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Something EXCITING Coming SOON + A Sneak Peek of Said Excitement

I'm starting another serial, y'all, and I'm super excited about it, too! 

After I finished the Lawrence Children, I asked you all what you wanted to read next. Most of you said, "Please write Narnia eight!!!!!" 

And I did just that. 

I hoped to have the story up by January. But as you all know, stories take time to write, and that time is often longer than desired. But I did write it, and it's twelve installments long, and if I do say so myself, I quite like what happens to Susan ;D I decided to hire an editor so the story will be in the best condition possible. 

So that means Susan's story won't be ready for all you dear people until March. 

I'll be posting the same as before, an installment every first Monday of the month. 

But I'll also be testing out the waters of Wattpad and posting there every month, too. Don't worry, blogging friends get first reads. I'll be posting on Wattpad the first Wednesday following every first Monday. 

"But," You say. "March is so far away!" 

Yes. A month is an awful long time to wait on this serial. So today I'm going to leave you a teaser short story I wrote awhile back that's set in the same world and was originally published on Fellowship and Fairydust.

Make sure to stay until after the short story because I have one more teaser to share before the day's through. 

And without further delay, I present: 

Polly and Digory: A Narnia Fan-fic

It had been many years since Polly Plummer was a young child. Many years ago. And life wouldn't be giving her too many more years. 

Polly raised her wrinkled hands before her smiling eyes. Her hands trembled with excitement. When was the last time she felt this giddy? Full of childlike enthusiasm?

A long time ago, that was certain.

Miss Polly Plummer sat inside her warm parlor, near the fire, a thick fur over her knees. Still, she was cold. And nervous. Her house was large, situated far out in the country. It was beautiful, but not many people came to see her anymore.

Her old friend Digory was coming to visit. It had been years since they last saw each other and had a proper visit. But that time had never diminished how highly she thought of him. One time she had thought they might—ah, never mind what she had thought. Digory had always been a strange boy—man. She should never have got her hopes wrapped around him.

He was never the type to marry, his head too stuck in the clouds.
She was.

Yet they had got on so well in Narnia. Surely that would have been proof that they could have done the same in England.

Polly pressed her lips together, as if chiding herself. Inwardly she did. “Digory. My, that man. If it hadn't been for him I would have married. Five times I could have married another. But how could I when I knew him?”

No, she'd made her choices, even as he had. Besides, she was too old for regrets now.

The maid came in interrupting her thoughts. “Professor Kirke is here, ma'am.”

“Show him in, Jane. Thank you,” Polly sent the young woman a smile.

Once the maid exited the parlor Polly's smile fell. She raised a hand to her chest. Oh, it had been so long, still her heart beat like a school-girl's. Silly Polly, she thought, You are an old woman. Take a hold of yourself.

Digory rushed into her room, excitement etched over all his features. It was as if he were young again. Or had he ever grown old? Professor Kirke would always remain the same in Polly's mind: a young boy crying in a fenced garden, because God had given him a heart full of love for his mother.
Polly rose up forgetting her shaking, wrinkled hands. The fur slipped from her lap, gently falling to the floor. “Digory!”

“Polly! Haven't I got the best news!” He grasped Polly's frail shoulders and lightly kissed her cheeks.
She blushed, but Digory didn't seem to notice.

He threw off his coat, making himself comfortable and sat in the chair adjacent to her own.
“What brings you here, Digory?” Polly took her own seat, readjusting the fur about her knees. Even as she did the maid rushed into the room.

The maid spoke through strained breaths, “Ma'am, I'm sorry. But the professor didn't wait for me to take his coat.”

Polly and Digory laughed together. Oh, how good it felt to laugh with an old friend!
“I like to keep my coat near, in readiness for any north wind that may try to capture me away.”

The maid curtsied, stammering.

“Bring us tea, would you?” Polly asked.

The maid sighed, relief written on her face as she left the room.

“Is that the same lass you had when I was here last?” Digory asked.

“I'm afraid not. The old one married and left me.”

“Servants tend to do that a lot,” Digory sighed. “I fear they can't stand us old people, so they leave us for another slavery. Except Mrs Macready. I suppose widows are the best sorts to hire.”

Is that how he looked at marriage? “Old? Digory? I don't think we have ever grown old.”

Digory's eyes twinkled. “You certainly haven't, Miss Plummer. You still have spunk to last you many years yet, I can see.”

Again Polly blushed. She quickly asked, “Do tell what brings you here?”

The twinkle sharpened in Digory's eyes. “Narnia! Polly, it still lives!”

Polly gasped. “Truly? Did you go back?” she whispered gently.

Digory shook his head, his eyes looking down sadly. “I've tried to my whole life, as you very well know. But no. Those children that came to stay with me … they played inside my wardrobe. Remember the wardrobe from Mother's apple?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Narnia pulled all four of them in, and they became kings and queens!”

Polly laughed, “I shouldn't be surprised. After all we are a Lord and Lady, are we not?”

Digory returned the laugh. “Ah, but how I've wished to go. I've even tried going into the wardrobe as they did. But to no avail. I am afraid it's taken me all these years to finally accept that Aslan is the one that truly brings one to Narnia. The way is merely his tools. Except the rings, of course.”

