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"Thy Will Be Done"... Even if God Says No

I recently came across this book titled Christ the Healer by F. F Bosworth. It was very… interesting, I must say.

Now I don't normally tear books apart, but this topic has been on my mind for several months now ever since I met this guy who believed it was his calling to preach divine healing and that, if you had enough faith, God never said 'No'.

Don't get me wrong, I still think God can and will do miracles. But I think this whole belief of God healing us unconditionally has some flaws. And I think this belief is a very dangerous belief for the Christian person's relationship with God.

Here is a poem from the book;

Death comes, and then we blame our God.
And weakly say, “Thy will be done”;
But never underneath the sod
Has God imprisoned any one.
God does not send disease, or crime,
Or carelessness, of fighting clans;
And when we die before our time
The fault is man's

He is God of life, not death;
He is one that gives us birth;
He has not shortened by a breath
The life of any on earth;
And He would have us dwell within
The world our full allotted years.
So blame not God-for our own sin
Makes our own tears.

Beautiful poem, yes. But let me point out the problems.

And weakly say, “Thy will be done - When is it ever weak to say, “Thy will be done?” Even in the midst of facing death, Yeshua(Jesus) did not say, “Father I demand my way!” but, “Thy will be done.”
Submitting to God is never NEVER weak.

But never underneath the sod, Has God imprisoned any one. - God has sentenced many to death – all, in fact. It was He that said, “If you eat of the tree you will die.”

God does not send disease, or crime, - read 2 Samuel 24 and Exodus 7-12. When David angered God God gave him three choices, all involving hurt, and in the end it was chosen to have a pestilence (plague, disease…) and many died at the hand of God.
And in Exodus when Pharaoh would not let the Israelites free, many plagues were sent, and at the end, even the children's lives were taken.
Of course you could argue this last part that God only punished those that did wrong, or were evil  (which is true). Still, even the truth of that argument contradicts the line of that poem.

And when we die before our time, The fault is man's – if the writer meant the fault being man's as in when the fruit was taken and eaten, then yes, he is correct. But if he means that we only die now because of not being holy enough then he is wrong. And before our time? I must argue that we each die in the right time that God has appointed for us to die. Job 14:5 and Psalm 31:15

He has not shortened by a breath, The life of any on earth - Again not true. He has shortened the breath of many. He even set the time of our deaths.

And He would have us dwell within, The world our full allotted years. - But more than this He would have us to be with Him.

So blame not God-for our own sin, Makes our own tears. - This is very true. WE are responsible for our own tears, our own sin… though we are sometimes the victims of other's consequences. But that's another topic. Despite this, despite us being the guilty one, we can't fix our problems by trying to force God to do our will, or refusing to say, “Thy Will be done.” And most of all, even if we are truly believers of God we aren't exempt us from the casualties of sin.

For this world is full of sin… it's around every corner, in every space.

Some other things I'd like to point out with the belief of Divine Healing:

1. We must pray more and more. Once is not enough. God hears our prayers if they are continued, but if they stop, this is the Devil's opportunity to do his work.
First off, yes, we need to continue praying. But despite our prayers we can't bribe God by making him think we are so Holy. And in the end, whatever we pray for it is ultimately God's will. We can't even start to understand what His perfect plan may be. Sure, to our mortal minds, long life and abundant health seem ideal. But God's way is utmost.
And I'm not saying stop praying. I'm saying keep saying, “Your will be done, Father.”

2. If you are sick, if a loved one is dying, or if you are dying this is a sign of lack of faith.
Not true. Where in the Bible does it say this?
Sickness is a part of life. Death is a part of life. They are both the results of the original sin, but not necessarily of a sin you or someone else has committed.
And think about this for a second. According to this logic, I can die because of your lack of faith. Sure, I may have perfect Faith in God, but yours was not enough to keep the Devil from taking me.
Wow, no. That does not seem like a very strong and almighty God to me… only able to save from the Devil if enough of us send up the correct quota of prayers and have the right amount of Faith.

