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Mythic Orbits: Review Of An Anthology That Includes One of My Stories!

Guys, I have a short story published! And I'm so excited to share it with you all!

It's included in an anthology collection of Christian Speculative fiction, most of which is science fiction, with some fantasy. My story is the only fairytale in the book.

You can buy the book here: Mythic Orbits Volume 2

LIVING HISTORY: (Sci-Fi) In which humans are at the bottom of the classes and Sam must find a job to survive.
I always have a hard time wrapping my head around sci-fi and alien type stories, but I think many others will love this story.

HER MAJESTY'S GUARDIAN: (Fantasy) The queen has turned everything yellow and her guardian is forced to do something about it.
I really loved this one!

DRAGON MOON: (Fantasy) Darla's little brother has cancer, but she is determined she can keep him alive with his dreams, and so she becomes the dragon he wants.
Such a sad, beautiful story! I was surprised I liked it considering I don't like tattoos at all. 

THE OTHER EDGE: (Sci-Fi horror) An alien ship enter's Earth Orbit and Varik is determined he'll take the next "small step for mankind". But are they prepared for what awaits?
I was surprised by this story, and I think that's why I liked it. Or maybe I just like horrific endings? 

SEEKING WHAT'S LOST: (Sci-fi) J'Nia creates reality video games amidst her regrets of not being able to save her murdered children. Her next video game is determined to open up all her wounds and put her back in the past . . .

RECALLED FROM RED PLANET: (Sci-fi) A sci-fi alternative rapture story set on Mars.

THE WORKSHOP AT THE END OF THE WORLD: (Fantasy) Children no longer appreciate nor want the same sort of gifts that Nicholas makes. Will he have to shut down his workshop?

THEY STOOD STILL: (Sci-Fi horror) War veteran, Samuel Tamaki, forgets his wheelchair and reality by submerging himself in his video games — until the moment all of that is taken away and he's forced into a reality of his own making.
I didn't think I'd like this story until I got a ways into it. Once I did I couldn't stop reading it. 

THE MEMORY DANCE: (Fantasy) A father and daughter find themselves stranded in a blizzard and following a strange old man, learning an important life lesson on their way.
This story gave me vibes of "Beauty and the Beast" meets "The Snow Queen". I loved how unique it was! 

UNERELLA: (Fairytale) 
What about all the other girls that attended Cinderella's ball? Is there not a happily ever after for every deserving girl?

MARK THE DAYS: (Sci-fi) Denver marks off every day in calendar with a little x. But one morning he wakes up to find out that he didn't mark the previous day off — and he has no recollection of that day, either. He soon discovers that he can place his pen on any day and live that day out of order from the rest. But something is keeping his from reliving the day he forgot . . .
Wow, I loved this one so very much. It hooked me and though it was clear how it would end, the ending was still so moving. I also loved how Christianity wasn't presented as cheesy in this story. Very well written!

Content: They Stood Still and Mark the Days has some language, the first had a couple instances of  d***, and the other was mostly crude language. They Stood Still also had some graphic violence (a lady's head splits open). Many of the stories deal with death. Over all, I think this book would be appropriate for all ages, excepting the story They Stood Still. That one might be more suitable for ages 15+.

Steve Rzasa
Donald S. Crankshaw
Linda Burklin
C. W. Briar
Cindy Koepp
C. O. Bonham
Kristin Janz
William Bontrager 
A. K. Meek
Keturah Lamb
Kat Heckenbach


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So, do any of these stories catch your attention? Do you love short stories or anthologies? If you ever get a hold of this book I'd love to know what you think of my story, Unerella


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on getting your short story published! It sounds awesome! I don’t know if I’ll be able to get a copy or not because #broke, but maybe I’ll ask for the anthology for Christmas or something!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I totally understand that — but that you'd maybe ask for this for a Christmas gift just makes me so happy, and feel honored! ;D

  2. Congrats Keturah! Sounds like a fantastic collection!


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