Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Lost Girl Of Astor Street (Book review)

I recently won a pre-copy of Stephanie Morrill's book, The Lost Girl of Astor Street!

I was excited for several reasons:

1. I love this author ;)
2. I love mystery.
3. I love unique historical fiction.
4. And the main characters name, Piper (female), intrigued me for a long while!

The Lost Girl Of Astor Street by Stephanie Morrill

Rating: 5 stars (If  I like a book, why give it less, ;b)

Age: 14+. It deals with some themes parents may not like: girls being kidnapped, human trafficking, mild romance (some kissing), scenes in clubs. Nothing is overly graphic, though.

When her best friend vanishes without so much as a good-bye, eighteen-year-old Piper Sail takes on the role of amateur sleuth in an attempt to solve the mystery of Lydia’s disappearance. Given that Piper’s tendency has always been to butt heads with high-society’s expectations of her, it’s no surprise that she doesn’t give a second thought to searching for answers to Lydia’s abduction from their privileged neighborhood.
As Piper discovers that those answers might stem from the corruption strangling 1924 Chicago—and quite possibly lead back to the doors of her affluent neighborhood—she must decide how deep she’s willing to dig, how much she should reveal, and if she’s willing to risk her life of privilege for the sake of the truth.
Perfect for fans of Libba Bray and Anna Godbersen, Stephanie Morrill’s atmospheric jazz-age mystery will take readers from the glitzy homes of the elite to the dark underbelly of 1920s Chicago.

My thoughts:
I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been following what Stephanie put out as she wrote this book... but, really, I knew little beyond the fact it was a mystery set in Chicago, and that the main girl was named Piper.

I started out enjoying the book, and enjoying the character.
But once the mystery really started, I was like "Where is this going...?"
I could see all sorts of possible outcomes. And quite honestly, I expected a few different things to happen than really did. 

But it proved that Stephanie Morrill had both an imaginative and unique mind, and although I don't think the book would be considered christian, I was pleased that she did a good job keeping it clean. If you read the book, you'll see what I mean. Mrs Morrill dealt with some very touchy issues, and she did it with art.

On top of that, what did I think?

I thought it was a beautiful story, of a young girl trying to deal with grief in a touching way: by taking matters into her own hands, and not allowing herself a moment to think. 

I loved all the characters.

I loved the relationships Piper developed.
And I loved the final twists.

It was an exciting mystery, that touched both on ones' desire for a creative plot, and the need for deep connections, emotionally and intellectually, with the people of the book.

Final thoughts:
If you want a good read, if you love mystery... if you aren't afraid of an plot that takes some turns... Then you'll love this book.

The only sad thing?

It isn't released until February 7, 2017. :(

Yep... that's right... ;/ a long wait... but it is soooo worth it!! I would totally worth pre-ordering it!

Have you heard of this book yet, or wanted to read it? Have you read any others of Mrs Morrill's books? Would you be interested in reading The Lost Girl of Astor Street? And isn't Piper a neat name!!!????


  1. I got to read this a couple months ago; it's now one of my favourite books! It's just so great, isn't it? :D I can't wait for it to release, so everyone can read it! ;)

    1. That's so awesome!!! Yes, it is!! 😀😊😀

  2. AHHHHH I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE FOR SO LONG. *le sigh* I'm hoping to be able to get a review copy myself, lol, but if not, I will certainly be purchasing in February (or some time thereafter).

    Great review! Sounds like an amazing mystery. :D


    1. That would be awesome if you can get your hands on a copy!!! And thanks :)

  3. I'm here after seeing your blog tour post. Haven't read much mystery since nancy drew. I've seen some of the extract on Amazon so I'm very interested in checking this out!

    1. I LOVE NANCY DREW!!! You will most certainly like this book... one of those worthy mysteries ;)

  4. I love mystery story and this story sure be gonna full on mystery as per your review. Thanks for sharing review of the book. I read ebooks. I will download ebook from amazon and read the full story.

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