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Why I Love Myers-Briggs

I don't know if any of you have ever got caught up in the hype of Myers Briggs. It's this personality test with 16 different possible results. Basically it groups everyone into 16 types.

MB can be very fun. I was first introduced to MB through my friend Meadow when I worked at Above Rubies.

Thursday evenings after I was finished with work I would often go to a young adult Bible study with her. We had quite a drive, and so a lot of time to either have great conversations - or loads of awkward silence.

Thankfully we normally had great conversations as we both enjoyed discussing interesting topics.

At the time she was completely enthralled with MB, as it was helping her understand her INTJ boyfriend better. I was kinda not too enthused about doing a personality test (I don't like being put in a box) but took the test and tried to make myself well acquainted with the details so we could have our conversations.

It was actually pretty neat to hear how MB was helping her understand her boyfriends a lot better. I don't know how many of you have the privilege of knowing INTJ's - but if you do, you will understand that they aren't always as easy to comprehend as they would want you to think ;) Complex minds, but make great friends once you know them.

I actually learned a lot about my friend, too, during this time.

She is an INFP, I am ENTJ. Those two types are very different - but understanding some things about the other really opened up potential knowing each other better.

Decently accurate ;)

Yes, at first I was hesitant. I didn't want to be put into a box. I still don't - I don't identify as ENTJ. But it is a great place to start understanding another person.

I have introduced MB to countless other friends since then. Some of my friends have told me that MB just isn't for them. Many have told me that it helped their relationships tremendously, and encouraged deeper conversations.

I normally don't bring MB up when I meet new people. But I have had new people bring it up to me - it's always great being able to talk to a perfect strange as if you are inside the other person's mind (a good side of their mind, not the scary parts ;p)

Also, I secretly like to type people when I see them. "She looks like a hidden introvert, even though she is so outgoing. Nerd - book worm. Talking about how she feels about the book. Definitely an NF. Brash, to the point -  she must be an INFJ." (I was right, because later she brought it up and said she was so)

It's still hard to type people exactly. But just trying helps me be in the other person's perspective better. Which is great for so many things....

I can know better how to have a great conversation with out it becoming boring, or worse yet tensing into an argument. 

Understanding -
 and thus opportunity for both of us to grow.

rather than harshly judging. I can also better know how to judge someone else...

It took me a long time to like Pinterest... until I realized you could find tons of MB pins. Funny ones. Stupid ones with advice that should be discarded. Ones with good advice. And more!!!

One of the barriers I try to overcome in MB is liking the types I'm not supposed to get a long with. Funny thing? A couple of my best friends are actually types I should not get a long with ;)

I really enjoy funny MB posts - it can be fun to get together with other friends and compare what our types would do.

So, what do you think about Myers Briggs? What is your type? Also - make sure to return next week to read my post on Why I Hate Meyer's Briggs - the serious post ;) 


  1. I'm actually an INTJ. We're a strange breed, but fiercely protective of our own.

    I love reading the different posts and memes about MB. They're hilarious and usually pretty accurate.

    1. That is a rare type! I know a couple INTJ's.

    2. Totally agree with you, Sarah, I'm an INTJ too!!!!!! P.S. And I almost got to meet you, Keturah! :'(

    3. Very neat, I did not know you were INTJ, Justin! And, yes, I know ;/ Plans were kinda rickety in Kentucky. But it looks like you all had fun at the wedding, anyways!!

    4. We did! Though it would have been more fun with y'all! :P

  2. I'm an INFJ, and I love the test!

  3. My "type" is an INFJ, but like you, I don't identify as it. It does help with figuring out how people think, but I don't agree with the psycologist that came up with the principles that MBTI is based on.


    1. It seems a lot of writers tend to be INfJ even though it's not a common type. I'm glad you don't identify, either. It just gets pretty insane at times ;p

  4. I'm ISTJ in some tests and INFJ in others. I feel I relate more to ISTJ, though I have traits of both. These tests definitely don't define us as people, but can help give us an idea of what our minds are like. :)

    1. I haven't met many S types and to be honest I have a hard time understanding what it means exactly ;D

    2. S vs. N is concrete vs. abstract, details vs. the big picture. How it's portrayed is EASILY influenced by both P/J and T/F.

    3. I guess I understand it... I just have a hard time seeing it when portrayed from others πŸ˜‚

    4. I think it means sensing, but I don't know. I haven't seen many ISTJ or S types either. What it basically means is I like sticking to the facts, I'm pretty introverted, I thrive on alone time, and other stuff I don't really know. XD I'm just weird. XD

    5. It does mean Sensing. N is iNtuition.

      As the sister of an INFJ ... INFJ is actually the most extroverted of introverts as their main decision process is extroverted Feeling, Fe, which strives to promote harmony and take everyone's emotions into consideration, though they're far from as gregarious as their ENFJ sisters, and after their extroverting sessions, need alone time to collapse in on themselves and recharge.

