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Always Wearing A Spider { an update on life }

First to the title. Yesterday I took a phone-order. After completing it, the lady said that with her last order she received a thank you letter for her donation.

Now with every donation we get, we send the person a typed, highlighted letter. Nancy Campbell signs it, then one of us Above Ruby girls write a little note at the bottom of the page, date it, and address the letter with a word starting out with the same letter as the person's name.

Example: Dear Sarah, Serving Jesus everyday.

Well, this lady's line said,

Dear Amy, Always wearing a spider.

The first image that comes to my mind is Spider-man :)

I laugh, of course, and so does this lady named Amy. I mean, it was funny. She said that when the girl was writing the letter they probably meant to write smile but saw a spider on the wall and wrote spider without even knowing it.

Since I'm on the topic of phone calls, I'll tell you about two other's that have stood out.
The one was also yesterday. A lady called ordering a magazine subscription. She had a very strong accent and was from Canada, so I figured she was Hutterite. I was right.

She wanted to make sure I got her name right so no one else would receive her magazine (Hutterites live in a community and have one.address), and she wanted the magazines to be put into an envelope so no one could see what they were.

She said that the magazines have been very encouraging for her, but she has to hide them.
I think this is very sad, when in a "religious" community, the people can not be Christian. I'm glad that she can still get the magazines. Maybe they will help her more than any one can possibly know.

The other phone call happened several days ago. This time I called the person about their order. We are supposed to introduce are selves like "Hello, this is Keturah with Above Rubies, May I speak to so-and-so?" or "I am calling about such-and-such." After getting everything straightened out, the guy I was talking to asked,

"Did you say your name was Keturah?"



"Yes," a little bit surprised. Few people can spell my name correctly - not even my dad :b.
He then goes on to say that he's never met someone with that name, but his younger sister is name Keturah. I thought that was totally neat. Especially since they weren't Amish or some thing conservative like that.

Other things that have happened;

I finished a pair of socks I've been working on for awhile!!! They took quite some time to do, but were pretty fun to do. I got a horrid ink stain on the first sock, but was able to get it out completely with rubbing alcohol.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I finished the first draft of my short novella, Silent Thoughts. A little over 13,000 words, I think. I'm now on the fourth chapter of the second draft.

I've been to a couple basket ball games this last week. They were OK. It was basket ball :b (I'm not into basket ball). But I did bring my knitting!!! And so did another girl. So we enjoyed ourselves :b

My black goat, Priscilla, died. ;/

Dancing (I prefer the line dances because they are more of a challenge, but the old-fashioned dances are fun). We go to a church every other Tuesday to do old-fashioned dances. Here at the house, it's whenever we feel like it. :b But we do have Sunday planned for dancing - a church of like 40 people are coming.

I went caving once with a few other kids. That was fun!!! We got extremely dirty :)

Thanksgiving. That was a big day. Over 70 people were here. I baked my cream cheese rolls and chocolate raspberry zucchini bread for it. A lot of people dressed up. I wore my dress from Mary Crouch's wedding. And Michael Tait from the Newsboys was here all day.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I hadn't iced or baked the rolls yet in any of these pictures.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


I wrote a story for Ravelry and got 1 disagree!!!!!! It made me laugh - because of the topic. The title is When Christmas Was Evil. Lol, the disagree was no surprise.

I've enjoyed many arguments here with many people, on several different topics. There's just something about a friendly argument that is so fun. On every debate I and the other person always came to the same conclusion: the other person is wrong. Lol.

Lots of things are being planned right now for upcoming days and weeks. Plus there is the work with the office. So, yep, staying busy : b. Oh, and if you would like to receive the Above Rubies magazines go to or call 877 729 9861. It is free! But donations are very welcome... maybe you'll get a funny greeting line on your thank you letter ;).

Is any one looking forward to The Battle of The Five Armies?


  1. That is so sad about Priscilla. I remember her from when you all were in missouri.

  2. Oh, do you like my new profile photo?

  3. Oh poor girl!! I know what you mean about people not being able to spell your name right. My name is a LOT more common then yours and not all people can spell it right. Sounds like your Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. And I love the costumes! YES!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE Hobbit 3!!!!!!!!!! I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!!! I only have 2 more days though and tonight Mel, Mom and I are starting our Tolkien watching marathon.

    1. Lol, some people are just bad at spelling no matter what. :) Including me. ;)

  4. Love you k.e.t.u.r.a.h


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