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Llamas Are Comfy, Chuck Norris Defeats Feminists, and Germs are Your Friend

Sewing on the floor, peddling the machine with my knees ;p 

I've realized that I share a lot of my thoughts, but I share little of my life. I don't know if this is a bad thing or not, but I still want to change it. So, if all goes well, starting now the last post of every month will be highlights from my last few weeks of life.

It will probably be mostly pictures.

Maybe some thoughts, too ;p

And anything else that I think it relevant to my recent life.

I had a custom order for two hats. I really enjoyed knitting again, as I haven't done it in awhile.


One of my best friends found this gorgeous llama flannel, and so we both decided to buy a bunch and make ourselves something! My friend loves sewing so she finished her project (a skirt) awhile ago.

I have a linen dress I ABSOLUTELY love, so I used that dress as a basic pattern, made some changes, and sewed this dress up in a Sunday afternoon. It's very warm and comfortable, and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

I love Chuck Norris ... I think the second one might be my favorite ever!

*Theses last two pictures aren't mine*
It's so much fun being crazy with friends ... especially when that craziness might be rooted in a bit of satire ;D 

Cleaning + work:
I see your dirt and it ain't got a chance 
Cleaning is art
My housecleaning has been a bit rocky the last few weeks. Have had a lot of people cancel because of being sick/ or something similar. But then I've also had a bunch of random one-time new houses. So I've still been really busy.

And then, on February 17, my sister and I started housesitting for a friend. We'll be at her house until the beginning of May. So far, that's been going well ... we take care of her animals, but mostly I spend my days the same as always: away cleaning other people's houses.

I've also started doing a bunch more babysitting again. So I have about five days a week full of eight-ten hours of cleaning or babysitting.

The weather has been crazy, too. Below zero isn't rare these days. The snow drifts are high, and are often covering portions of the road. I still walk to all of my houses close enough, but I wear tons of layers now.

I don't like the cold, but it can't defeat me ;D


A couple weekends ago our family went to a small home school conference. I met a bunch of new people and learned a ton from all the sermons, and overall, was surprised at how much fun I had. I even stayed up later one night than I normally would (I'm very picky about bedtime because work demands I be rested) to visit with people, and it was so worth it!


I love trying new and sometimes weird food combos. This one is seeded crackers, hard boiled eggs, and mustard.

I asked my brother to get me chocolate ice cream, instead he bought vanilla. But instead of getting mad I decided to make mix some stuff into the ice cream, inspired after Gray's post. I stirred in a tablespoon of peanut butter, then ground some Baker's chocolate on top. This was delicious. 

I started making kombucha again this last month, and the first batch turned out so yummy. The second fermentation was flavored with blueberries. I've since done another batch with hibiscus and chia seeds.
Oh, but the greatest thing ever is that I found out how to make the kombucha with JUST honey and no sugar. Some of you that know anything about kombucha might not believe me. So I'm linking this video on how to do it.

I have a secret project that's been taking up some of my time. I'm so excited to be sharing it with you all soon!

Reading has been going well! I've been enjoyed Jill Williamson's second Blood of King's book. I listen to a lot of audio books these days, too. My favorite one that I've been listening to is Saint Augustine of Hippo.

I don't watch much anymore (too many other things I'd rather do) but now that I'm house sitting with my sister and the lady has Netflix set up for us, we've been watching The Umbrella Academy, Designated Survivor, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. The latter is the one I've been the most excited to watch—I've already seen the first season at a friend's house.

I've been pretty sick this these last few days. Normally if I get sick I sleep it off in a night. But this thing has decided to be clingy and make me miserable for about a week. Plus I have a wisdom tooth annoying me. I've been trying to sleep as much as I can, so I don't have to feel too much ;D

Mostly, though, I've just been cold and tired, while trying to keep busy cleaning ;D

So, Ben Shapiro does this, "Things I hate, and things I like" at the end of his show.
I thought it would be fun to do the same thing!


This is one of my favorite songs, ever. I've even wrote my own lyrics for it that I someday plan to record. Anyways, needless to say, I was excited to see Pentatonix covered "Sound of Silence". I wasn't feeling too well that day, and ended up listening to a bunch of their songs.

And somehow, in one of their rap-covers, I made up more lyrics for a song (don't remember the song). But here are my lyrics:

Ya gotta make it, 
Don’t matter if ya naked
or what you got and what you don’t got; 
a thought ain’t enough anymore. 
It’s what ya do now that counts for tomorrow.

