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The Blogging Community Tag (ENCOURAGE)

Thanks, so much Alexa, for tagging me in this post, and for your beautiful, encouraging words :)

And, for the rest of you - who doesn't think a tag is fun? Let's encourage some people!!!

1. Answer the eight questions (easy enough)
2. Tag some peoples! (any number, but I'm doing one for each category)
3. Link back to Jo (she is the creator and it is good manners)
4. Include the globe picture (hey, it's easier than making one of your own. Thanks Jo!)

This is going to be just a little hard for me, as I don't follow many blogs. But we'll give it a go ;)

To The Dedicated Ones
To the dedicated ones: How do you do it? I have a hard enough time coming up with a good post once a week. But some of you do a COUPLE A WEEK! Man, you have talent ;) 

I tag Aidyl :) You are one awesome girl, with some great posts - and beautiful writing :) You have a message for this word - Share it!

To The Committed Community Members
All you people that comment, email, and just basically make sure to tell me that you are reading my stuff, and that it is *worth* reading... thank you so much for your encouragement. 

I really want to thank Esther Allison for being such an awesome proofreader... she doesn't have a blog, so I can't tag her... but guys, you can comment here and say, "Esther, you are awesome!"

To The Beautiful Blog Designs
The first blog I ever followed was Bethany and Becca's blog, Clever Bunnies.

Isn't there title just gorgeous???

And their blog is just as great. Love the vintage, beautiful look. And their blog post titles are to be envied ;) They don't post as much any more (all great people have crazy lives ;b), but all their old posts are still so worth looking at!

To The Remarkable Reviewers And Book Bloggers
I don't follow many book blogs, even though I love books. How ironic? Lol. But there is one... Sara's blog is always awesome... I think she must know about and read all the latest stuff. If I want to know about a book, her blog is usually a great place to visit.

And I love her honest reviews. I might not always want to read the books, but I love reading about the books from her blog. 

Thanks for the good work, Sara!

To The Deep And Thoughtful Bloggers
Another great writing-girl... Sarah's blog is full of all of her books (which are great reads, by the way), but what I really like about her blog, is the fun and inspirational posts she writes about anything in life.

Check out The Destiny Of One - you won't regret it :)

To The Ones Who Are Just Plain Enjoyable
I was so excited when my friend got her blog last year! It's so fun of all sorts of miscellaneous posts! And her blog design is gorgeous!

And she posts about LOTR!

Awesome, right? 

Oh, and her blog is called The Flowering Vales . How cute!!!

To The Ones With A Great Sense of Humor
A good laugh, especially when backed up by a distorted view of logic is always good, right?

I always enjoy Jake's posts - one of my favorites of his blogs is Teenage Writer. He has a nice mixture of posts... some with deep thoughts, news of great literature, and always quite a bit of humor.

To The Inspirational Ones
To the one that I would like to blog like: Libs' blog, If You Give a Girl a Pen.

When I first discovered her blog, I loved it so much, I stayed up late until I had read every post of hers :) 

Her writing style is awesome... she has a great style for her short stories. Her posts are each unique and worth reading in and of themselves, her blog is gorgeous, and I love how her personality just seems to radiate from all over her blog: catching, friendly, happy. 

She doesn't post as much any more, either... but her blog is just so great! ;)

And, to anyone of you all out there that didn't get a tag!!! You are so awesome. I'm not just saying this to say this... honestly, you are are great! And God loves you sooo much! So, smile! Show the joy of a blessed person :)


  1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Keturah! And for being understanding with our lack of posting :)

  2. Aw, you're welcome! And though I don't follow any of these people--yet, lol--they all sound so interesting and some of those blog titles though (Clever Bunnies??? I must check it out). I'll definitely give these a look when I get a chance. :)

    Thanks for doing the tag!


    1. :) I think you would most definitely enjoy some of these blogs ;)

  3. I am so touched to be part of this list. I also replied to your comment on my blog.


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