Sunday, September 20, 2015

September Writing Challenge

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"With great destiny comes great loneliness." It was a joke. But in an ironic way what I was saying felt like reality. Like a self-inflicted curse. 

"You can't be serious, dear." Aunt Cheri said. "You need to think of yourself and your future."

"And not them?"

"Giving up your life is not the only solution! Think this through seriously."

I cried inwardly as I laughed to her face. "When have I never been serious about what I do?"

She just have me a look that almost seemed to say, "One of the many things that you need to change about yourself."

"It's not like I could just leave them!? Who else would care for them?" She surely wasn't going to volunteer.

Aunt Cheri didn't try to persuade me more. 

Just like all of the other relatives and friends, she left with out offering any help towards myself or siblings.

Here I was, almost 23. I had had a life. 

Away from all this. Living. 

But now it felt that it was all gone. And I was back.

Amidst unending work and new, stressful circumstances I was a slave to an unknown future.

Only one thing was sure.

It would be hard, long, and yes, lonely. But it was my destiny.


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