Sunday, November 30, 2014

On Why I Write

The quote by Ben Franklin, Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing  is very mind provoking. It inspires me to write BIG.

Literature is and always has been a huge part of my life - in just about every form. In a way it is me.

This may be hard for some to comprehend. It may seem wrong to others, and again, it might seem unrealistic.

Whatever it seems, it is real to me. Everyone has their talents and their ambitions.

Writing is mine. And it is far from unreal. It has temptations, struggles, victories, and all that stuff just like anything else.

And just like everything else, there are two extremes in writing. The unimaginative by choice (basically only strictly true or "Christian") and the "write anything" attitude.

Let me explain why these two are (in my opinion) wrong.

- 1. First off, to write unimaginative is not like Yahweh. He is very creative, and loves creating, and seeing his creations create. Fiction is just truth told through the author's creative eyes. Boring isn't His way.

- 2. On the other hand not all fiction is good. Some of it is very evil. Fiction is real. The characters are alive. In a way an author is like a god, and their book is like their world (I'm not saying authors are gods. No human is even close to being a god). If you think of the book like this you won't be writing too many evil things. Don't write the story as if you were Lucifer. Write it as if you were Yahweh.

Another thing, I won't write something I wouldn't do. Because writing it is as much as doing it.

Example: the famous quote, just revised "Would Jesus write this?"

I'm not saying you should write plots and characters that are just totally cheesy and have super good characters vs. really evil ones. But there should always be thought behind what is written. Write with moral, conviction, conscience, standards, and reason.

It's ok to make the book human. Just don't make it demon-possessed.

So, with that aside I have now explained what I write.

The how is much more complicated. But I've found out that the more I write, the easier it has become. Also, that if I want to do something, I can't wait for tomorrow.

I decided long ago I wanted to be a writer. But it was just recently that I decided I wanted to write. In order to be something you need to do it.

I'd put it off with excuses like "When I get a typewriter." When I got a typewriter my excuse was "When I get older and more experienced, or when I get a laptop."

But then I realized I'd always have excuses. I still don't have a laptop. I write in notebooks, on paper, on my cell phone. I don't need special tools. I just need to write.

It takes lots of work, patience, more work, perseverance, frustration, and again more work.

Writing isn't just something easy. But it is worth it.

Getting pass the how I was able to discover why I write. First off, I've always loved it. Writing was just born into me - I think. But I now see that I can also use writing to express myself, my views, and my convictions. I can take anything and turn it into mine.

This is the most unique aspect of writing, and it is what makes each author different. Every writer is known for something different, has his/her own style. And I want to be known for something great that I wrote - not trash.

So, all considered, writing is a journey, and one full surprises and struggles. What makes it so worth it is the accomplished feeling and knowing I'm doing what I love. And the resolve, I'm going to write only stuff worth reading.


  1. That is just about what I think that writing should be about! I am not much of a story writer though, because I do not come up with many stories I think are worth writing. I think you are a very good writer Keturah!

  2. Really cool quote and interesting points. ^ ^ I try to write all my stories in a way that is pleasing to God. :)

    Stori Tori's Blog


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