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“Tell the good stuff only, because there’s always plenty of time to discover the bad things."

The title of this post is a line from my current WIP. Though I wrote my character being snarky as she said that, how I wish I had this much confident positivity. But, yeah, I tend to share all the sour parts and hope people still see the good things in me, as if those will speak for themselves. 

Maybe I should share more good and less bad. 

Maybe I'm saying my own words through the mouth of my character convicted me just a little ;)

Alfalfa, activated charcoal, and vitamin C. Been taking this a lot, so why not make a vitamin flower? 

And now it's time to share all the bad things that have been happening. Because who are we kidding??? Complaining is addicting. 

So this month has been ... not so good. Last month I was sick, and I thought I got over it. But as soon as I thought I was better, I got sick. Again, and again, and again. My head always hurt, I was completely exhausted, and at the end, I acquired the most horrid sinus affection ... but that wasn't really the worse of it. 

On top of that, I've been stressing and worrying over a bunch of little things, and I'm not normally one to stress or worry. It's as if everything piled up for a while, though. Family and financial stress, crazy work schedule, too much snow, friends, disturbed plans, hot water pipe busting at the house my sister and I are housesitting, my car heat going out and me having to cancel work because of it, my phone dying, my laptop cord being chewed by a mouse ... maybe I should stop, haha! 

All of this lasted for about three weeks. But I got better (yay for taking lots of vitamins and trying to sleep more) and my mind snapped back and I've felt so alive and energetic, too. 

There's still stress, of course, but not as much need to worry over it :) 

 One day, when I had to cancel work because of my car, I did a ton of baking. Most of this baking I did for a lady I clean for who I just found out is on hospice (something else I've been really sad about). But the remainder was for my sister and me; things to eat in the evenings after we returned from work.

My brother (I think he looks like a druggy in this picture haha) and sister and I took a friend out to eat. We had raisin pie for dessert ... so interesting, but I think I liked it. 

*not my image* But I thought it was cute. 
*not my image* I've never watched Harry Potter, but I found this funny. 

Other Things From This Month: 
-Went to see some friends do some Irish dancing on St. Patricks, and that was REALLY neat. 
-There's Netflix at the house my sister and I are housesitting, so we watched "A Series of Unfortunate Events". I don't usually say this about movies, but I liked the TV series just as much as the books. Maybe more? I won't admit it, because the books are amazing, too. 
-We also watched "Umbrella Academy" and though it started out slow, and had a ton of gore and language and black humor, I actually enjoyed the show. The ending was ... different. The show was weird and I'm still not completely sure if I love it or not, but I certainly enjoyed watching it. 
-And now we are watching "Gilmore Girls" and we're loving that, too. Also, my sister says I'm just like Lorelai Gilmore ... not sure she meant that as a compliment, either. 
-I had a bunch of custom sewing I put off most of the month, due to feeling sick. And if I'm honest, I hate sewing. But it makes money. I couldn't put it off anymore, though, so I finally "binge" sewed this last week and got it all done. Hopefully, I'll have pictures of that next month. 
-Writing and reading have been a bit slower, but it's still happening every day! 
-My sister and I did Ariel yoga, and believe it or not, I'm still sore from it. 

I've said before that I hate sunglasses. And I still hold by all my previous words. But all this snow has been hard on my sight. One day the glare was so bad as I was driving home from work my eyes watered the entire way. So I finally caved ... and now you may call me Six-eyes.
(I just think it's so neat that the sunglasses fit over my other glasses)

 My sister and I went out for bubble tea with a friend after work one day. After those long, miserable weeks it felt so nice to get a bit of social time. Plus it was fun trying bubble tea for the first time ... I had marionberry with aloe pieces and whole milk. So yummy. Except I swallowed a horrid ice cube. Why do they put ice in anything? Have I mentioned that I don't like ice? I always ask for water without ice but didn't think to ask for that with the bubble tea.

This last picture is a mystery picture; a hint at a surprise I have for you all for April 1st that will be posting this coming Wednesday. Any guesses what it might be? I'll tell you this: I'm really excited to be sharing this with you! And I may have posted something about it on my blog a long while ago ...

Snow. I'm going to do a post soon on why snow should be outlawed. I'm as serious as I can be on this issue.


I discovered this most amazing blog called Princess State of Mind. It's full of lessons that we can learn from fairy tales, and how feminism harms rather than helps women, and there are several original fairy tales on it. My favorite one is The Girl With The Broken Heart.

