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Words: Finding The Right Color and Their Importance in Our Lives To Show a Beautiful, Dignifying Meaning.

The title says it all. No need to read any further. Haha, what sort of crazy blogger would I be of I actually said that, and meant it! ;)

Please keep on! And leave your thoughts at the end :D

Today I'm sharing a series of posts I did on Facebook a while back. It got a lot of attention ( Uhhm..negative ). 😝 😉

So, just thought you might all like to see it also!

There are a few slang words that are accepted in our modern-day society as being good. I want to discuss two of the main ones  OMG ( Oh my gosh or God, Jesus, lord, etc )  and darn ( dang ).

(And all other crude slang words).

And I want to present them from three different perspectives that I have categoirized under my own titles ( not necessarily accurate titles :b ): Mainstream Christian, Conservative Christian and Secular.

1. Mainstream Christian:
As Christians we try to live good lives. Most of us would agree that blasphemy is one of the worst sins we can commit against God.

And normally we refrain from most strong language. But what about when it comes to the texting abbreviation OMG or one of the most common slang words, darn?

Exodus 20:7 is very clear that we are not to use God's name in vain. If using OMG as a swear word and exclamation aren't wrong then I don't know what is.

As Christians we ought to be good examples, the salt of the earth and light of the world. Using crude slang language ( especially thowe words that mean the same as the stronger words ) improperly is not setting up a good example, nor is it respectful to God or man.

2. Conservative Christian:
As conservatives, we try to believe out of the box. Be unlike others. Be good examples. In actions, dress and SPEECH.

And yes, our speach does matter. A lot of secular people have been surpised when they see "strict" people have "filthy" mouths, even if that mouth is only saying a harmless word such as darn.

There's a new branch of conservatives that are so "separate from the world" that they only use the Hebrew names for God. Example: they call the Lord Yahweh, Jesus Yahshua, God Elohim and so on.

These people will say that they are not being blasphemous because they are not taking the Lord's ( Yahweh's ) name in vain. ( Exodus 20:7, Leviticus 18:21, ).

But look at this other commandment in Exodus 23:13 "And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect: and make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth."

And Joshua 23:7 "That ye come not among the nations, these that remain among you; neither make mention of the name of their gods. nor cause to swear by them, neither serve them, nor bow yourselves unto them."

Also see Matthew 5:34-37. ( Don't swear by God, heaven, His throne or even your own head ).

Even if God, Jesus and Lord are not Yahweh's correct names, even if you do not feel it is necessary to be pure in speach and respectable for God, we should not be blasphemous to Yahweh by cursing or swearing by other gods' names or ANYTHING.

3. Secular ( not necessarily atheists but also including atheists ):
In a fast society that is constantly growing some things never change: Respect and dignity.

Certain things are accepted as right for civilization, both from non-christians and Christians alike.

All believe murder, stealing, cheating and lying are morally and ethically wrong.

In a world where we constantly strive to be the best, have the best, know the best, do the best we lack one thing - a clean mouth. I mean, why be mostly clean if you aren't all clean? ;)

And how does this relate to our mouth? Does the way we speak really matter?

When being interviewed for an important job we don't usually use slang language when speaking. When answering a business call we don't say "OMG, is that right!" or "That's a darn good idea."

Think about the word "ain't".

That is considered uneducated. Unrefined.

To use immature, slang phrases or words such as OMG and darn only make you look like you came from the slums, hills or some other uncivilized place.

Act with dignity, dress with dignity and SPEAK with dignity and you WILL get far in life and rise to the top of everyone's respect  list ( excepting those who lack dignity themselves ;b ).

And here's a little rant that holds no logic for or against this argument, but something I've always wondered about atheists. If you believe Jesus didn't exist, why use His name so much? Just saying ;)

And an example of what it looks like when you don't choose your words wisely:). People say it doesn't matter.

Maybe it doesn't.

But then why is education pushed so hard if the way we speak, our minds aren't so vital to society?

People may say that it's a personal thing. Is it? How many people are you influencing or offending by the way you speak?

How are you making Yahweh feel?

gramar ain't importan

It don't matter what I say or how I says it. It makes me so mad that people tell that I am Unejucaeted jus becus I spell bad or talk improper.

Sense words our Manmade it isn't matter what we say or how we say it. We made them. It'd stupid to say that it is wrong to say otherwise.

And since langage is manmade so is scooling. so it no matter if we have it. Or even if we do We still shouldn't be forced to talk one way.

Where is fun and the Color in talking how people say to? It don't mean I is hillbilly or not smart. I just expressing myself how I want too. and if it don't make since to u that's you're fault.

and also it don't matter wae words I use. if I use them rite they meen What I want them to meen. It is true. Nothing matters if you saye I are Bad you a stupid judgemental fool.

have a horrible day and Kepe frowning becus the sun is still up!

O an hear is a pitcher of my beutifool Father

Words matter!!!

They have meaning!

And yes, what we say does add color to our lives - but it is up to is to choose which colors we want our lives showing - black or white?

Good or evil?

Refined or trashy?

Loving or careless?

And yes, our words will determine much of how this affects our lives.

So, what do you all think? Are these sort of "small" words that big of a deal? Should we as individuals use them?

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