Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Free Books

Hey, you all! I have some goodies for you - or actually news about some great deals!!! ;) :)

Here's a 3-book series free on kindle for today only.

It's an original fairy tale series about nine adopted princess sisters. Each book is centered around one different sister.

I accidentally downloaded and read the first book this spring and have since fallen in love with the author and her books. :D

The books ( on Amazon ) :D




And also a book of short stories free for today, on kindle also.

Fast paced, mystery, clean, original, I'd compare it to Sherlock Holmes, except modern, African culture, and Christian.

Oh, and Check out my review :) of this book!

I got to beta read this before it first came out, and absolutely loved it! I was glued to it like crazy!

And the book -


Let me know what you think about these awesome books!!!!!


  1. Oooo!! I'l have to see if Mel can download those books!! And I tagged you for this:

    1. I was just about to text you to see if you or Mel has heard of these. The sale only lasts for today and maybe part of tomorrow though....

      Ok...I might do the tag, but I'm not for sure yet ;)


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