Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Doing What's True

So, I was going to do two different other posts, but neither of them ended up working out for this week, sadfully. (Is that a word?)

But thankfully I came up with a plan C.

This post. ;)

This won't be a long post. Just something for you to think about. ;)

Do you sometimes base what you do as right because of the feeling you get or others' reactions?

And just because something is hard to do doesn't mean you should do it.

A lot of times these factors are important in our decision making. But they aren't the most important.

Something is always only right or only wrong, true or false, no matter how other's may applaud or even persecute you or even the feelings of satisfaction you may receive from what you do.

Feelings change. People's opinions change. Hardships change according to culture and times.

But facts never do. 

Hard is good but not ultimate.

Do what's right not because of others or what's looked down up on or up to, but because it is true and perfect according to God's standards.


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