Monday, October 2, 2017


Hello, all you people. :D

"Wait…" *rubs eyes* "It's Monday…"

Yeah, I'm posting today, despite my faithful schedule, to let you all know about something awesome…

It can't wait till Wednesday ;)

Something new is coming to the blog!!!!!!

I think I mentioned it to you all back in this post. In fact I promised it to you… and I said I'd do it on Saturdays, I think. But I changed my mind (I think that's OK).

I believe I also promised a series of life posts. Again, I kinda changed my mind. I will still be doing the posts - and I have done one of them. The reason I changed my mind is I have realized this isn't really series material, but what my blog normally is like ;p So, you will still see all the posts - just not as a series ;)

Here are the details for the serial story:

I have a serial story for you! Every second Monday of each month you will get to read an installment of The Lawrence Children. And the first installment comes next week – here!

What is the Lawrence children?

It is a story about six orphans surviving life in 1899, Montana. They must learn to take care of each other and their mining homestead. And as the winter progresses they also uncover a mystery their Grandfather left them… questions of a past before their time help ease the grief of their own present. Will the answers they discover both solve the mystery of another time and the pain of their own?

I would love to have you all share this adventure with me – enjoy my story! And if you know anyone that loves a good historical mystery (think boxcar children) send them on over! More the merrier :D

See you all every second Monday.


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