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A New Blog Name? Plus A Treat


I never thought I'd do this, but I'm considering changing my blog name. 

Over the course of this summer, working with my dad's campaign, and just being around a lot of Libertarians, I humorously penned the phrase social porcupine. 

I've come to like it a lot. 

I don't identify as Libertarian, but I do appreciate some of the thought. And the Porcupine mascot is just so adorable, not to mention symbolic! This cute little creature that means no harm . . . ah, but if you mess with it, then  . . . well, you just better shouldn't have. 

Yet, part of me doesn't like the stiff, selfish, don't encroach upon my bubble vibe it also can portray. "Don't tread on me" isn't all that hospitable. I once saw something I liked a little better: Don't Tread on Anyone. 

Still, to me liberty isn't meant to be so individualistic, but rather a knowledge of who we belong to. Not to myself or to another man, but rather to something higher, namely someone higher. Such liberty is inclusive, focusing on community rather than individual desires. 

This sort of liberty is welcoming, sociable, pleasantly life-giving, and full of joy rather than a bristled anger or fearful self-protection. 

Thus the Social Porcupine. 

Of course, I don't want this blog to change in content. I won't suddenly be posting more politics. I feel that this title doesn't really need to relate so much to politics, but rather to life.  So my content would remain ever so diverse and delightful. 

And if I drew a whimsical little porcupine basking among wildflowers . . . wouldn't that be just beyond darling? 

But you tell me your thoughts. Change my blog title? Or must this space remain forever Keturah's Korner? Doesn't the Social Porcupine have such an interesting ring to it? 

And then for the treat. Though it actually may be a turmoil of a read. One of my friends said afterward that it was "beautiful to read . . . quite impressed." But then the final paragraph featured herself ;) 

I was asked to write this article because my family is known for my father's "extreme" views on generosity. I say extreme just as the Jews would have thought the story of the Samaritan extreme, or of turning the other cheek, and even how most modern Christians would think those stories extreme if practiced literally. 

It has to be one of my favorite pieces written recently because I poured out many emotions, charitable and hateful, and got to a place of complete peace. Something I'd not quite come to terms with as the daughter of a very generous father. 

Read True Hospitality here by clicking on the PDF and reading page thirteen. 

I do hope you enjoy it!! 


  1. I think the new name sounds nice! I hope you post on your other blog soon!

    1. Hi! I think I've seen you stalking around over there! I am working on a post. I know, pathetic; A single post. And have been working on it for over a month. I have a few other ideas, but it's a little harder writing regular content for a niched blog. If you have questions or inspiration to offer, I'd love an email!


    2. You probably have! I'm glad you're working on a post; I can't wait to read it! I do have some suggestions/questions for blog posts, but is it possible I can share them privately without emailing? (My parents prefer I not email people I haven't met in real life.) Do you use comment moderation on your other blog? If so, I could just comment and you wouldn't have to publish them.

    3. So your first comment inspired me to just go and finish scheduling the post. First Saturday in March.

      Yeah! Anything works for me. I think I have the comments done that way, but if not, I don't mind you posting anything publicly over there. Just shoot your thoughts away! Looking forward to them :)

  2. Social Porcupine is the best thing i've ever heard :D

    1. I've started working on illustrations! It's going to be so cute!

  3. "Social Porcupine" !!!!! I love it. :D

  4. Sounds great!! Sorry I haven't been reading blogs laity, hope to catch up sometime.

    1. I need to catch up, too! An ever ending reading list ;)

  5. See, I told you that the people would like it! Maybe I didn't say it in so many words, but you knew what I meant. ;)

  6. love new name. love the article even more. this line is like a double-edged sword: "Should I excuse away my duty because the majority of Christianity has given me permission? Why would I want to continue promoting such uncharity?". oof! sobering at 10:30 in the morning! i look forward to meeting you again at some point in this journey of life to share with you also my books, my couch (we only have one haha but i make up for it in books) and tea. in a world saturated in darkness, you are iridescent, my friend.

    1. Oh, how lovely your timing is! I just finished forwarding my new domain name! Now to just create the new banner and spruce things up around here to fit the new era!

      I'm so very glad you enjoyed the article; such a difficult piece to share! My brother and I have been talking of making a trip across the border. It would be so very nice to see you (already been on my mind to do just that!). I'm more of a sitting on the floor type person anyways! Haha. Oh, it would be grand. It's happening one of these days soon ;)


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