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Movies Worth Watching Post #1

So, we all know that movies have a huge impact on us. They inspire, teach, discourage, guide, and so much more.

I love movies with a strong plot. Effects and all those awesome little things that give a movie depth. I love a movie that is well-made ( to all of those out there that know the book lover I am - no, I'm not turning traitor. Books still top it on my list. But there are some pretty good movies ).

So, everyone, I'm going to do a two part blog post on two of my new favorite movie makers... and these two have lots of talent - and comedy!

Today's will be about a small independent company called Heumoore Productions.
We first saw their movie in the Vision Forum catalogue. For some reason the movie caught our kids' attention. We ordered it off of Amazon ( since the catalogue is no longer available).

I tell you, it was sooo good!


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five stars ( I don't care for what others may say about the poor acting or such. It was fabulous! )

Amazon Review:

John and Cameron are close friends - aspiring filmmakers with the dream of winning the prestigious American Viewfinder film festival. When they discover that an acquaintance of Cameron's, an elderly Widow, faces losing her home to the outrageous property taxes in her area, the Moore family takes action, along with their friends, the Morton's. They navigate through political attacks, on-set mishaps, and a wild western ride, these families band together in a classic black hat/white hat tale of heroism.

My Review:

John Moore and Cameron Cavillo, best friends have been making short videos for some time now. When one of their videos is accepted for a viewing in a contest, they are overjoyed, especially when their video receives much attention.
Among the finalists, they now have to make a movie to enter into the American Viewfinder festival. If they win, this could be their first big step to success.
Meanwhile a neighbor widow is loosing her property to taxes. The unjust situation comes to the attention of the boys and their families. They take it upon themselves to help her. Innocently enough, they start out helping her, lit.tle realizing how difficult it will be to follow through with their good intentions - this decision could even put their movie making career at stake.
And so starts a story full of comedy, singing, twisted news, a power-hungry mayor, learning to do what's right no matter what, and eyepatches.

Some things I like about it: First off, the family was a Christian homeschooled family, and the girls all wore dresses. This might not matter to all of you, but since my family does these things, and not many movies portray these views, I loved it!
The songs were so good, and everyone sang very nice.
The plot was very strong ( in my opinion ) and had a lot to it.
I loved what they said about taxes.

Gator: What is taxes?

John: It's when the government charges you for things you already own.

Gator: * laughs * That's stupid.

Very well put. :)

Another things that was really good was their image of the media. First off the symbol on tv is supposed to represent communists.
Then they showed how a reporter can use the facts and display them any way he wants, to present and accomplish what he ( the reporter ) wants.

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The actors and family of Heumoore.

Now, a little about the producers!

Heumoore is taken from the names of the producers Heustis and Moore, and is meant to be a pun on the word "humor"

I couldn't find out as much as I would have liked, but from watching the special features, looking on facebook, and reading others' writings I was able to find out enough for an article :) And also John Moore's blog Life, By John.

Two boys, John Moore ( actor, director, produce of Widow's Might ) and David Heustis have been making videos since they were around 14. Both are from halfway large families, attend home-church, and were homeschooled.

From what I've found out, David likes the technical stuff, and making the movies, and John Moore liked writing. So together they made some crazy stuff.

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John Moore and siblings.

You can find some of their videos on You Tube. ( Bubble Trouble is one of their videos ).

Their first feature film was like 58 minutes long and is called Heartstrings . It is available for sale on DVD.
They call their movies the Siblings Series. I'm not for sure why, except they mostly use all their real names and most of the families in their movies are real families. Almost like novelizations of themselves.

Widow's Might ( their second film ) was made for a movie festival - as in the movie. It is twice as long as Heartstrings. At the 2009 Christian Festival they won two awards for their movie - The Audience Choice Award and The Judges Award. They won the $101,000 prize over Fireproof!

Now that is something indeed, winning over Fireproof - and John Moore and David Heustis were only 19 and 20!

Their last movie has just been released a couple years ago. It is, supposedly a remake of Heartstrings, and this one is called Ace Wonder .

I really want to watch this last movie, and Heartstrings! When I do see them, I'll do a review on them :)


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