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What's Happening Here

Hey, everybody, how are you all? Life has been crazy busy here. And a lot has been going on.
I have a really good friend that just got married (post on her wedding will come soon), and I'm in Tennessee now volunteering at a place that does the Above Rubies magazine.

So, yes, life has been very hectic! Getting ready was lots of work. I had to catch up with all of my house cleaning jobs, custom sewing, and mending - and my sewing and mending, all the books I was reading, and of course pack.

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One of the sewing projects I did, before I left. Originally I wasn't going to put lace on it, but as the first picture shows, one of my little siblings took a pair of scissors to one of the skirts. So I cut off the ruined fabric, and added lace... I'm so glad they hadn't touched the bodice!

I also wanted to sell four of my 8 goats, but that didn't end up working out.

The trip was halfway long.

My friends wedding was on the eighth. I was supposed to be her bridesmaid, so we had to get there on time. We left out Tuesday morning, but had shopping and errands, so we only made it three hours away from home (which was according to plans).

Wednesday had more errands, which didn't let us leave till 4pm. Not really according to plans. But ok still.

Thursday and Friday were both long days of driving. Very long! I nagged my Dad the whole way, not wanting to ever stop. :) But we got there in time - 11pm Friday night.

Traveling with 11 of us kids was hectic like usual. :b So much going on! One thing that was funny - mom went into Wal-Mart and left the little ones playing in some grass in the parking lot. We older ones were still in the van - supposed to be watching the little ones. One of my siblings looked out of the window, then shouted and ran out. My 7-year old brother had tied himself to a tree! He was just out there, smiling mischievously, waiting to see who'd notice.

Then my two year old sister put a wad of sticky playdough in her hair. That was hard to get out!

Besides driving, we also had to knit. Mom had promised someone 13 pairs of mittens. So, she and I were knitting those the entire time, and I also did the beading on all 13 pairs. We finished the last bit Monday, with just a little bit of knitting on one pair of mittens left for Mom.

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The mittens I knitted.

The next day was the wedding. I caught up with my friend, helped with preparations, and all that stuff.

We left Sunday, heading for the place I'm volunteering at. That night we stayed in Nashville/Franklin (I can't remember what town it was :b), and we went out to eat and see a movie (The Book of Life). That was all fun :b

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Look at his ice cream cone!

The next day we came to the place I'm at now. Soon after we got here my family left, and I started in with the work (office work). So far, I've done mostly office work, addressed magazines, packaged books and DVD's, and put designs on the Blessed T-shirts.

It's pretty fun here. The people are all nice, and there are several girls here my age. Since I've been here, I've got to visit with them a bit. We went out for a movie one night, and a Bible study on another.

I'll be here about two months. I have lots to get used to, but it'll be fun :b And I'll try and keep my blog updated :D

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And here is something new that Above Rubies just came out with! The lady that does these shirts drew all of the people (she's also the illustrator for Trim Healthy Mama). I'm learning to put the designs on the shirts and it is really fun! When we get an order in, we have to find all of the little people, line them up, and put them in this iron-thing that looks like a big pancake maker - this sets the design in. Then the shirt has to be packaged, and sent off!


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