Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Wedding!

"Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility," Anne Hathaway.

I love weddings. Especially when they are with people I love.

Last month one of my long-time good friends married a wonderful young man.

I kinda didn't see it have been friends since we were 15. Neither of us had ever been the romantic type... I am probably considered to be more so than her, and that's saying a lot.

We loved to read and craft and talk. But never about guys or romances...we steered clear of that genre ;)

Just goes to show that you don't have to be romantic or daydream to find a decent guy ;) 

I was especially happy with the pink mousse :)

I stayed with her family a week before the wedding to help prepare things. 
The first day I hosted a wedding shower - the food was so fun to make! Lots of artistic opportunity ;)

With the games I had planned, we had a very fun evening - lots of laughter and visiting.

Not the best picture.. but we dressed up a little for the wedding shower :) 

And of course, you gotta get a crazy selfie every now and then ;)

The rest of the week included a lot of preparation and work... Alexa had to sew all the flower girl dresses and the bridesmaid dress for her little sister. So, I sewed up two of the flower girl dresses.

There was cleaning, organizing, ironing, decorating, cooking, and endless amounts of preparations.

Decorating flower girl shoes

Just before they went into the justice of the peace (to make things legal). I got to sign as a witness! 

Fun times with her siblings ;)

This girl is pretty cute - love how her hair turned out.

The day of the wedding! Transporting lilacs to their final destination. 
The day of the wedding was busy!! Last minute decorations and work, and of course we had to get ready.

I had the pleasure of doing every one's hair. And using that nasty stuff called hair spray.

Most of the girls hated it...I don't think many of them had ever used it before.

But the hair turned out lovely. And we were all happy.

Girls wedding party

My sister was the photographer...she did a great job...and took my bossing amazingly ;p 

Ready to walk out! Isn't the bride just exciting looking??

An after-wedding picture with my littlest brother - he's such a heart-throb ;) 

A quick picture mom snapped of me after the service.

But they are just soooo cute :) 

And of course we have to celebrate the success of the wedding with a selfie!!! Introducing Mr and Mrs Smith :) :D 

It was an exhausting week filled with messy hair and lots to do. But, amazingly, there was not really any stress. Things went smoothly, and everyone got along with each other. Rehearsal was a breeze. Everything was accomplished...and the bride and groom left looking happy!


  1. What a lovely wedding! Thanks for sharing Keturah. I loved how fun, relaxed and elegant everything looked!

    1. It was so relaxed, yet pretty!! And so fun!!

  2. Keturah you did an amazing job that week and I am forever grateful! You have such a loving heart and cheerful countenance. It is a pleasure to know you and your family (who, by the way, did an amazing job helping the day of the wedding).

    1. You are welcome - and thank you! It was a great, great, great time!!


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