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Be A Friend


And no, this is not a joke on the Adele song. ;)

I just simply wanted to tell you all hi on this beautiful day.

And I wanted to share with you all one of my thoughts.

Random and weird as always ;b

Its about how much we think of others. Or how much love we show to others even in our thoughts.

Or how many others.

For some of us we like to keep our friend list short.

Why is this?

Because loving others can take a lot of energy. Time. And self-sacrifice. All that. :/

Today I was thinking, "What if someone I didn't know well (by choice) died today." I wasnt thinking of any specific person, by the way.

And if I went to their funeral along with others that also hadn't known this person very well. I bet all of us would find something to at least think about this person. In fact our brains would probably be churning, searching for all memories invloving this person.

Suppose they didn't die.

Would we do the same? Or continue not giving them any thought? Or even more importanly, showing that person any love?


I mean, I know we've probably all had similar thoughts, but really, how many of us actually apply them? How many of us actually try to be friends to people that come into our life on a regular basis, yet don't quite make our friend list because of one thing of another?

Isn't it sad how some individuals don't make it into our mind as being worthy of us?

How pathetic... we, each of us, such an unworthy person, yet we still put ourselves above certain people.

We may not actually dislike them.

But something about them... They just aren't our type.

This isn't right.

What part of the Bible says "Love all, but you don't have to show them that you love them."?

And so, again, I want to do better. I want to be a friend to whoever is put in my path. Certain people will be a challenge, yes. But they still deserve kindness shown to them.

And now that I've got this thought out... will I actually be a friend to all? With Yahweh's help, I hope so! What about you?


  1. Hm, this is interesting. I don't necessarily agree with being a friend with ANYONE. But I agree with trying to be kind. The reason I can't find many friends is because I'm super shy and I feel different. It's like no-one has anything in common with me :/ Also, I don't like making friends with girls in real life because they seem quite... mean and fake? Not all, obviously but it's hard to find friends who are different from me. I want to be friends with someone who can understand me. And that takes a long time. Hopefully, I will find some people in college I can relate to.

    1. Yes, you do have a point that we don't NEED to be friends with everyone, and there are definitely some people out there that we should not be friends with.

      But regardless of that, we can still be a friend to all these people by showing them respect and love, and not ignoring them or hating them because of their faults.

      I don't know if that makes sense..? Basicaly I'm not saying "Everyone let's be best friends!" But "You and I should be a friend, not an enemy, to those about us."

      But I do know what you mean about most girls being snobby and mean :/

      Also...about college and hoping to find someone to relate to. There will definitely be people there, because of the huge variety of people that attend college. I'd just warn you with one thing....sometimes it's not about How much you have in common or relate to each other, but how much you each are willing to look over the others differences and yet be friends.

      Quite a few of my best friends and I have almost nothing in common, except the fact that we are friends. And some of my other friends, it easn until we were good friends for a long time that we started realizing how much we actually had in common.we

    2. That makes a lot of sense. But I still don't understand how I can make friends with people who are different to me?

    3. I start out by accepting our differences, and then sometimes try and find something we have in common. This can be very hard, but I find most people are human, and in the right circumstances can be nice.

      If I can't find that common ground, I decide to learn more about them, ask them questions. In doing this I am getting them to talk and open up, plus learning about things I never would have known otherwise. I get myself interested in what they are saying by telling myself, "I may use this is a future book someday."

      Lol. That's just coaxing my mind into listening. I doubt I'll ever use half of what I've ever heard.

      Have you ever heard, in marriage, opposites attract? The same principles apply. You can compliment each others differences sometimes by being different, and also create a wider, more balanced mindset because more ideas are being involved when you have two opposite friends working together for the good of each other.

      I don't know if that makes sense :)


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