I should have given this book less than three stars so I can honestly say I hate it (I guess I don't hate it that much), but The Hate U Give is a hyped up anger manual, on "How to throw an adult tantrum fit when it's too hard to use your voice to speak out against injustices". My review is posted on Goodreads. 

How's your month been? 
So, should I do these life-posts every month? 
Also, I have some new followers on blogger and at Goodreads. Thanks so much, y'all! 


  1. Oh, goodness, yes, that’s exactly why I don’t want to read The Hate U Give. I keep hearing this from my blogger friends and I’m a little concerned.....

    That would be so cool if you recorded the lyrics! (Just a random thought.)

    I really like this type of wrap-up post! And those Chuck Norris memes . . . I DIED.

    1. Yeah, what concerns me is that so many people love THUG ... the thing is that book needed to be written ... but it needs a better ending.

      Oh, I am totally planning on recording the lyrics! Just been a bit of a process haha ;D

      Thanks! Well, I'll try to keep on doing this then ;D

  2. Sorry about being sick! I had a cold all last week on top of allergies and it was miserable because I am wayyyy to busy to stop and be sick. >.< I hope you feel better soon!

    I am super jealous of your knitting skills, btw. :P

    AND that ice cream actually looks good??? I never thought I would say that about peanut butter mixed with ice cream, but maybe it's because you didn't put too much in it, if it was my brother's ice cream all you would see is peanut butter and yuckkk. That or because it looks like caramel in the picture. ;P

    This wrap-up was so much fun to read!

    1. Pretty much better already! Thanks ;D I totally know the feeling though ... I was super busy all the time of being sick, and yes that made working miserable ;/

      Oh, thanks. I REALLY love knitting. And I love teaching how to do it too ... if only you lived closer ;)

      Hahaha! I do LOVE peanutbutter ... but I don't know if I could eat icecream that was pure peanutbutter. To me it kinda tasted like caramel, just yummier ;D

      Ah, thanks!

  3. Ugh. Sickness and this weather...not great combos!

    #icecreamgoals Love putting stuff in my ice cream.

    So, funny story about kombucha...there's this store up the road from where I work, and they're mostly a wine/beer/sandwiches/live music in the evenings kinda place, but I do sometimes drop in for lunch for something different.

    Back in 2017, I walked up and ordered a grilled cheese and a root beer, and Nikki said they were out of root beer, but had this kombucha that TASTED like root beer. So I was like, "okay, why not? let's try something new." I take a sip...and glance at the bottle. The label mentions something about "some percent alcohol."

    Me: *turning pale* she just sold me alcohol and I'm not 21 yet...

    It wasn't actually alcoholic, just tasted...not like root beer.

    1. hahaahah! That is so funny. So yeah, kombucha does have a small alcoholic percentage, but it's so low that it's next to impossible to get drunk off of it. But wow ... root beer flavored kombucha??? I'm not sure what I think of that ... I love root beer and I love kombucha .... but together? I'd have to try it ;d

  4. YES THAT MUSIC VIDEO BY PENTATONIX IT'S AMAZING AND THEIR COVER OF THE SONG TOO!! I am a big fan of PTX after just discovering them in December lol

    1. Oh, my! I love Pentatonix and have for years ... I'm still kind sad that the Jewish guy is no longer a part of them (his voice is amazing!!!) but I really like the new guy, too. So I'm not too sad. ;p

    2. So true! Most of the music videos I've watched (and I've seen basically all) have Avi in there and I sometimes wish he were still here but Matt's great too!! XDD Quite the diverse group they are ;D

      So nice to find a fellow fan *high five*

    3. Definitely a diverse group ;D *returns high five*

  5. You sound really busy, the good kind of busy. I love weird food combinations. I hope you enjoy the last season of Series of Unfortunate Events, and of course The Umbrella Academy.
    I want to make kombucha.

    1. Yes, good kind of busy! Loving A Series of Unfortunate Events so much ... The Umbrella Academy was weird, but I think I liked it?
      Yay! You totally should ;D

  6. I just started watching the Umbrella Academy. i'm not sure what I think yet, but I like it so far!

    Glad you had a good month!


    1. I finished it a few days ago and I'm still not sure what I think of it ... think I liked it though haha. There was some content I didn't like, but that aside ... it was definitely weird ;d

  7. Definitely do life-posts every month (if you want to)! I love these kinds of posts. :D

    Those Chuck Norris memes are great. It took me a moment to get the second one, but once I did, oh my gosh. xD

    I'd never heard that song before I watched Pentatonix sing it, but they did so good! They're so talented.

