Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Daredevil (How Bad Can I Be): Thoughts From Movies

I have this thing for plot-driven action movies. I like a good, balanced movie.

Of course many of these sort of movies aren't always 100% appropriate, so that is sad. And I wonder if they are even worth watching - sure you may be inspired, encouraged, or entertained...but at the cost of loosing more innocence and having your mind stuffed fuller with rotting garbage.

I am finding that it is not stupid to be extremely cautious with what we put into ourselves. Food. Media. Fulfilling desires isn't always enough...sometimes one needs to also eat to grow and strengthen. 

I actually don't watch many movies any more. Too busy. Too tired. Or too something ;p.

But a while back I felt like sacrificing all the too's to just take a break and watch a movie. 

Daredevil was the one I decided upon ;)

I kinda like unique superhero stories. Drama + action might = awesome.

I will say, I was surprised by how much I liked it. To such a point that the one scene I did have to skip over didn't irritate me that much.

Anyways, the movie - warning: spoilers.

It actually didn't have that amazing of a plot...the thing had tons of potential that was never expanded on. Such as Daredevil being a lawyer and the main love interest being set up by the main bad guy as being guilty could have made for a good plot going back and forth between him trying to prove her innocent in the day and protecting her at night.

Despite the lack in expanded potential, the story really caught me and I sympathized with the main guy, a man blinded as a boy.

He had been such an innocent child. Had so much hope in life. But then suddenly, his eyes were opened up to the horrible reality of just how evil people were and how depressing life was...just as he lost his sight forever.

Yet, he didn’t' give up. He used his 4 other senses to find hope...only to have hope shattered over and over and over and over…

And so, a grown man, he was a lawyer that fought for justice in the day, and a vigilante that sought revenge at night.

And the conflict of his two-sided life tore him up.

He wasn't able to connect to people. He tried to find his own hope by his own terms.

He looked for what couldn't be found through the violence of his own hands.

And as he continued down a path that he knew was wrong, he tasted only failure. And more hurt.

I thought it interesting that they presented Christianity (Catholicism) in a good way. In the end the only man that really seemed to be void of depression was the priest.

I liked the movie because it really showed something about humanity: it's depressed state of mind, and how it closes one off from knowing the truth, doing right, and experiencing a full life.

The movie also made the main guy such a jerk. The movie showed that even though life had been hard, depression was real, and hurt terrible Daredevil was still an unlikable jerk because he was letting himself wallow in his own selfish world of pain, not caring about what other's felt.

And he payed for it, tragically, and then learned from that payment.

Though it was an awful, high price.

I liked the movie because I could feel so much in it.

I hated the Bull's Eye villain...he was so cruel when he killed people.

I really hated the graphic violence in seems this world, as it plummets more and more into self-centered depression becomes desensitized toward others' pain and hurt. It felt too the violence was mimicking just how unloving one can be inside. How unsympathetic. 

The movie made me pity humanity more, as I even wanted to hate it more ;/

We all can be such jerks. And can know such people.

It's sad. 

Because just as the movie had so much potential in an amazing plot - so do our lives. We each could experience full lives. We each could possess such good characters - could love and care and be selfless.

Yet, so many of us fail.

So many of us cause hurt, and are hurt in return.

And I hate that about life. 

We aren't supposed to be living such wretched, dark, depressed, self-centered lives. 

We aren't supposed to be making life about finding ourselves or even doing what's best for us.

If one would just make life about God first. And then think about those in their life second. Then maybe we could avoid at least half the depressed state of humanity depicted in Daredevil.

On, a happy note: I watched Dr Seuss' The Lorax. There you have a sad group story centered around greed and selfishness that plummeted many into depression, pain, and destitution. 

But there was hope.

Because there was change.

Change that took work AND forgiveness.

How many of us are willing to do both???

How many of us are even willing to admit we did wrong? 

Even when we are obviously in the wrong, it is so easy to just be blind to our own actions.

After all, how bad is it really to just look out for me????

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