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Dr Kent Hovind and What You Believe

Dr Kent Hovind (on Facebook) is one of my favorite speakers - the best Creationism scientifist out there. At least, in my opinion :b. If you haven't seen any of his videos, you have just got to!!!!! They are so good and educational.

Just recently I got to see one of his videos. He debated with two other guys, the one an agnostic and the second a Christian that believed in the theory of evolution.

Dr Hovind's debates are usually very fun, because he normally slaughters the other people involved with ease and humor. Before the debate begins, the other guy is normally sweating and jumpy.

Kent Hovind speaks fast and confident. Everything he says is backed up with evidence plus a smart home.

The other guy will stammer and beat around the bush, rarely making a real point. It's like he has too much time to talk, while Dr Hovind can give a whole lecture in five minutes.

But this debate was a little different than some of the others I've seen. The Christain evolutisnt was soooo nervous and used his time stammering and talking nonsenss, yes, But the agnostic put on an appearance of being confident and in charge. He spoke as if he knew what he was saying...but when it came down to it, he mostly spoke meaningless huge words, using false or inaccurate examples.

Overall it was a fun and exciting to watch, full of interesting and educating bits. But something that stood out the most to me - even over all the great stuff Kent Hovind said - was something that the agnostic guy said.

Not exact quote, but something like:"One thing you all forget while reading the Bible is that all those stories aren't just stories. They have messages. And most Christians don't understand those messages."

In fact if most 'christians' understood the messages behind the stories They wouldn't be christians, because they wouldn't like the message portayed.

Another good point he accidently made was why people become Christians. For most people it's an emotional reason.

The emotional reasons scares or convinces one of their belief, but once the emotions run out, they become convinced by other "plausible" arguments.

Basically, you need more than emotions and evidence to believe, because no matter what you believe, your emotions will go away and something different can always be "proven".

It seems so simple and unimportant....but in fact it is the most important question. Why are you a Christian?

Because you feel like? Evidence convinced you? Friends or family presured you to be like them?

Why do you read the Bible? Do you really believe what it says, or do you try to get your own doctrines and beliefs out of it?

Why are we who we are and do we truly believe what we say we do?

One thing about agnostics or atheists - the majority seem to be thinkers. They are individuals who have decided to go against the norm by getting did of all sentimental beliefs and searching for the only and real truth.

This is very unlike the guy who believed in both the Bible and evolution. This guy is trying to hold onto the "best" of everything, and is evidently not disciplined enough to research anything.

And what is Agnostics/Aitheists main problem? That they have shut off the options for the only, real truth. Seeking for truth in all but one place is still being  partial of sorts.

So, why are you a Christian? And have you ever watched any of Dr Kent Hovind's videos?


  1. I admire men like him. As someone who has trouble talking about anything unless I know the person well I admire men who can put their thoughts together and keep focused during debates. I can only do it when I'm not talking out loud...writing...where I can organize my thoughts.

    1. Totally know what you mean, though. That guy has talent :) I used to have even more trouble than I do now, so I think there is hope for us writers... We just need practice.

      Thanks for commenting!!!!


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