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Inside Out: Thoughts and Spoilers, too

I just recently has the opportunity to watch the animated movie Inside Out.

Let me just say it was sooooooo good!

In this post - because you can find so many reviews on it - I'm going to just give my thoughts on Inside Out.

It was beautiful.

The makers of this movie were brilliant. They took a deep concept and made a simple children's movie.

Full of fun, craziness, and plot centered around an 11-year old girl, Rylie,  you wouldn't expect to be bombarded with the importance and complexity of one's brain.

Her five emotions, Disgust, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Joy, were all ruled by Joy, the logical most important part of one's life - for with out Joy we are not happy.

Rylie lives a carefree life, always laughing, the sign of eternal happiness all because of Joy.

Core Memories were comforting and always there.

Just a couple days before seeing this movie, I asked a friend if she had certain memories, maybe not big, but important. I descibed these memories as those that no matter what she did or thought, these memories were always there, influencing everything you did today.

In was neat to see this idea of mine expressed in the movie as Core Memories... those important memories that make you you.

What made it so special.

Out of all the emotions, Sadness of course was the one looked down up on. Joy wouldn't let her be around - for to cry meant not being happy. And not being happy was chaos.

But through unexpected circumstances both Joy and Sadness are separated from the main part of the brain along with all the core memories.

This in itself was an interesting phenomenon. It showed what we are like when we have neither sadness nor joy left in our lives. And when this happens we normally don't think clearly - not even able to remember all the good that had happened, not finding comfort in past memories. Rylie became unbalanced and void of a sorts.

We are normally called emotionless when this happens...but in fact we do have three emotions left: Anger, Fear, and Disgust.

Rylie was left with only these three, and the outcome was turmoil. Inner and physical. All because they don't have the guidance of the other two, everything goes out of wack.

And then when all was almost total disaster, Joy and Sadness were saved. Something still had to be done though. One of them had to touch Rylie and replace the core memories. Awaken her to feeling.

Restore the feeling of emotions.

And it wasn't Joy. Healing was brought by tears through Sadness.

The best part yet.

Even Sadness hadn't realized her importance before. They'd all thought that their girl, Rylie, must always be happy. But by depriving her of Sadness they had been keeping her pent up.

They soon realized one emotion alone should not dominate. So they teamed up. Joy with Sadness created a feeling of bitter-sweet comfort starting out the healing process.

Even Anger, Disgust, and Fear, when teamed together, would create very helpful and healthy stable emotions.

And though it seemed like such a simple movie, it was so deep and full, that I couldn't help but love it. It was just the best! (Not saying I don't like simple movies, too ;b).

So, have you watched Inside Out yet? What were your thoughts on it? If you haven't seen it, you've just got to! It's so worth it ;D


  1. I just watched Inside Out too! It's one of the few movies that actually live up to the hype (in my opinion), and it was SO GOOD. Deep, sad, complex, and in general a fantastic watch. :D


    1. BTW, I really like your header and design. :D

    2. I so know what you many movies are raved about but few actually make it to my book as brilliant :)

      And thanks!!! I designed it with Pic Monkey :)


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