You all seemed to like last month's update post, so I've decided to keep on doing them. And this, folks, is what March looked like ... at least the parts I chose to show you ;) How was your March? 


  1. So sorry to hear March was such a tough month for you. But what joy to know God is our strength in those days of weakness! I love your positivity & how you bounced back---your whole day of baking is amazing! How *sweet* of you---everything looks MOUTH-WATERING. Have you considered opening a bakery?? ;D

    Love all the photos! I should do more life-y posts like this, I think. If you think about it, blogging can be kinda like journaling... Sometimes it serves to refocus you, up your confidence, & gain back the positivity that life constantly tries to wring out.

    Thanks for sharing, girl! I hope April yields a more lovely month for you!

    1. I don't feel that positive haha, and I think my family would say I don't act all that positive, either. But it gets better ... and definitely feels like I'm "bouncing" with energy now ;D

      And while the picture makes that food look like a bunch of deserts, very little of it actually is. And yes, I have actually thought about that! When I was younger I used to bake a ton for Farmer's Market. After that I've dreamed about opening a thrift/book store that also had fresh bake goods. I'd call it Keturah's Korner ;) We shall see if that store ever happens, though ;)

      Thanks! I actually have journaling in mind as I do this, makes it much easier ;) But yeah I've so enjoyed doing these last couple life-y posts. You should totally do it, too!

      Thanks so much, Sarah!

  2. Ugh, yes, I am SICK AND TIRED OF SNOW ALREADY. -_- but we haven’t had any for a few weeks around here, so that’s nice. I hope that it all melts around you (if you’ve still got some)!

    Great post! I hope your April is fantastic. (And can’t wait for the surprise post! The countdown begins . . .)

    1. Well,the snow is gone ... and now we have tons of mud, and flooding, too. But I'm trying not to complain ...except some roads to work are going to be tough to navigate. Wow, the weather sure hates Montana this year ;p

      Thanks! So far it looks like April shall be great ... just finished taking pics for the "surprise". So excited myself! ;d

  3. Hi! I'm sorry you've had such a miserable month. :( I used to get sick at least once or twice a month and it was always so horrible and discouraging, but ever since I've been taking probiotics, elderberry and several vitamins my immune system has built up and I only get sick every few months now! I'm glad things have gotten better though and that you've recovered! :) I hope April is a better month for you. :) I like your idea of doing more life update posts and I think I want to try that too. :) Thanks for sharing! :):)

    1. Well, normally I have a great immune system and never get sick, so that was half the reason this was so awful ... but twice a month??? Wow, I feel bad for your old self. Elderberry is amazing! I've started taking the alfalfa, Vitamin C, and some Vitamin D on a regular basis. Also, while I was sick I took a ton of colloidal silver ... that stuff is amazing! And I took echinacea, too.
      Glad you like the idea! Looking forward to seeing your posts :)

  4. Awww, sorry about you getting sick, I hope you feel 100% soon. Have a good April. <3

  5. I hope April is a better month for you! Love that you looked on the bright side despite it all!

    1. Thanks! Haha, trying ;) That's all we can do, right?

  6. This month has been kind of stressful for me too. Sorry you were sick. Spring is around the corner so you won't have any more snow for a while. ;)

    1. Sorry it was tough on you, too ;/ But yes, so happy for spring ;D

  7. I'm sorry March wasn't great for you! Hopefully next month will be better.

    All those baked goods look AMAZING and every time I look at that picture I really want to bake something. xD I'm sorry about your client on hospice though, that's really sad. :(

    I'll have to check out Princess State of Mind! It sounds amazing and I'm really interested in seeing what they have to say about feminism, because from what you said I think I have similar opinions about that.

    My March was pretty good, just not very productive, lol. I keep making all these goals to do a lot of writing and it's just... not happening. xD But I decided to do Camp NaNo so I could get back into writing, so hopefully that'll give me a boost!

    I hope you have a great April!

    1. So far (I know it's only day one) but April is amazing. Of course I have fun pranks planned, so that makes it all the better ;)

      That pic was so fun to take! Glad it's inspirational haha ;D But yeah, I'm sad about that, too ;/

      Definitely check out the blog ... I can't wait to hear if you like her thoughts on feminism. Not the normal opinion, I'll say ;)

      Oh, I hope camp NaNo gives you the boost you need! It's not fun when writing drags behind.

      Thanks, Emily! You, too!


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