Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Label Me {identity game}

Hey, People! I have a game for you.

Now, you gotta make sure to do it just right . . . or it won't work ;)

We are going to talk about identity. In three easy steps I am going to help you help yourself know who you are!!! How fun!? Right?

Because after all, you can't live life not knowing who you are.

You MUST discover your identity. And never stray from it. Grow in who you are, but never change once you know who you are.

Life is that simple - or will be once you know you :D 

Step 1.

Time to know who you are. Write down your label words - more specifically, key words to define you!

We are going to put you into a box. Your own special box. That way you know who the unique you is ;) 

I recommend taking many tests. Myers Briggs, extroverism-introverism, and even all those facebook playbuzz tests.

Take as many as you can so that way you have lots of knowledge about yourself at your disposable.  

You can just write down the words that define and detail you.

Or  if you want, go to and make a fun little box like I did.

See that box? That's who I am.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Pretty neat? 

I am already feeling complete. You should be, too.

Do that?

Good. Now it's time for 

Step 2.


Hold on a second...

Why are we doing this???

"To know who I am."



So, I need to know who I am? I need to know me???


What a crazy world we live in. Like  - I didn't' even know I didn't know me until all this crazy identity talk started happening.

"Who are you?"


"You need to find, you, honey."

Well, then. 

I've actually realized that most people think they don't know who they are. 

Most people are on a self-identity search journey.

(I've actually met a couple idiots that had the nerve to say they knew themselves better than they knew anyone else. Oh, they also said that you had to know yourself - they spent a lot of time learning who they were. And the process was soooo worth it. Know what kind of people these self-proclaimed self-identity knowers were? A know-it-all that had life figured out soooo much that there was no longer room left for growing.)

Most people are searching for words to label themselves. 

"I must have a label. I must have keywords to describe me - so that way I can make me and make others think I know myself super well."

Whether it's being funny, white, straight, female, or christian. Labels are just thrown at me from all around.

Either I start labeling me or someone else will...

Fellow believers - we aren't meant to search for our identity. Never does the Bible tell us to know ourselves (past the fact we are to search out our wickedness to CHANGE). 


But strive to become one with God and man.

Identity is stupid.

Step 3.

Destroy the record of words that define you. And know you are more than a bunch of words and labels and identity garbage. 

Take it all away - and realize you are more than all of those words combined. 

You are more than you. 

You are God's.

Stop being you, or finding you. Stop thinking about you. Stop it with the labels and the tests. 

And start loving - others rather than self.

Be like the Messiah - forget yourself.


  1. Beautiful post, Keturah! From the beginning, I could tell you were going to turn this whole thing around and make it an important lesson. A beautiful lesson, too! Thank you for this!

    1. Haha, didn't know I was so obvious 😂 Glad you enjoyed it 🙃 Thanks!!

    2. I wouldn't say obvious, but I knew what you were saying wasn't like you. :D

    3. Haha - that's good to know ;)

  2. I love this. My friend and I were talking about this topic tonight actually!


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