Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Eyes Are the Door to Knowing

My sunglasses, my chap-stick. I managed to capture an artsy picture ;D 

Eyes are the door to knowing.

Whenever I see your eyes I know you should come with a warning sound. Beautiful spheres of color, revealing terrible things I must know, but won’t.
Loud. Quiet. A paradox.

I see. I know. Sometimes I see what I shouldn’t, and so I cover my eyes. Sunglasses.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t know.

A verb, a noun. My comfort, my companion.

Eyes. Life. Sleep. Death.

We know what we can’t see. We see what we can’t know. We sleep the knowledge away.

I shut my eyes to color. I see black darkness. I forget the alluring secrets. I slumber.

Eyes, I shut my door.

I wrote this awhile back for a flash fiction contest, except it was more weird than fiction. So here you guys are!

Also, I'm obsessed with eyes... here's a pinterest board of mine to prove it.  eyes - the door to knowing

Sleep is an important part of life. Any life. Yet we never give it enough time... 

When I don't get enough it's easier for depression to seep in, or I have loose eyeballs and even looser brains.

Eyes are something I notice about people, first thing. The color. The depth. What might they know? What might they be thinking?

I hate sunglasses, for they hide eyes. I never wear sunglasses, unless I'm driving and I absolutely must because it's too sunny and I wouldn't be able to see the road. No, most of the time sunglasses are evil. I'm almost serious here. Who knows where that person might be looking? What they might be thinking? I can't even have a good conversation with someone wearing sunglasses because I can't see their words.

Yes, eyes shows me more than the words your lips form.

And for that reason many hide behind sunglasses (I think). Who wants others reading their thoughts? Eyes are truly the door to knowing.

But in times of pain, I do relate. I want to hide. Sleep, though, is my way.

Sleep, it can help us face life. But it also allows one to escape life. Instead of struggling in the darkness, you can embrace the darkness and drift away into oblivion.

Sleep, yes, it's good for so many ways. It's the best way to recuperate, the best way to hide, the best way to heal.

Sunglasses don't heal, they just cover. 

Sometimes... I write weird blog posts. Sometimes??? Keturah, you might be exaggerating. Like a lot.  But weird can originate from truth. How do you view sleep, sunglasses, and eyes? 


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