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Writing Tools for Your Hands and Your Eyes

I have two writing/ computer user product reviews today; one for your hands, and the other for your eyes. 
I first heard of SOJOS glasses through a friend sharing about how much she loved them. I was interested in blue light glasses, and their page looked fun, so I followed them.

I had previously bought a pair of blue light glasses. But I never wear them because they fall off my face. They also weren't as pretty as Amazon made them look to be. But my biggest dislike about them was that they had 1x strength, and it hurt my eyes more to wear them to not wear them.

Well, I kept seeing these gorgeous glasses in my Instagram feed for months (because I followed them ;p) and one night I decided to message them and ask if they'd give me a pair for review on my blog.

They sent me two pairs, of my choosing.
 I had to order them on Amazon, send them my order information, then they refunded me. It took less than a week for the glasses to arrive.
 It's hard to tell in the pictures, but these boxes are really heavy. As in sturdy heavy. I could have dropped them and the glasses wouldn't have broken ... I didn't test out this theory of mine, though. But, seriously, they could probably be used for weight lifting.
 The actual glass cases are equally sturdy and magnetic, so they stay shut. Also, love the green.
 #SJ5029 came with a cloth and bag.
#SJ5035 had a few more accessories. I think it's because this is a newer model that just came out. But I LOVED THE ACCESSORIES SO MUCH. I'll admit I was pretty excited to see all the little things included inside the box. Only thing, this one didn't come with a little bag for the glasses. 
 If I wanted, the pink has the option to take off the gold nose pads and replace them with plastic ... there are extra screws, too. But the gold pads are very comfortable, and I like the idea of metal over plastic better anyways, so I doubt I'll be changing them out. But ...
 ... Isn't the screwdriver just so adorable? It's like two inches long and I'll definitely be using this for other things. Definitely my favorite of all the accessories.

The glasses also came with a little blue light.

Light off:
 Light on:
 There was a card that came with it to test out how the blue light/ glasses work together. But for some reason, this didn't work for me. The white strip turned purple under the blue light, but no name showed up, and wearing glasses made no difference for any of it. So I'm not sure if I did something wrong, or if this test thing just doesn't work.
I love the pink glasses, but I feel they almost blend into my face? They are comfortable and pretty, with that hint of nerdy, though. They look and feel somewhat flimsy, but they stay put once on my face. Overall, I'm very happy with them. 

But I think I like these glasses best.  They feel sturdier with their wider temples. And I feel they are quite pretty in their simplicity. Plus, I don't have to worry about matching them with my outfit—not that I'm that fashion crazy, but still ;)
But, style and fun aside, do these glasses actually work? 

One thing I noticed, is that the lenses aren't tinted that much. From what I've heard, most blue light glasses should be amber or yellow in order to block out all blue. When I wear the glasses the light from my laptop screen is definitely tinted, but I can still see plenty of blue. I also took a few online tests to see if the glasses were working. From the tests, the glasses don't appear to be working at all. From the reviews I read on Amazon on these glasses, this seems to be the general consensus: the glasses are pretty and fun to wear but don't really work. 

I noted that SOJOS' site specified that you can take your frames in and have the lenses replaced for something more "progressive". I may end up doing that myself. 

After doing the research and taking the tests, I wore these glasses for a few weeks, just to see if they worked or not. To be honest, it was actually pretty hard to remember to wear them whenever I wrote. But I'm getting better at wearing them. I do notice that whenever my eyes are especially stressed or tired that the glasses to seem to offer a small amount of relief. So maybe they are actually working? 

I think the glasses work a little with the lenses they currently have, but that they aren't as strong as blue light blocking glasses should be. But the frames are only around $20 a pair, so I think they are still worth their price for a pretty, comfortable pair of glasses.

Also, it does depend on the pair. I think the copper pair works slightly better than the pink pair. 
The customer service replied quickly to my messages and was very helpful when sending me these glasses. That, to me, speaks volumes. Overall, I'm very happy with the two pairs sent to me and think you should consider looking into their frames, even if you end up replacing the lenses.

Buy the glasses from Amazon: 
#SJ5029 in copper
#SJ5035 in pink

Visit SOJOS on Instagram (really, do! Their page is awesome!).

