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Spring Cleaning Tag

Rules of this tag: 
1. Link back to the person who tagged you. I hate tags, but since I have to ... thanks, Doorman!
2. Include the graphic.
3. Answer the questions.
4. Tag three other people.

1. Dust Bunnies and Plot Bunnies: Reorganize Your Writing Goals (Or Make New Ones)
Ever since I've become serious about my writing, I'm currently in the weirdest place ever.
From writing hours every day and telling everyone, "Just write a bit every day" to being like ... I could write, but I'm not writing.

And so, maybe this tag is good for me. In the back of my mind, I know what I need and want. But I need to remind myself. And what better way to do it than to do so publicly?

So, my goals are centered around the six months of me being in Germany:

  • Give myself a small writing, break, not because I need it, but because I don't want to have to need it. I do not go brain dead learning German. 
  • But always keep in the back of my mind my next two novels, More Precious Than Flowers and Bluntly Yours. The first is a historical about a piratess. The second is a contemporary about a Christain girl who allows herself to fall in love with an atheist for all the right reasons (because what if there was a right scenario?), knowing they can never have a happy ending, but they can have something more. 
  • So my writing fingers don't go dry, I need to write at least ... let's say three short stories while I'm in Germany. 
  • Submit All The Other Girls and Let Me Meet Death Dancing to at least one agent. 
  • Research other agents and publishing houses. Look into European publishing since I'm here. 
  • Don't let either of my blogs die. 
  • Buy a new calendar for 2020s calendar journaling. 
  • Write letters. 
  • Read books (or listen to audiobooks). 
  • Beta read when I can. 
  • Read and study any and all words in any and all languages. 
  • Don't forget this list. 

2. Which stage are you at? Expound!
I really feel like my last answer kind of answers this question? But if not ... here we go.

I've written four novels, all of which I love but only the last two have been loved by almost everyone that read them. I have three short stories published and good reviews and feedback on them, and multiple articles published. I'm ready for publication if only an agent would fall in love with my work. I'm trying to snare an agent, but in the way that she actually likes what I like. I don't want it to be just about money, but also about our love of literature. My last two novels still need work, but I'm happy with them. I'm currently working on the proposal packages for them.

3. Treasures from the Back of the Closet (Share one to three snippets you love) 
I'm all about keeping it short and sweet.

The most recent thing I wrote is a stanza for a poem I have yet to finish. Never mind ... why not just finish it now ;) BTW, I heard a German song and didn't understand the lyrics, so I thought ... why not write some? And that's how this poem first became.

You thought you'd never laugh,
But how long could the thought last
When you found something to hope for?
How strong could be the past
When you fought for something more? 
When in ev'ry pain, you laughed? 

But then you conquered hope.
Or did it deceive you?
Because you yearn for the battle;
Desire to rewind to
All you felt in the struggle
While you cherished dreams of hope.

Is life is a tug-a-war
Of Past and Present vying,
Never able to settle now
or agreeing on letting
go of "if only..." and "how"?
Can one stop wishing to war?

Can one be satisfied? 
Never to win or lose,
Only to smile and breathe?
Never to decide or choose,
Always allowed to be
Peacefully content and satisfied? 

But the past is calling,
And the future is pulling 
And you are standing, yearning, wondering 
Knowing and yet skulling 
Through everything that's thundering, 
Not good or bad, just calling. 

And so it's still now,
Not then or tomorrow.
Not yet, at least. Maybe ... 
But for now, you may let go
For now, you may be
Laugh, awhile, for now. 

I was going to be a decent blogger and actually tag some people, but finishing that poem depleted time I was meant to use for something else .... so consider yourself tagged if you wish to be ;) 

What do you think of my goals? And while the poem is perfectly rhymed and on rhythm ... is it enjoyable? I'll try to later find the song that first inspired it. 


  1. Keturah!!!! Those stanzas are BEAUTIFUL!! You're such a talented writer <333
    I loved reading your goals and updates on writing, wishing you luck to accomplish them :D

  2. J+M+J
    Neat poem! The whole "tug-a-war" reminds me of the future-to-present-to-past discussion that my Philosophy class is constantly having, and it made me grin a bit.... (It's quite a fun discussion you know).
    Sorry for making you do a tag, if you had told me you didn't like them I wouldn't have asked you.
    (And referring to that, don't bother to answer the other tag then, no worries whatsoever!)

    The Doorman.

    1. Ohhh I'm sure that was a class. I'd love to take some philosphy.

      Don't worry. If I don't want to do something I won't do it, haha. I just like being dramatic sometimes. So don't apologize and don't stop tagging.

      Anyways, I already did the other tag and it's scheduled ;D


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