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Would You Rather?

Thanks for the tag, Melody!

The rules:

Include the graphic Madeline made.
Answer the Questions
Tag some other people if you feel so inclined 

Would you rather. . . 

Train with demigods for the summer at Camp Halfblood OR attend Hogwarts to learn some spells for a semester? 
I've never read either set of books, and I don't really have a desire to reas the Percy Jackson books  (saw the movies and didn't like them). There's too much teen drama. Hogwarts seems a bit more intellectual. So I guess I'd go with that.

Go on an epic quest through the lands of Middle Earth OR be crowned a king or queen for your bravery in Narnia? 
If you were asking if I'd rather go to Narnia or Middle Earth, I'd choose Narnia. But as the question is to have a quest or to be crowned for bravery (in this day and age, all it takes to be "brave" is to say whatever it is the left wants you to say), I suppose I'll have to choose an epic quest through Middle Earth.

Fly with Peter and his Lost Boys in Neverland OR have a crazy tea party with the Mad Hatter in Wonderland?
I love tea, but I think the Mad Hatter would annoy me to death. And flying sounds fun. . . Maybe I'll even get to clean Peter Pan's tree ;)

Get trapped in the world of Jumanji OR be forced to dress up and attend a party at the Capitol of Panem?
I don't know if you want to know this, but I really dont like any Jumanji. And my siblings of course have every movie. I don't care what the alternative is, I'd choose it over Jumanji.

That being said, the parties at Panem do look fun. Judge me if you will, but those costumes are just fabulous. I could fit in fine among the higher class, I think.

Sample all of the candy you’d like at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory OR have a nice stroll with Pooh and his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood?
I love chocolate and I love Dahl's books. But Pooh Bear has always been one of my favorites. Plus strolling is healthier than eating candy.

Head out on a gold-hunting expedition to El Dorado OR hop in a submarine and explore the lost city of Atlantis?
Anyone not obsessed with Atlantis and the mystery around it is crazy.

Skip through the merry town of Oz OR have a nice walk through the kingdom of Camelot?
Ok, this is a hard one.
I suppose I'll pick Camelot. Because it's older and less batty.
Though. . . I guess Camelot had its issues.

Get sucked into the world of Fantastica and go on an epic journey with Bastian OR get sucked into the Inkworld and travel the land with Meggie and her friends?
Inkworld is just a fascinating story. I still need to read the books, but totally going with that one.

If you want to be tagged, congratulations ;)

Did you enjoy the tag? I'm excited to be nearly through my tags 😂


  1. These questions are SO intriguing and hard!! I would go with Hogwarts as well (I've heard horrible things about the Percy Jackson movies XD), and while I would hate to be in Panem...I hate Jumanji more, lol. This post was really fun to read; your writing always makes me smile! :)

    1. I've actually heard more good things about Percy Jackson, haha. But I thought it was poorly made. And yes. Jumanji is just awful. Ah you're so sweet! Your comments always make me smile ;)

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Don't judge the Percy Jackson books on the movies. The movies were awful and not even close to the books!!! (this is a subject i am very passionate about, if you couldn't tell :D) I think i'm going to steal this one, its very short and i like it!!!!


    1. And here I always tell people not to judge books by the movies. For your sake I'll try to give the books a try ;)

      Steal away!

  3. This tag is so funnnn. And I love your answers! You seem to have thought them through carefully and I love it. XD

    I agree with Lia, the Percy Jackson movie is AWFUL (haven't seen the Sea of Monsters one, although I'm sure it's just as bad as the first) but the books are GREAT. Idk if you'd like them, but you should definitely give them a try. :D

    1. Thanks! Funny thing ... I didn't actually think that hard on any of this. Took me maybe like ten minutes to write up? But my brain is used to philosphizing, so it's nice and stretched.

      Sadly, I've seen all the movies, and they get worse, haha. I shall lool for Audio books ;)

  4. I never saw the Percy Jackson movie, but I remember loving the books. (Until the sequel series started making characters gay.) The movie wasn't very popular, and I think they might have done a poor job of recreating the books, which I liked better than Harry Potter. (Harry Potter was honestly a bit boring, but maybe just because I read it in my twenties.)

    1. Wow I didn't realize there were gay characters in Percy Jackson. And it's supposed to be for younger readers.

      You may be the first person I know who thinks Harry Potter is boring. Though I thought the movie was boring and one of my best friends was horrified. I fell asleep I think, lol.

    2. It was the second series that had one, and yep, I'm seeing the gay characters (even a main character in a dragon book) showing up in Middle Grade now.

      I read the first two, and while it was well-written, I didn't relate to the characters. (Maybe because so much of the story focused on school?)

    3. I don't even like regular romance in kids' books. Some things just need to be left alone.

      Ah. I think I'll give the books a try, in German perhaps.

  5. Ooh, these questions are pretty hard.
    The Percy Jackson books are MUCH better than the movies (which are horrible adaptations, why do filmmakers even bother basing movies on books anyway? They're both different art forms, and should be treated as such). The point is the books are good but I'd still rather go to Hogwarts.

    1. Yes, I hate it when people judge books by the movies, so I suppose I shouldn't do it myself;)
      I'm glad you enjoyed my answers though ;)

  6. I do it sometimes, anyway. I think everyone does.

    1. True. It's hard not to, especially when a movie is raged 😂


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