I also love their leopard print style, which seems to be featured on their page a lot.

Literary Book Gifts emailed me to ask if I'd like to try out a pair of their cashmere writing gloves in exchange for a review on my blog. I was directed to go to their website and pick out the color of my liking. 

My first complaint would be that the website didn't have pictures of the different available colors aside from the featured photo for the light heather grey. I played it safe and chose "Heather Coffee Brown". 

They came with these little cord bracelets. I think that's what they are? But the bracelets barely fit around my wrists and I have very small wrists. 
The fiber is very soft and warm ... it's spring here, and my hands were sweating as I modeled these. I think they will be great for the winter days, though! And since they are only 35% Cashmere wool and mostly cotton they seem like they will wash just fine, as long as I don't use hot water and lay them out flat to dry. Though I doubt I'll have to wash them often.

This isn't normally something I would buy. I write indoors and my fingers rarely get cold. Also, I'd never pay $52 for a pair of gloves that I could make. But I could see this being something fun for many writers that don't knit and have naturally cold hands.

I will add, I was very excited to be contacted by Literary Book Gifts as I'd browsed their online store on occasion. They have some fun t-shirts and bags that I'm tempted to splurge on someday. Melissa, the girl who initially emailed me about the mittens, was very nice and easy to work with. Their customer service is praiseworthy. They just need to get pictures of all the different glove colors.

 Buy Cashmere Writing Gloves on Literary Book Gifts

Have you heard of SOJOS glasses or Literary Book Gifts? Have you tried any other blue light blocking glasses? Would you use writing gloves? What's been your experience with products like these? 


  1. I say. My hands are always cold. How did I never think of making myself a pair of fingerless mittens before??

    Great reviews, Keturah.

    1. haha, glad to inspire you! I think I'm going to love these in the winter myself ;)

  2. I haven't heard of either but I actually really enjoyed reading your review! It's how you are so transparent about everything. :)

  3. Oh, I like the glasses! I have been thinking about getting some retro looking glasses. Nice review!

    1. They are super fun ... and you can get all sorts of designs ;D

  4. J+M+J
    My hands were cold all last winter when writing... so those would be very useful in my case, but I'm not spending $52 on a pair of gloves! Haha... tis a bit unthinkable for me....
    As to glasses? Boy, it is so weird to think of wearing glasses, but I guess they could be useful too. But as my computer has a night-mode (blue screen filter), and personal funds are limited at times, I probably won't buy them either... at least for a while.

    The Doorman.

    1. Haha, it is a lot for a pair of mittens. I think half of the price is from the fact that they are cashmere. Super soft, but pricey wool. Guess you'll just have to learn to knit ;)
      It is weird thinking of wearing glasses, but kinda fun ;) Having the night mode helps a ton, I'm sure. And I get the limited funds ... gotta save that cash for when you really need it/ want it ;)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Very cute glasses! I loved the angles in some of those photos too. (Besides, who doesn't need some cute glasses to complete their outfit?)

    1. Thanks ... we had fun taking the pictures ;) And you're so right ;)

  6. Sorry the SOJOS classes didn't seem to work all that well. I never considered blue light blocking glasses, but that sounds like a great idea. I might have to look into some.

    1. I'm thinking now part of my trouble may be that I already have the night mode settings on my laptop turned on ... so I have a lot of blue light already blocked ;p So they may be working after all, a little. But yeah, totally look into them!

  7. I was wondering if those glasses did much. I probably should try some out.

    1. Good luck with finding a pair ... let me know how you like them , if you ever do ;)

  8. Funny story, I bought two pairs of glasses from this online store (the name escapes me at the moment haha) and my mom chose the extra protection. We just thought that meant that it was one of those anti-scratch films. Well... when I got them they ended up being these weird greenish-yellowish tinted glasses that are supposed to do what the glasses you have in the post does, like protect your eyes from the blue light of a computer screen. I ended up returning them because they gave me a headache.

    Also! I would love a pair of writing gloves. My hands are always cold. Even during the Spring and Summer when we have the AC on... but I don't know if I could buy any gloves for 50 something dollars. That seems a little too much for me haha

    1. Haha, that's so funny!

      Yeah, it is a bit much. But I think it's because the material is not polyester ;)


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