      An ISTJ, on the other hand, while their decision process is also extroverted (the definition of a J is that their main decision process is extroverted), it's extroverted Thinking, which can include data as well as people.

    6. I’ve always understood it sensing vs intuition, facts vs vibes. It’s really hard to type people though, as a lot of people claim to like facts. And many seem intuitive. It’s because people aren’t usually 100% one or the other, and most have a little bit of both 😁

      I really like your explanation, Kendra!!

  5. I am an ENFP. I'm low-key obsessed with MBTI (well, as low-key as an ENFP can obsess over anything). So ... sounds like fun! (Now, my INFJ sister is the one who's high-key obsessed.)

    1. Knowing you, that is funny that you are low-key about this. But very good, too!

    2. See, but there's an order to my obsessions:

      The Nutcracker
      Indie Publishing
      Fairy Tales
      Chicken Noodle Soup

      Also, I mostly use it to understand myself and the people nearest around me, and as a writing tool. I very rarely try to type people outside my immediate circles.

    3. Haha!! Very interesting obsessions. I didn’t know about half of those πŸ˜‚

      I’ve actually never used it for writing even though I know a lot of people do ;p I don’t always type strangers, but sometimes it’s fun to do πŸ˜‚

    4. Oh, I forgot purple and spaghetti. And trips to the moon in my invisible rocket.

      And it's the function side of MBTI that I'm the most obsessed with. They're so fascinating.

  6. MB is an interesting concept. Friends of ours told us about the test years ago, and we gave it a shot for fun. I've never come out the same type though!
    I stopped after four :) ISFJ, ISFP, INFP, ESFJ. Some tests tell you to what degree you lean toward one side or another, like I'm pretty borderline introvert/extrovert. It is crazy sometimes how spot on descriptions can be, but I don't like how people sometimes takes that MB label as an excuse to stay complacent and embrace their weakness instead of growing to be Christlike. It's all in how you use it. Apparently my type(s) is often drawn to needy people who need rescuing and or fixing. (Way to close to home!!!) Some insights are really helpful in understanding ourselves and others - secular people can see the truth in life, like people's tendencies, but they don't have the whole picture without God and His truth.
    Sorry this got long!!!

    1. No need to say sorry! I love long comments 😁 And I think you’re going to love next weeks post πŸ˜‚ I get a different result, too. That’s why I just decided to type myself and say I’m ENTJ. For percentages I ride the line with all of them but extrovert... I’m like 95% πŸ˜‚

      And I’m so with you with most people just embracing their “type” and becoming complacent. MBT is good for understanding others, but awful for personal growth.

  7. I've never taken the MB test, and I kind of don't plan on it. It's interesting to hear how people have used it to help with relationships, but to be honest I can't be bothered. I REALLY don't like being put into a box (and though this sounds incredibly egotistic of me) I feel as if I don't need a personality test to know myself better. I know, I'm very full of myself :P Thanks for visiting The Endless Oceans of my Mind!

    1. Hi, Victoria! I don't think anyone needs to take the MB test. It gets very silly for many. I do agree it is interesting to hear how it has helped with relationships. But it doesn't work that way always. I tried to use it to understand people better in several different kinds of relationships, and while it did help there's only so much you can understand another before issues need to be dealt with. And no matter how much you understand there has to be willingness on both sides to work through things.

      That's no egotistic at all, but very good! We shouldn't be put in a box, or know ourselves better! Life shouldn't be about understand me better, but understanding God's will.

      Thank you for commenting :)

  8. I've been pretty interested in Myers Briggs ever since I found out about it. I can understand why some may not like it but I really appreciate how it made me understand myself on a deeper level than before!

    I am an INFP! Pretty sentimental xD

    1. It's definitely something that becomes more and more interesting the more you get into it. And can be a very fun activity with friends :)

      My sister is an INFP as are a few of my friends :D

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. I find Myers-Briggs so fascinating! Like you said, some of the advice isn't good because it can put people in boxes, whereas even those of the same personality type can be vastly different, but the idea of MBTI itself and using it to learn and understand other people really is cool.
    I tend to test INTJ, and we're definitely an interesting group, haha. Complex minds is, yeah, the best way to put it.

    Will definitely check out your MBTI board when I get the chance!


    1. INTJ is supposed to be a rare type... yet I know so many, mostly in real life 🀯 And each of them are so different outside of being awesome and weird and complex. πŸ˜‚

      MB is fascinating, and great, when handled correctly πŸ™ƒ But it’s all fun!

  11. I'm an INFP. MB has helped me to understand myself and other people so much.

    Great post! I love your Pinterest board too!



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