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Julian  tagged me in this writing (synonymous for awesome) tag!

Rules: Open my WIP to the seventh page, scroll pass the seventh line, copy the next seven paragraphs.... paste them here for y'all to read, then tag seven people!

I like the number seven for many reasons: there are seven letters in my name, a week is seven days long and I love weeks... working on work days, sleeping on Sabbath, and it's a Holy number in Scripture. Just so many awesome things about seven.

Here's an excerpt from Let Me Meet Death Dancing, my latest novel. The paragraphs break between two chapters ;0 Oh, and this is a first draft. So please excuse the abruptness in my writing ;D

I nod, “Alright.”

“Well, first thing first,” Patricia jumps into her schedule for me. “Why don't you girls clean up the breakfast mess? I'll wake up Julie and nurse her. And maybe I'll have a list made up for you by the time you all are done.”

Kaylee smiles at me as she leads me to the kitchen. I know for certain now that the two of us will be great friends.

Chapter 3

The dead cat was never moved, which disturbs me just a bit.

Was it not some sort of pet? If so I guess no one missed it enough to dispose of its body properly.

It was agreed that I would go to the Wright's home every Monday and Thursday.

At first Patricia wanted me on Fridays, but I had to explain to her that was out Shabbat preparation's day. She did not seem to mind.

I know, I have really short paragraphs ;0

The dead cat might be disturbing to some. Especially in the context I've left it at... but it's a big part of the beginning of the story. What can I say?

This novel is one of the main things on my mind right now, though I'm still working on A Series of Thoughts. It's just so personal, so much to it. I can't wait to rewrite it! But I have to wait on a few things before doing that... in the meanwhile I'm loving my novella series I'm working on :)

Oh, and look at this amazing cover someone made for me!

And now, to tag writers!

Erudessa @ The Flowering Vales
Bethany and Becca @ Clever Bunnies
Alexa @ Summer Snowflakes
Jonatahn @ Fishing For Ideas
Leah Oxendine @ That Barefoot Rebel Hippie
Ivie @ Ivie Writes
Sarah @ The Destiny Of One

Why is it always so hard to find people to tag? Or is that just me... Anyways, I do hope everyone enjoyed this post! And I hope you feel honored to read a snippet of LMMDD, because I rarely share snippets. Those are usually private until my book is ready to be read ;) 



    And that cover....#breathlost

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Agree with Julian, that cover is to die for! And the title is super intriguing. Hope to see more of it!


    1. Thanks so much! Can’t wait to share more ;)

  3. The dead cat, was more of just like an oh!

    Great snippet!


    Awesome post. Thanks for the tag!

  5. I really love that cover. It's so beautiful and simple. Just lovely. And the title is so amazing!

  6. The cover of your book is gorgeous!!

  7. That cover is incredible! It looks so professional; who did it?

    Also, the dead cat (particularly the fact that it was never moved) really intrigues me.

    Lol, so it's not just me! I always have trouble figuring out who to tag as well. :p But thanks for tagging me! :D


    1. She's from GTW - her name is Beatriz Jacob.

      Yay, I'm glad you think so ;)

      haha! I think it's a universal pain ;) You're welcome :)


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