3. Don't listen to the Devil. Facts are lies from him. Doubting is a lie. If you say, “God heal my cold, but your will be done.” You are giving in to the doubtful spirit of the Devil. Don't be double minded – but ask and believe that what you ask for will happen.
And if it doesn't happen, what then? You must have not believed hard enough.

The book was full of “biblical examples” of all sorts of people doing things or not doing things, using proof that I believe was totally construed. And I'd write about each one in detail if it wouldn't make this post too long ;b Honestly, when reading through the book I was getting riled up.


Because man was trying to put God into a box and control others at the same time. As the back of the book read:

"The truths discussed in this book, together with the “prayer of faith” have brought healing within the grasp of many thousands of sufferes who could not have recovered with out the direct action of the Holy Spirit. To God be all the glory."

Yes, to God be all the Glory, and may the Holy Spirit take action in all of our lives with out this book, or belief. How can a book hold truths separate from the Bible? Show true healing?

Yes, I believe God loves us, wants us whole, and wants us to be living.

But if He expected us to live only by faith, praying with out a doubt that He'd grant our every plea, then why would He have created labor, herbs, not to mention bodies?

If we are to trust He'll do whatever we ask, never saying no then why do we work for our money? We should just expect Him to give us our every need and want… after all wasn't it Jesus that said do not worry for tomorrow? (disregard the sarcasm, please.)

And He would not have created herbs, for if He heals unconditionally, it would be wrong to use those herbs, as they would be giving in to the lies of the devil.

It would be wrong to try and protect our children from running into the road - “Trust God. His will is never to harm us.” 

Or to wash our hands - “He cleanses us and keeps us from all disease.”

And to try and upkeep our bodies and eat healthy? All stupidity, for God would not make us fat for eating sugars and processed foods if we prayed enough.

But, besides of these sarcastic arguments, what is the real reason I believe this belief is so dangerous?

I believe it is dangerous for this purpose: When God does not do what you want, when He says that dreaded word 'No', how will you react and respond?

For the few people I know of that have held this belief, it has torn their families apart, caused anger and bitterness, and made many doubt God's existence.

Believing in God isn't about what we can get out of Him, but having a relationship with Him, trusting Him to do what's best for you all the while loving Him more than you would your best friends.

It's about trusting and loving unconditionally, not getting "my way".

We need to love God for who He is, not for what He might do for us.


  1. Love it!! So true and inspirational! ��

  2. I agree with a lot of what you said especially the one about being sick. Okay, I'm 'sick' I guess. I have Type One diabetes. Sure, I'd like God to heal me and yes, sometimes I do lack the faith but I don't think many people are sick because of lack of faith. Paul was sick and prayed for God to take it away but the Lord said "my grace is sufficient for you." Didn't Paul have faith? Of course, he did!

    1. Those are some great points. πŸ˜€ And I'm sure you don't just pray, expecting God to heal you. You use methods he's provided to try and get healing. Sometimes God wants us to act, too. Act in Faith :)

  3. Just a million applauses for this post! Like you said, this line of thought really is dangerous because of where it can lead. I heard a story about a family who pulled their terminally ill child out of a hospital so they could pray for their healing instead. The child died. But when their second child came down with the same thing, the family did the same thing, assuming that they simply hadn't had enough faith the first time. The second child died too. It's heartbreaking, but it shows just where this line of thinking can lead: people assume they just didn't have enough faith the first time, so they try again. When really, they need to trust in the resources that God has already given them and then in His ultimate plan to do what is best for us.

    The way I see prayer, God either says, "Yes," "Wait," or "I'll do you one better." Because, even if we can't see it, even if we never see it, everything He does is for the ultimate good of the world---and our good when we go home to be with Him. So even if He says "No," what He's really saying is, "I know this hurts, but it isn't in my perfect plan. Yet I promise that, in the end, this will turn out far better than anything you could ever ask or think."

    Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Things like this are just so sad. I know of people very much the same πŸ˜” All we can do is continue to have Faith in God ourselves, and help those we can.


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