satan. Do not commit sin. Do not follow selfish desires.

If we were to follow "be in the world but not of it" to the extend people like to take it for politics we'd have to do several other things:

Dress completely different, even as far as making our own clothing. 
Eating in different locations, not mingling in fast food places or restaurants, from unbelievers. 
Only shopping at established Christian stores. 
Adapting a different language, especially when it came to slang and such.

The thing is there are many Christians that do follow by some or all of those previous points. Because they too have missed the point of what it means to not be of this world.

We live on Earth, like it or not. But we do not have to become like those that follow Satan's lusts.

But caring and being aware is not of the world or of the Devil.

The Devil does not care.
The world does not love.
Ignorance is bliss only to the foolish.

So don't choose ignorance in the name of, "Separation."

Romans 13 says to obey the authorities of the land. This means we shouldn't be caught up in politics. 
So, I'm assuming that means you don't vote? And that's probably why you see no point in reading the constitution, something written by those that rebelled against the authorities? And do you pray for an end to abortion? But there's really nothing you can do . . . because protesting is a sign of not submitting completely.
You pray. But does your prayers show faith in works?

Let's read Romans 13.

Here's what it says:

It tells us to obey the higher powers. Because . . . all power is of God. And those that have power from Him are not set up to terrorize good but to terrorize evil. These ruling powers are ministers from God to help us and exact revenge upon evil. It is good for us to support such powers. And it is good to be submissive to such powers. 

Nothing in this says not to love or care or be aware or know. None of this says to NOT stand against evil. None of this says to be subjected to that which is evil. None of this says to obey blindly. We are not told to refrain from voting, from sharing the truth.

And if we read on, starting in verse 8 we are again told to love, "Owe no man anything but love. For love fulfills the law."

Real politics is about loving others and standing up for others: the unborn, the prisoner, the homeless, the outsider, the insider, EVERYONE.

How many remember this verse in Hebrews 13:3 "Remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them, and those who are ill-treated, since you yourselves also are in the body."

I really love the book of Judges in the Bible. Not only are the stories fascinating . . . there are so many stories of people standing up and loving and caring and spreading awareness when no one else would.

Will you be one of those who will care?
Will you love as Yeshua asked?

"It's good for you, Keturah. Politics is your calling."


There's a huge difference between a calling and a commandment.

Are some called to love and some called to hate?
Are some called to visit those in prison and some called to sit and watch tv instead?
Are some called to study the word of God while others just attend Sunday morning services?
Are some called to know and some called to be dumb?
Are some called to serve others and some called to serve self?
Are some called to act and some called to pretend?
Are some called to use their voice for good and others called to create fantasy(sorry for using this word negatively). 

You tell me. Called or commanded, which is it?


  1. I think I'm into politics then. Not hugely into it, but I at least know the big things that are going on and have my opinions about those matters. It's harder to completely ignore politics in Australia as voting is compulsory. But plenty of people still don't care.
    It is one of major dividing lines between Christians. Should we be involved in the affairs of the world or not? The way I see it is that we are to do justice, and that includes ensuring we have just laws. We've been given a government that has a mechanism for us to be involved. So why not do what we can to turn the whole country to God, not just individuals?

    1. Wow, there are so many things in your comment that are AMAZING. Yes, this does divide so many Christians, but it shouldn't. As you say we have a unique government that allows us to have a voice — why not use our voice as God would have us to, to love and bring others to Him? Thanks for your well-thought reply :)

  2. I'm into politics, from a distance, because it can all get so depressing.

    1. Oh, you are so right. It can be so depressing and overwhelming. I think it's healthy to have a sort of distance, to never be obsessed with anything (especially this).

  3. I honestly don't know if I can say that I'm 'into' politics but I do like knowing stuff that goes on in my country and outside of it. I'm not always super informed but I guess I could try harder? *shrugs* It's one thing to not want to be actively involved but it's another to say that politics don't matter. Because... they do. Especially since it has to do with the amount of freedom we can have e.g. the freedom of speech, especially on the internet. I've noticed that some countries, though I'm thinking more about certain countries in Asia, where people can't even voice their opinion on the internet about their government if they want to.

    PS: Sorry for not beta reading your book. I promised myself to do it over the summer holidays and yet I didn't do that. I'm wondering if you still want it done?

    1. That's a good point, you make. I will admit I could be way more informed and I'm not near as actively involved as I should be. But, like you say, we both recognize that politics do matter because they affect us dramatically.

      I'd still love for you to read my book, but it's only if you want to. Don't feel like you have to read it :)


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