Rings. How Polly remembered those pretty things. Though after Narnia there was only one ring she wanted. One ring, she didn't care what it looked like as long as it was from Digory.

But now she realized something.

Just as Digory now realized why he hadn't been able to find Narnia again, she knew why he had never asked her to be his bride.

His love had been solely focused on Narnia.

If only she had realized sooner… maybe… But no. She was too old to regret.

“That is amazing, Digory. I want to hear all about these children's adventure. Every word.”

“Yes, well there should be plenty of time for that, my dear Polly. I have actually come for another reason.”


The maid chose that moment to bring the tea into the room. Polly accepted a cup. Maybe something warm inside would help the cold leave.

Digory declined.

The maid left.

“I feel Aslan is not done with us, yet, Polly. And I want you there close by for when He calls us back.”

Polly held the cup close to her lips, taking a small sip. Yes, hot. But her insides were just barely warmed. She lowered the cup, “Whatever do you mean, now?”

“I mean that I've been blind far too long. When the children left I knew I couldn't bear to live without Narnia. Not alone at least.”

Polly's fingers trembled, some of the tea spilled onto her fingers. She did not feel it.
“Mr. Kirke?” she asked.

“Please, Polly, come live with me? We were always meant to marry.”

“Digory . . . ” Polly thought she'd drop her tea, but thoughtful Digory saved the cup from her fingers. His own hands wrapped around her cold fingers. Except now they were warm. Perfectly warm. “Digory, we are too old to marry.”

“Too old? Rubbish! You and I shall never be old. What do you say, old friend? Shall we do this last adventure?”

Polly smiled, a small tear working its way through her wrinkles. “You silly boy. I've been waiting for you to ask me for so long. But why couldn't you have asked when my skin was smooth?”

Digory smirked, “Your skin looks smooth to me. But then I'm not wearing my glasses.”

Polly laughed, Digory holding her hands tight.

And now for the last surprise; the cover that will drive your eyes crazy for the next twelve months:










Are you all excited for March? Do you have any hopes/ expectations for Susan's story? And how was Polly's and Digory's story? Please share all your thoughts!  

Links will be available when posts are published. 
A new installment will be posted the first Monday of every month: 



    1. Oh, I don't think I've ever been so happy at someone saying they'd died . . . haha. THANKS!!!

  2. :0 Oh my goodness, I want to read it so badly! Also, I loved the Digory and Polly story! It was amazing! I don't think I could ever write fanfic. I would be too worried about what the author might think if they were still alive :)

    1. Thank you! I'm so excited to have you read it ;) Yeah, I usually stay clear of fanfic for that reason and because I like creating my own stories. And Lewis is like the greatest so I've been soooooo nervous about writing the story. Because who can measure up to his books? Well, I tried my best ;D

  3. Sounds very interesting! I will be looking forward to the story! The fan fix is very well done!!

  4. ACK. The cover is GLORIOUS and the story is GLORIOUS and ahhh ahh ahh ahhhhhhh I can't wait for March!!!!!!

    ….Digory and Polly. They're so cute. SO CUTE, I TELL YOU. Come to think of it I always *have* wondered why they didn't get married.

    1. I worked so hard on the cover (my first cover was trashed). So THANKS!!!

      Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one that wanted to see them together. Thanks :)

  5. OMW Polly and Digory....I loved them so much!!! (Wish they were in more of the Narnia books, honestly.) And this fanfic is great, just great! Forget the Susan serial, I want old Polly and Digory exploring Narnia!!! (Okay, mostly kidding-Susan of Narnia is also gonna be fun!!) Can't wait!!!

    1. hahahahaha! I love these two, too! They are my favorite next to the Horse and His Boy. I'm sorry I don't have more about them, but I'm glad you're looking forward to Susan's story a little ;p



  7. This is awesome Keturah! Can't wait to see more! Susan's always been my favourite character, and I think she's so underrated.

    1. Oh, I so agree, Amy! Susan was my favorite, too. I'm so excited to share more with you ;D

  8. EEKS so much awesomeness in this post!

  9. Aww, I loved this! I can totally see this happening this way. And I've never thought before about the fact that Digory may have gone to tell Polly the news about Narnia-- I mean, why wouldn't he?

    Also, I love that you're writing this Susan story, because her ending drives me crazy!! On one hand I HATE it-- I look at her and think, "But you were THERE! You experienced it all, how could you stop believing?!" Yet on the other hand, if you look at it as an analogy, you realize that that does happen. People who once believed stop choosing that belief even though they experienced it firsthand.

    Anyway, I'm super interested to see what you do with this story! Looking forward to it. :D

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad it's easy to believe ;D

      I so agree! I hate all those things for the same reason. It's made me be more careful of my own faith. Because, no matter what we see, if we allow bitterness or any sin to have room it can cloud out truth.

      So glad to have you on board!

  10. This was SOOOOO DARN SWEET!!!! I could CRY TT_TT *happy tears*

    How exciting!!! So happy for you, girl! Ready for March :D

    1. Aw, thanks!!! Happy tears are the best, haha!


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