Wednesday, June 1, 2016

An Experience With Horses

It was an ordinary office day. Work was great. Shelby and I were having fun. I madethe same stupid, crazy jokes, Shelby gave me the same looks. The image below came from something I said that day... it was too funny that I had to make a meme of it. :)

But all day long my mind wasn't really on the office work or on the fun we were having, but what I would be doing that evening – horse riding. For it was a beautiful sunny day!

A friend and I had gone a few times before, but our time had always been limited. This time we had a couple hours all free to just ride.

(Oh – and we were riding bare-back, and I wasn't so experienced ;b)

I quickly got ready. I put on a full, tye-dyed skirt, leggings, and a comfortable t-shirt. And ran downstairs. My arrow head necklace bounced against my throat.

“Wow,” I thought. “this arrow-head could bounce up as I'm riding and stab me in the throat and kill me.”

What a thought. But I was too lazy to be bothered with taking off the necklace or even dieing. Today wasn't going to be my day.

The horses were here! Cherish helped me on a horse – Winchester – and she on Cookies. As I get up my skirt rips a little, but I'm not too worried about it. We were ready to be off.

Oh, and an interesting fact – these two horses hate to be separated. Literally, if “my” horse is separated from the one Cherish was riding, he'll go crazy and break anything in his path until he is with her again.

Another girl came up and asked if she could maybe join us. We let her. But she had to walk – and hold my flip-flops! Haha.

It felt so good to be on the horse. I had learned by this point to love riding bare-back. Moving with the movements of the horse is just so fun, sitting up straight feels so good, my legs tensed against the side of the horse – trying to not feel in too control, yet I can't help feeling a little confident.

Hey, though. Confidence can't be that bad. It makes the horse know that you are in charge, you are his boss.


Cherish is a very experienced horse person. She was a little ahead of me. But I'm not jealous. I'm having fun, taking my time, and talking to the girl, Autumn.

Suddenly I hear Cherish yell out, “Don't come any further! Jessup is out!” Jessup is a small miniature horse that Winchester hates.

At this point Winchester realizes that Cookies is no longer with him. He starts acting crazy, whinnying and going allover the place. I was having a hard time staying on, but grasped my legs to the side of the horse tighter.

Meanwhile, Autumn is yelling to me to get off. I know I'm not experienced, and can't stay on long, so the next time the horse puts his head down I let myself roll down his neck to the ground.

Which, by the way, is a funny way of getting off of a horse. But I was wanting to stay clear of his kicking legs.

I jumped up and grab the horse's halter. I was determined to now control him since I didn't need to worry about falling off. He wasn't going to go to where the others were. He was staying here.

I made Autumn stand back, and go get me a rope so I could tie him up. But then I found I wasn't strong enough to drag him to a tree to tie him.

So, instead for what seemed the next 10-15 minutes I fought with a bucking, rearing, crazy horse.

I did pretty good at not letting him run away. I was doing really good, I thought. But Autumn kept screaming at Winchester to be good. I think she was pretty scared for me.

But I was hot, and tired, and sweaty.

At one point when the horse was tired of fighting, he was just standing there breathing. I had let my head relax on his. My hair was everywhere.

Autumn says, “That would make a really good picture.”

I laugh. “You're talking about pictures at a time like this!?”

Finally, I know I won't be able to hold the horse much longer. “Autumn, you should probably go tell Cherish I'm getting tired and to hurry up and come help me, or send help.”

The last thing I remember is seeing Autumn run away, telling me to “Yell at Winchester if he's bad, Keturah, make sure you yell!”

Where am I??

My whole body feels terrible. By head is searching...searching...for information.

Green. Fuzzy Green.

What happened.

In a strange field.

Bad dream.

“Are you okay?” Autumn is crying.

“ don't know...yes. Where am I?”

“Don't you know what happened?”

“I had a bad dream. Horses...weird girl. Where am I?”

Autumn is freaking out.

Next thing I know Shelby is over me. Her voice sounds so sensible. There's a wash cloth on my face.
I hear the word blood. But I'm not scared about that.

I have to remember.


Above rubies. Office work. Friends. Horses.

“Get the horses away from me – get them away.” I can feel panic overcoming me. But Shelby is being good. I can feel it.

I have to remember.

“Today was Monday. An office day. We went horse riding. I tried to keep the horse back. I was doing good.” The thought that the horse won makes me want to cry. So I change the topic. “Yesterday was Sunday.” and then I tell of some weird thing I saw.

My necklace. Blood. It's choking me. I'm trying to breath, My side hurts, me chest. Breath. Breath. Get the necklace off... I'm trying so hard to get it off.

Shelby helps me. She quiets me and takes it off.

I breath. Now, to remember is again the most important. My mind will be normal, good. I won't forget.

Trying to not panic. Trying to not cry. Trying to feel like no-one can see me.

I'm aware of the different people around me.

The Campbells are both there. Shelby. Autumn. Cherish. Jether. A little girl that was staying with us.

I can't see.

Trying to remember.

I'm praying “Father...Father...Father..” Over and over. But everything I'm praying is staying inside my head. To remember. Rashida had a baby. Ezra. See her. My writing. Other important things pop into my memory.

Things are focusing again...

Autumn acting cooking in the background - she'll probably kill me for posting this picture, because in real life she is very beautiful...and smart looking ;)

Autumn asks if I can remember her. All the girls do. I laugh and say their names. They ask my name. My parents' names.

Shelby says, “Your mom's name on facebook is Little Lambs.”

“No, she changed it.”

They laugh.

They ask if I remember ripping my skirt. “Yes. But I'm wearing leggings, so it isn't very bad.”

I don't know all what I said or did.

Just trying so hard to not panic, trying so hard to not cry. Apologizing to everyone for acting so immature.

They ask if I want to sit up. They talk about going to the hospital.

The thought of going to the hospital makes me want to cry. I sit up, but I fell dizzy. I still really can't see. But I'm starting to. I can finally see.

Shelby and Cherish help me into the car. Shelby gets in the back. “Weren't you going out tonight?” I ask.

But she is going with me.

I'm not wanting to go. I'm finally regaining my senses. In the car, I say the first thing I can fully remember saying. “I am just so upset, because I can't get back on that horse, and I need to, so that I can show him he didn't win!”

Once we get to town, I get out of the car, and I can walk fine, so we decide I don't need to go in. Which I am soooooo happy about!

And then I start remembering.

I mostly start laughing.

Everything that has just happened, me laying down with everyone staring at me, me saying stupid nonsense, but supposedly saying it all very coherently. In a way, I was trying to control my panic and pain myself.

And my friends also discovered that even when knocked out I still talk and talk and talk and talk. And still talk more ;)

It was all so funny to me, suddenly.

And despite the pain, I haven't been able to stop laughing about the whole thing. Every time I tell the story, I just laugh the whole way through.

But I guess it must not actually be that funny, because Cherish told me, “What is funny as that you are turning a serious incident into a funny story.”

Haha. I just can't help but laugh and smile despite my bruises, and sore back, and dizzy spells.

Or continue from being stupid. Because I went to a party the other day...and what did I do the whole time? Play volley-ball and dance like crazy...with all my might! - which by the way was not smart. Because my back payed for it that night ;b

Cherish... the horse ride was fun ;)

But, yeah… makes a good story, a good blogpost, a good laugh.

And who doesn't need a laugh..even in pain!? LOL


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