Saturday, December 27, 2014

What Thou Need'st by Bethany Canaan [ book review ]

Thank you, Bethany for letting me read this wonderful story!!!!!

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Prince Bartholomew is just about the most selfish human you could ever meet. And being the Prince, no one can stop him.
Poor Kendall Thatcher finds it is his "honor" to become the squire for the prince. Being mute, Kendall is the perfect candidate - he can't talk back.

But as Bartholomew will find out, those that look out for themselves reap only havoc. Overnight the prince finds himself in an unusual predicament. The two boys must set out on a journey to discover how to right this, and bring every thing back to normal.

The only clue are the words of a scorched paper "What Thou Need'st: A Pr".

What "Pr" stands for, the boys guess with much disaster. New people come on the scene and make it more complicated, as this unlikely fairy tale comes to a close, the Prince and Kendall wonder if it will have a fairy tale ending after all?

This is the second time I read it... I read a first draft on Ravelry.

First off, it is not your usual fairy tale. It's got the elements of one, but is written and played out with such originality and humor.

When finishing it the second time I thought "Voyage of the Dawn Treader meets Shrek meets Beauty and the Beast."

Definite Christian morals. Even comes with a recorded song!!!! This is a very fun short story, suitable for the whole family!!

A bit on Snippet: Snippet is a free app/website that publishes ebooks. It might have other things also, but if so I don't know :) quite a few of my friends are into Snippet because you can get you book published for "free" and get a fair percentage of the profits.

What Thou Need'st is available through Snippet.

So, has this book caught your attention? Who wants to read it!


  1. Thank you so much, Keturah! I loved your synopsis, and the "Voyage of the Dawn Treader meets Shrek meets Beauty and the Beast". I'm glad you found my attempt at a mixed-up fairytale enjoyable. :)

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you like it :)


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