    1. Yay! I'll keep doing them ;D

      Haha ... Chuck Norris is great.

      Pentatonix is super talented. They do music with all vocals and wow I never thought a capella could be so addicting to listen to, but they are. A couple of the guys are gay and that does come through some of their music, but if you can get past that, their music is mostly appropriate.

    2. Yeah... Mitch in particular is really hard to watch sometimes because of the way he looks. Still, though, I think he seems pretty nice and talent-wise, he's just about my favorite of the group.

      And I know, right? It's absolutely incredible how they do what they do!

    3. He is VERY talented and has an amazing voice :)

    4. *cannot help but put in a word* MITCH YESS!! he's so good!! ;D

  8. Eeee! I love these types of posts!!! I'm excited to read more 😄😄😄

  9. That llama flannel is EVERYTHING!!!

    1. I know, right? And thanks so much for stopping by ... I was stalking your blog last night and can't wait to read some of it today!

  10. Haha, your sewing picture reminds me of working on my lace veil - I'm also working on it on the floor in a hunched position! It's probably messing my back up but I can't put the veil on a table right now....*sigh*

    GASP - your dress is so pretty!! I LOVE the style of it - I'll have to find that pattern.....

    I've been sprucing up my vanilla ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter too - I wonder why I've never done it's so good!

    1. Hahaha! Makes one feel like a hippie (or at least me ;p) Definitely not so good for the back, but the table was full of junk ... so floor had to do ;D

      Oh, thanks so much! The pattern I kinda made, by tracing and changing an old dress of mine. The fabric I bought online ;D

      It is so yummy! Makes me wonder the same ;D

  11. Oh wow what a gorgeous llama dress!! And those hats are lovely, too.

    St. Augustine of Hippo is wonderful! What have you listened to by him? (I really need to read more than the chunk of Confessions that was required in high school, heheh.)

    Ooh yes, do the life posts each month!

    1. Thanks! Loving wearing my llama dress ;D

      I'm listening to The City of God. It's nearly fifty hours long so quite a bit of a book ;D But loving it so much! That's so neat he'd be required in school. Some of what he says I'm like, "Why haven't I heard of him before? Why isn't he being quoted left and right? This guy is AMAZING!" And some of it is so applicable to current day affairs I can't believe he lived so long ago.

      Yay! Will do :)

  12. I like hearing about other bloggers life so yes I like this post! :) such a cute fabric! Love the outfit!

    1. Great ;D I'm excited to do more of these posts. Thanks! It's so warm for this weather we're having, too ;D

  13. What a fun post! I love the llama dress! The full skirt is so lovely. And the hats! I haven't knitted in AGES.

    Chuck Norris --> xD BAHAHAHAHA

    I love seeing/reading life-y things of all my bloggy friends! This post is great! I make kombucha as well!! My hubby loves listening to Ben Shapiro. And I love that song version by Pentatonix! (It's just hard to watch them & their strange, um, fashion styles).

    Ugh. So hard trying to finish books you rather hate. I completely understand! Thanks for sharing, girl! Happy March!!

    1. Thanks! I love how full and warm the skirt is ... and same with knitting, it'd been forever since I'd done some, so it felt nice to pick up the needles again :)

      Life posts can be fun to read, I've found! So glad you agree. Oh, you'll have to give me kombucha tips because I feel like I still have so much to learn. Ben Shapiro is beyond amazing ;d I agree ... their fashion is weird. So I usually listen to them, not watch them ;D

      Haha, even if I hate a book, it's harder for me to not finish it. Unfinished things really bug me ;D

  14. I've read some of your posts and I really love your opinions on things like The Hate You Give, Feminisim, and the art of researching topics. Really awesome. :)

    1. Oh, thanks so much! So glad you stopped by — thanks for commenting and sharing that bit of encouragement :)

  15. This is such a fun post!!! I love getting to hear about what you've been doing!

    I LOVE THE SOUND OF SILENCE BY PENTATONIX TOO!!! The first day, I probably replayed it at least 10 times, I was just soaking in the incredibleness of that song! Amazing. And that ice cream looks delicious! I'm going to have to try that recipe myself eventually.

    The Chuck Norris memes, LOL

    I'm sorry you've been sick! I've been battling something myself this past week and trying to sleep it off. Ugh. Hopefully both of us get better soon!


    1. Thanks!

      Haha, I 've replayed it, too. But then I just love this song so much.

      I'm mostly feeling better ... but we have so much snow, and work stress and life stress and being stuck in the house hasn't made much better ;p But looking forward to snow melting ;d


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